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Presumed Accidents (純熟意外) {Recap + Series Review} (Ep. 7-27 (End))

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I legit watched this series religiously everyday. Maybe because I’m just a big fan of investigative dramas (or it could just be that I’m bored out of my mind at work and need something to keep me awake). Anyways, throughout the drama there’s been a lot of twists and turns.

E8GwFZd - Imgur

Turns out there will not be a love-triangle – or even a loveline – between Eunice and George because…(Spoiler alert! Spoiler alert! Although if you’re reading a series review, there’s bound to be spoilers anyways so meh)…they have a father-daughter relationship! Dun dun dun! Like what the hell? It wasn’t too much of a surprise since they started hinting it when it was getting close to the reveal. There was a flashback of George with his pregnant wife and I was just like oh my god…please tell me this isn’t going the way I think it’s going to go.

QVmdaGM - Imgur

It did.

When George finally revealed to Eunice that he’s her biological father, it explained my questions of why he felt so attached to her since the beginning. It also made me feel a little gross. I mean imagine having romantic feelings for a man that turns out to be your father! There’s some psychological damages done there. I couldn’t help but think about how this drama was starting to turn into those korean makjangs (dramatic melodramas) with incest (okay, not really), birth secrets, and revenge plots.

E4TGcpv - Imgur

So out with the Eunice-George loveline plot and in comes the Eunice-Mantus loveline. She gets over her feelings for George surprisingly fast and falls for Mantus (her university sweetheart) real quick again. Meanwhile, George attempts to right his wrongs and create a father-daughter bond with Eunice who’s not having any of it. That is, until George gets into trouble and gets framed for a murder. Eunice works hard to clear his name and then suddenly, they’re okay again and back to normal (minus the weird romance vibes now).

Eunice and Mantus start dating seriously. The two have a kiss scene and it’s so fucking awkward to watch because Sisley looks like she’s never been kissed before or something. The guy is leaning in but her back looks rigid and she looks like she’s trying to lean away. It was just awkward to watch.

ut85bi8 - Imgur

When George finds out their relationship, he disproves because he gets a shady vibe from Mantus. Then another lady – Faye – appears and she looks exactly like George’s dead wife and he becomes obsessed with her and is always stalking her. Seriously, this guy is creepy as fuck. First he was stalking Eunice; now he’s stalking Faye and trying to befriend her. If I met someone like that in real life, I don’t care how nice you are, I’m getting a restraining order on you. But side note, I think Selena Li looks so much like KPOP idol Jessica Jung (ex-SNSD member) in angles and it really throws me off sometimes. Am I the only one who thinks they look really similar? Like similar facial structures and jawline.

And then we have the end! It was legit like a makjang since it’s reveal Mantus has a splinter against George and it turns out everything was a revenge ploy to get back at George. I can understand his thirst for revenge but the guy just went batshit crazy.

ddaN6po - Imgur

But! There’s a happy ending! The bad guys get what’s coming and the good guys are all good and happy. What I thought was weird was how much George wanted to be a part of Eunice’s life throughout the whole drama to make up for not being there for her but in the end, he left her anyways and went to hide out with B-jai (his butler/son), who is enjoying his retirement. Shit father, is still shit father. Meh.

Overall the drama was nice. I generally liked it and enjoyed it. Aside from Ah Jie and Lo Lai’s relationship (which I ADORED BECAUSE THEY WERE SO CUTE! She really transformed to look less strict/frigid after her divorce and Lo Lai started wearing suits and dressing up to work. And the IQ questions between Lo Lai and Jimmy jai are so hard! Lol I spent practically ten minutes trying to figure out the black and white cat one since I didn’t get it.) everyone else’s relationship dynamics annoyed me lol. The insurance cases were interesting but I feel like the ending just went over the deep end.

I’d rate this about a 7. Not something you must watch but a good drama to kill time with.



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