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The Imperial Doctress (女醫·明妃傳) {Spazz Post}

I’ve been on a c-drama binge lately and it’s all because of this drama. Or more correctly, because of Wallace Huo (◍´͈ꈊ`͈◍)

After watching Love Me If You Dare (他来了,请闭眼), I went looking for another drama to watch and just happened to come across this one. I read the plot overview and wasn’t too impressed but since I recognized Wallace and he’s the male lead, I figured I’d give it a try. Though tbh, I did spend sometime deliberating if I wanted to start this and ruin my life because it’s 50 freaking episodes. FIFTY! I knew if I started this, the growing stack of beauty boxes I’m supposed to unbox and post would only continue to grow taller. But YOLO right? I started it anyways😛

The plot overview from viki:

The Tan family spans many generations of doctors, with many past ancestors who were imperial physicians. But when powerful enemies frame their family, the royal court passes a ruling that future generations of the Tan family are forbidden from practicing medicine. The kind, intelligent and talented Tan Yunxian (Liu Shi Shi) secretly learns the art of traditional Chinese medicine from her grandmother and helps to cure plagues and illnesses among the common people. Yunxian overcomes many societal obstacles in her passion and pursuit of medicine. And when she meets Emperor Zhu Qizhen (Wallace Huo), he wields a great deal of influence in Yunxian fulfilling her destiny to become the first female physician of the Ming Dynasty. 

You can watch this with english subs on viki~

Main Cast: Liu Shishi (刘诗诗), Wallace Huo (霍建华), Huang Xuan (黄轩)
Language: Mandarin Chinese
Number of episodes
: 50
Airing Date: February 2016
Opening theme: Lala Hsu (徐佳莹) – 大雨將至 (Heavy Rain is Coming)
Ending theme: Liu Xi Jun (刘惜君) – 直到那一天 (Until That Day)

{Updated January 7, 2017} This was actually my first time doing a ‘series review’ and now reading back, this was pretty much just me spazzing and ranting about the drama lol. Hence, why I edited it and called this a spazz post instead. Please enjoy! lol



(May contain major spoilers)

I’m not really fond of medical dramas nor palace dramas. I hate palace politics and revenge plots with a passion and no doubt, revenge always plays a huge role in palace plots. That being said, I still don’t understand how hooked I was with this drama. Seriously, I could not stop watching! Like stated above, I initially started this drama for Wallace. This fool didn’t show up until episode 6 (I think). Throughout the whole drama, I kept going back to the synopsis of this drama because he’s supposed to be the male lead right??

I think one of the biggest reason I was so hooked to this drama was because I wanted to keep watching for scenes when Yunxian was with Qizhen. They’re so good and beautiful together! I couldn’t help cooing at all their scenes. I was legit rooting for them the whole time o(^▽^)o


But alas, it wasn’t meant to be ˚‧º·(˚ ˃̣̣̥᷄⌓˂̣̣̥᷅ )‧º·˚

Yunxian fell in love with Qiyu (Qizhen’s half-brother) instead. I was like noooooo! This isn’t what I signed up for! But I kept plowing through, hoping the coupling would change. But it was all in vain. ಡ ﹏ ಡ  My Yunxian/Qizhen ship was not meant to be 。・゚・(*ノД`*)・゚・。



My heart was so broken for Qizhen here. He watched Yunxian and Qiyu’s reunion with such a heartbroken expression. My poor baby!! ˚‧º·(˚ ˃̣̣̥⌓˂̣̣̥ )‧º·˚


Qizhen was a useless character though tbh. He was literally one fuck up after another. Yunxian was always the one saving him lol. But he was a good guy and only had Yunxian’s best interests and happiness at heart. One of the scenes I liked was when he was first telling his empress about Yunxian. He admitted to liking Yunxian but he never had any intentions to bring her into the palace because he knows how trapped she would be. He did everything in his power to help her achieve her dream of being a female doctor and ughhhh his one-sided love of his was just too heart breaking for me. For 40ish episodes, I was just praying that Yunxian would just finally throw the poor guy a bone but nope, she stuck with Qiyu till the end. Sighhh

Speaking about Empress Qian (Li Cheng Yuan (李呈媛)), at first I thought she was going to be one of those characters that you want to stab because she’s engulfed in jealousy and does everything in her power to drive the girl away. But she wasn’t! She’s actually really kind! That surprised me because I kept watching, expecting it all to be an act and that she’ll turn but she didn’t! She was so nice and ugh so beautiful too! Cries


There was a character that I wanted to stab and it was Wang Meilin, the Empress Dowager’s niece and Empress to Qiyu.


Holy shit was this girl evil. Her love for Qiyu was so freaking obsessive and toxic. Scheming little bitch. But she’s so pretty too ♥~♥ lol

On the topic of aesthetics, all the outfits in this drama were simply stunning! I was really in love with the costumes and seeing Yunxian’s outfits change throughout the ranks.

The last one was the most stunning! (♥ω♥*) And she was so majestic in that outfit too! She just strode into the hall where Emperor Qiyu and his ministers were talking and of course the ministers have always been against her practicing medicine and trying to shut down (her) imperial pharmacy. And guess who saved her? Even though he was under house arrest, Qizhen, as the retired emperor, issued an official notice that he has allowed her to practice medicine and saving her.

There is such a huge difference between Qizhen and Qiyu when it comes to Yunxian practicing medicine. Qizhen does everything in his power to help her and allow her to freely pursuit it while Qiyu says he allows her but eventually turns it around trying to get her to stop. Honestly, it was really hard to be on Qiyu’s team. Sure he treated her well but he was kind of selfish sometimes and tried to make Yunxian change. Meanwhile Qizhen was selfless and accepted everything about her. (;﹏;)

I don’t like his face.


…but it could be my bias speaking lol

Sighhh why is Wallace so damn good looking ♥ Such a damn useless emperor but so fineeeee hehe




When Qizhen got caught by the moguls and they made him wear peasant clothes! I’m really liking the rugged look hehe~


And the leader mogul dude~ of course he would fall in love with Yunxian lol his hairstyle though…a little strange. Still, he tried to kill Qizhen, the emperor, and got struck by lightening. That was pretty satisfying haha.

In the end, Qiyu, that coward got what he deserved and that settled my slightly angry heart but I swear, 80% of the drama I was just angry because I wanted Yunxian/Qizhen and it wasn’t happening! I stayed up till 3am to finish the drama because I just had to know how it would end despite losing all hope already by ep 47.

This scene though, got me because it was like they were breaking up but not really since they were never together in the first place! But I’ll admit, I cried when he wanted her to call him Yuanbao one last time and he wrote chagi-ah (Korean for darling or honey) in the snow as his response. 。゚ヽ(゚´Д`)ノ゚。


The ending was unsatisfying as fuck. It was an open, vague as hell ending and I just…argh! I can’t believe I stayed up till 3am for that! Supposedly Yunxian returns Qizhen’s feelings (this is how I interpreted it) when he finds her again because she’s wearing the bracelet he gave her but still…(`Δ´)!

I loved and hated this drama. It was so addicting and everything was just so pretty. I like Wallace even more now after this drama because he’s such an amazing actor! So many emotions!! Ughhhhh MY HEARRRRT!! THE FEEEELSSS!

Also side note: I loved the OST too ♥ (but then again, I tend to love most drama/movie osts I watch lol)


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