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The Princess Weiyoung (锦绣未央) {First Impressions} (Ep. 1-20)

Started a new drama this weekend because I was bored and why not. I liked Tiffany Tang when I watched her in The Perfect Couple (金玉良缘) so I decided to check this one out. Really glad I did because I am hooked! I love the story line, the actors, the characters, the costumes, everything! I especially love the aesthetics and the scheming that goes on lol.

The plot overview from viki:

The Northern Liang Dynasty was obliterated one night leaving behind the kindhearted Princess Feng Xin Er as an orphan. Although she escapes death, she accidentally enters her enemy’s territory and she assumes the identity of Li Wei Yang, the daughter of a tutor. She suffers many hardships but eventually utilizes her wisdom and sense of justice to become a powerful woman as well as gaining a beautiful romance.

Watch with english subs at dramafever~

Cast: Tang Yan (唐嫣), Luo Jin (罗晋), Vanness Wu (吴建豪), Mao Xiaotong (毛晓彤), Li Xinai (李心艾)
Language: Mandarin Chinese
Number of episodes: 54
Airing Date: November 2016
Opening Theme: A-lin (助阵) – 天若有情 (If Heaven Has Compassion)


The drama starts out with the royal family of the Northern Liang being wiped out in a conspiracy takeover. Princess Xin Er is the only survivor of the massacre. She is saved by Li Wei Yang, who is the illegitimate daughter of a minister. When Wei Yang is killed, Xin Er takes on her identity to enter the Li household in order to get revenge on Li Min Feng, her family’s killer.

Chiyun Rou, the wife of Minister Li and legal mother of Wei Yang finds Wei Yang’s presence back in the Li’s household threatening to her biological daughter Li Chang Li’s future so the pair (mother and daughter) is constantly plotting to get rid of/kill Wei Yang. Of course, Wei Yang isn’t having any of it and hatches her own plots to get back at them.



Up until episode 20, it’s been plot after plot of Chiyun Rou/Chang Li trying to kill Wei Yang and Wei Yang surviving and getting back at them. It’s really back and forth but just watching the horrible people get a taste of their own medicine is very satisfying for my justice boner (lol). I heard it starts getting really good around episode 26 so I’m excited for this week’s episodes.

Besides the scheming, I really love the sets and costumes. Everything is just so aesthetic and pretty! I love the OST too. But that could just be my bias talking because I love all period drama OSTs. Something very relaxing about it.

What I also super adore about this drama is the love line between Wei Yang and Tuoba Jun (´∀`)♡ It’s not really a big focus as of yet but Jun is so fucking cute and adorable. I caaaaan’t I just love how much he cares for and adores Wei Yang. I think his simplicity + innocence is due to the fact his character is supposed to be quite young. Maybe late teens? That might explain it.



Another character I adore is Chang Ru, one of Wei Yang’s younger cousins. She appears to be very kind hearted and genuine towards Wei Yang but later on we learn that she has her own agenda and end goals. She’s not as simple as she portrays herself to be. But I like that she’s not really a push over and is still kind of Wei Yang; well, as long as Wei Yang doesn’t get in her way lol.


Side note though: I don’t like Vanness’s hairstyle in this. It’s so strange lol I didn’t even know the Chinese did their hair in dreads back then!

The Princess Weiyoung 12.jpg

I usually don’t like long dramas (who has time for it?!) and I know where this one is heading and I’m pretty sure I’m gonna hate the ending because it’s not gonna be a happy one but I am still going to torture myself with it. Pretty sure I’m addicted to this drama now haha.

Also, I just learned that Tiffany Tang and Luo Jin are dating in real life so this just makes me ten times happier lol. There are very few drama couples that gives me feels and they are one of them ♥

Let’s enjoy the ending song sung by this lovely couple (●´∀`)ノ♡

Ending Theme: Tiffany Tang 唐嫣) & Luo Jin (罗晋) – 天赋 (Heavenly Gift)


9 thoughts on “The Princess Weiyoung (锦绣未央) {First Impressions} (Ep. 1-20)

  1. I really, really enjoyed this one as well! I also saw Perfect Couple which I loved (until the last arc of episodes that is), and it was so nice seeing Tang Yan in a historical drama. She and Luo Jin are so cute together. (I’m so glad they finally decided to go public about their relationship. I’m happy for the both of them.) I have to agree with you that the strengths of this drama were certainly the relationship between the characters, costume design, and pacing. I love that the story wastes no time and that the revenge plot is already set up by episode 2. And yes! I really hated how repetitive it got with Weiyoung being incriminated and framed over and over again. However, on the bright side, like you said, at least viewers got to see her avenge her family and the real Weiyoung after each dispute. Anyway, hope you continue to enjoy this one!

    Happy watching and blogging,
    Summer at Xingsings

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    1. The last arc of Perfect Couple made me so angry D< lol I want to forget that mess. Anyways, this drama has finally finished airing in China so I'm looking forward to a binge session this weekend hehe. Hopefully the later episodes doesn't make me cry too much T.T

      Liked by 1 person

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