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So I Married an Anti-Fan (所以 , 我和黑粉结婚了) {Movie Review}

Watched this on my last flight to (or was it from?) Seoul over summer. Two hours…cringing…lol. Okay, I’ll be honest: I only decided to watch this movie because I’m an EXO fan and wanted to see what kind of train wreck this was going to turn out. In my opinion, Chanyeol can’t really act and it’s just awkward to watch him try ><

I honestly thought they were going to dub over him but imagine my surprise to find out he dubbed himself. He. Spoke. Chinese. As an EXO fan, I know – we all know – how horrible his Chinese pronunciation is and I just…can’t believe…they didn’t just dub over him with a real Chinese speaker. Anyways, I needed subtitles (since my Chinese sucks and I can only understand about 60% of what’s spoken?) so it doesn’t affect whether I can understand him or not but still…the poor pronunciation/line delivery was terrible and distracting from the movie.

Plot overview from dramafever:

Fang Miao Miao (Yuan Shan Shan) is a struggling journalist working for a magazine in Shanghai. One day, she sees the extremely popular Hallyu star Hou Zhun (Park Chan Yeol) at a nightclub. At that time, however, the star in question is in a potentially compromising position with fellow idol Ai Lin (Seo Joo Hyun). Immediately, as is the case with reporters, Miao Miao snaps some pictures. And, as is the case with celebrities whose careers can go south very quickly, Hou Zhun destroys the evidence. However, fearing both the destruction of his image and potential fallout with Ai Lin’s boyfriend and fellow star Gao Xiang (Jiang Chao), Hou Zhun goes a bit overboard and also uses his industry connections to get the struggling reporter fired. Since that day, Miao Miao becomes Hou Zhun’s biggest anti-fan, engaging in protests against him both in person and online. But, as fate would have it, the rivalry between the idol and his most ardent follower actually creates its own fan following, and the two are approached to take part in a reality show where they have to be a couple. Jobless and soon to be homeless, Miao Miao accepts having to live with the man she hates. Eventually, as their physical distances evaporate, their emotional closeness grows. But can this Hallyu idol and anti-fan ever accept each other, or will their relationship end up being as fake as reality television?

You can watch this movie with english subs on dramafever (premium access only though sadface)

Casting: Park Chanyeol (박찬열) (EXO), Yuan Shanshan (袁姗姗), Seo Juhyun (서주현) (Seohyun of SNSD), Jiang Chao (姜潮)
Language: Mandarin Chinese
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Duration: 120 minutes
Release Date: June 2016
OST: Chanyeol & Yuan Shanshan (袁姗姗) – 我讨厌你 (I HATE YOU)

I do have to admit though, it was cute movie I guess. Very fanfic and childish like. I liked the main girl. She was cute hehe


Can’t help but think about how fun it must have been to play an anti-fan. I found it hilarious when she would vandalize the idol’s car and then suddenly all his fans appeared behind her and was ready to attack her. Hilarious lol.


The mutual hate between the two of them was amusing. Especially at the handcuffs part. How awkward to be handcuffed by the wrist and ankles together haha


I wish Seohyun wasn’t casted in the movie either. I’m sure the girl tries her best but her facial expressions just isn’t meant for acting. She only really has one expression and her face is constantly stuck in that same one. (This is the same problem I have with her in Scarlet Heart Ryeo =.=) Anyways, her character is that of the typical drama ex-girlfriend that only wants her ex back when he’s moved on to someone else and creates misunderstanding between the new couple. Oh an she was also the one to dump him too lol.


There was a part that had me cringing nonstop. It’s where Miao Miao is telling Hou Zhun about her parents’ love story? Or was it the love story she wrote in her script/story, I can’t remember. But anyways, they reenact it in imagination universe with Chanyeol being this ridiculous cowboy and Shanshan as the flamingo dancer? I’m sorry but I just lost it at seeing Chanyeol in that cowboy getup lol. My seatmate was probably wonder wtf is wrong with this girl when looking at me.

 Overall the movie was alright. It was a nice mindless movie to kill time with. Not something I would recommend to anyone but his fans though lol. (But I’m not sure if his fans would like to watch this to the end anyways considering the serious kiss scene he has hahahaha)



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