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Dead Wrong (致命復活) {First Impressions} (Ep. 1-10)

Because I have a pretty easy, mindless job, I usually kill time at work by watching a drama. Didn’t feel like starting a drama where I would have to read subtitles so decided on this one. Read the synopsis a few weeks back and was intrigued but forgot about it until now. TVB dramas the past few years haven’t been that great. I only started watching them again recently because I was looking for something to watch that I didn’t need subtitles for. Granted, my Cantonese isn’t that great but it’s good enough for dramas.

Plot synopsis from wikipedia:

During a business trip to Vietnam in 2006, Hong Kong business consultant Vincent Wai and his team get abducted by a local Vietnamese crime gang, who attempt to ransom them for money. Vincent’s assistant, Max Hong, manages to escape their captors, but Vincent is taken to an uninhabited island off the shore of Ho Chi Minh City, where he is locked in a prison. Most of the gang members end up dying from a shootout with the police, and the line of evidence tracing to Vincent’s whereabouts are wiped clean. After missing for seven years, the Hong Kong Court declare Vincent legally dead.

Ten years later in 2016, a battered and malnourished Vincent manages to escape his prison and is rescued by a Vietnamese fisherman. He returns to Hong Kong to reunite with his family, but learns that his declared death had lost him his identity and assets. His wife, Cathy, had also remarried their friend, Yan, a private investigator. With nothing more left to hold on to, Vincent returns to his old business firm, where he is warmly received. With the help of his former assistant Max and his superior Queenie Yip, Vincent rebuilds his business consulting empire.

As Vincent struggles to adjust to his new life, he learns that his abduction from ten years ago had far broader implications than just a scuffle with some gang members. Some of his friends, including his closest family, were involved. Vincent finds himself embarking on a journey of revenge, and reaches to a point of no return, with deadly consequences.

Main Cast: Roger Kwok (郭晋安), Joey Meng (万绮雯), Kenny Wong (黄德斌), Vincent Wong (王浩信), Rebecca Zhu (朱晨丽), Stephanie Ho (何雁诗), Zoie Tam (谭凯琪)
Language: Cantonese Chinese
Number of episodes: 26
Airing Date: November 2016
Opening Theme: Vincent Wong (王浩信) – 不可告人 (Cannot Be Told)

 So far so good. Emotions run high during the first few episodes with the scuffle with the gang, the desperate searching for Vincent, and the emotional roller coaster when he is finally found. Everyone appears to be genuinely glad that he returned after being trapped for ten years.

In my opinion though, the main lead Vincent would have been able to escape much, much earlier if he had just killed the savaged dude that was guarding/trapping him in the cage the first couple of times he managed to escape the chains and locks. The only reason he got caught and dragged back multiple times was because he only knocked the dude unconscious. I get that he probably didn’t want to kill someone but yo, in that kind of situation, it’s do or die – better him than you really.


So yes, he finally escapes and tries to pick up his old life again but soon realizes that it’s been 10 years and things have changed. With everyone so welcoming and seemingly genuine at his return, it’s hard to think one of them (or maybe a few of them) had a part in his kidnapping! My guess is on the business partner, the best friend, and his ex-wife lol. I really like Vincent Wong’s character Max. He had to suffer through the trauma of the kidnapping so I do hope he had nothing to do with it.

Anyways, I’ve been binge watching this yesterday and caught up to the latest episode this morning. The characters are slowly revealing themselves and the dark secrets are beginning to come to light.


One thing’s for sure though: they make Vietnam out to be this super dangerous place and after watching this drama, I’m not sure if I ever want to go there alone lol.

Also, another random side note: that Emma girl has a lot of guts. She acts way out of line for someone that’s just a mere employee. I’m just like, this girl is unbelievable!

Oh I like the ending theme song too hehe~ here’s Stephanie Ho (何雁詩) – 愛需要勇氣 (Love Takes Courage)


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