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The Princess Weiyoung (锦绣未央) {Series Review}

Click here for this drama’s intro and first impression post ←

Took me a while but I finally finished this drama last week. I had watched up until 20 something episode then took a break for about 3 weeks because I wanted to watch it all in go because I knew it was only going to go downhill from there and my heart cannot take the prolonged angst!

To be honest though, the second half wasn’t as sad and angsty as I expected? Or maybe I was just expecting some serious tear works. I did cry at a few scenes (especially during the wedding scene T__T) and of course at the end.


It was infuriating to watch the bad guys ‘win‘ for a while but of course, in the end, good prevails. Kind of. I feel like the last episode was completely rushed. I wish it could have been fleshed out a bit more but we all knew what was coming and it would have just been dragging out the inevitable. After all, the opening and ending themes pretty much spoiled the ending of the drama for everyone already lol. I still don’t understand why the producers felt the need to spoil it like that. Like why?


Overall, I really enjoyed this drama. The visuals were stunning and the plot was good~ besides the fact that everyone was out to get Weiyoung and turn her into a scapegoat every chance they get, it wasn’t bad~ I really loved all the different costumes that went into this drama! But my favorite would probably be the love and complete trust the main couple had for each other throughout everything. Where to find such true love~? (And to know they’ve officially announced their relationship to the public makes me even more giddy as a fangirl! Totally looking forward to this year’s Dragon TV New Years Eve show since both are guests!!)

This drama has my thumb of approval! A bit too long for my taste really, but it has a strong lead female character (seriously, I hate it when female leads are annoying/stupid/helpless), intricate scheming, solid loveline,  awesome actors, amazing ost, and everything just being aesthetic as fuck. If these traits are up your alley, then I’d definitely recommend checking this drama out!

Tang Yan has really turned me into a fan of hers so I’m definitely gonna keep an eye out for her future works~ (and maybe dig into a few of her past works if I have the time!)



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