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Dead Wrong (致命復活) {Series Review}

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Acting wise, the drama was good; I had no problems with any of the actors (but then again, you’d have to be pretty terrible to make me think of you as a bad actor lol). The plot on the other hand…pretty much went in the same direction that all TVB dramas go on: unbelievably dramatic. It gets more and more outrageous with the fact that everyone played some sort of part in the main character’s kidnapping.


The drama started out on a decent note but then it snowballed real fast. Like with most TVB dramas, the characters go to the extremes, achieves their life long mission, then everything goes back to normal with a happy ending as if nothing ever happened.

Meh. That’s all I have to say about this drama. It was just something to mindlessly kill time with. I wouldn’t recommend it since it gets pretty predictable. (Side note though, I really liked the characters Max and Tracy the most out of the drama~ especially Tracy. She came off as annoying and stupid at first, but I liked the care and understanding she had for Max (vs. Emma))



(May contain major spoilers)

I did not like the ‘friend’ Lam Ho Yan. He was such an insecure bastard. Like dude, Cathy chose you despite her ex-husband coming back. She chose you. And yet he goes behind her back, secretly keeping tabs on her while plotting to get rid of her ex-husband, Vincent. I can understand that he doesn’t like the fact that Cathy still goes out of her way to help Vincent and wants her to completely break off all connections with him, but yo, it’s not gonna happen considering they have a son together! There will always be a connection whether you like it or not. His possessiveness was what caused his eventual downfall.


I am still a little confused about the kidnapping since it wasn’t really just one person who ordered for Vincent to be kidnapped. In fact, I’m not even sure if anyone did order for a kidnapping. Was it just a series of unfortunate events that just snowballed into a kidnapping? Because while they made it seem like Cathy was the final ‘boss’ who was behind everything, all she wanted was for the other woman, Ivy, to disappear. The way I see it, none of the characters had any intention to kidnap the dude; it just happened due to the self-interest of the criminals involved.

Also, I don’t understand why that crazy dude stood guarding him and keep Vincent alive in captivity for all those years. Now that I think about it, there’s quite a bit that either wasn’t explained properly or I just didn’t pick it up. Though I still stand by my point. Meh.


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