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A Man and a Woman (남과 여) {Movie Review}

Because of Goblin, I’ve become obsessed with Gong Yoo♡. Thus the start of binge watching everything he was in lol.

Plot overview from kobiz:

Sang-min (Jeon Do-Yeon) comes to Finland to send her autistic son to a special camp, but she feels extremely alienated in snow covered-white Helsinki. Ki-Hong (Gong Yoo) is an architect working in Finland on dispatched duty. His family is not so perfect either with a daughter having child depression and mentally unease wife. The two meet for the first time at the gathering point of this special camp. They get to have a short trip to the camp together in silence but start to feel comfortable and connected to each other. On their way back to Helsinki, with the road blocked from heavy snow, Sang-min and Ki-hong are isolated in a cabin by the forest and lake. Carried away by irresistible passion, they spend a night together. But the next day, they go separate ways without asking each other’s name…

Casting: Jeon Do-Yeon (전도연), Gong Yoo (공유)
Language: Korean
Genre: Romance
Duration: 115 minutes
Release Date: February 2016


I knew this drama was going to be about infidelity going in but what I didn’t really expect was the sex scenes lol which is stupid because it was stated in the summary that they were ‘carried away by irresistible passion and spend the night together‘. Regarding the steamy scenes, they weren’t really that explicit. There’s skin but no butts or boobs. (I think…can’t remember about the butts but there definitely wasn’t any boob shots!). I think it was artistically shot.

Smut aside, I think this was a really good movie! The snowy scenery in Finland was simply beautiful and the mood throughout the entire thing was, how should I say it, calm and subtle? To me, it had one of those rainy day feelings. If that even makes sense lol.


The attraction between the two main characters were shown more in their actions rather than words. Actually, I don’t even think there were many words spoken. It was all feelings and reading in-between the lines.


Ki-Hong though…when he was with Sang-Min, he was like a lovesick puppy. It was so adorable to watch (but then again, that could be my bias speaking haha).

Trying so hard to write this first part without spoilers so with that in mind, the ending…is just what one could expect from a movie about infidelity.



(May contain major spoilers)

I am really childish for someone who’s in their mid-20s. Sex scenes make me slightly uncomfortable/awkward. I guess it’s okay if I’m watching it by myself but if I ever watch a movie that has sex scenes with others, I just get really awkward and embarrassed. With that said, Gong Yoo’s sex face…hehehe lol. I was really surprised though by the smut because I’m so used to the innocence that is kdramas. But really, it wasn’t that bad in this movie. The most you see is Jeon Do-Yeon stripped down to her panties and bra and Gong Yoo’s hand skimming dangerously close along her inner thighs. It’s mostly face shots and bare backs~ (random thought though, I couldn’t help but think how awkward it must be to film a sex scene with like a bajillion other people in the room watching you.


Now about the ending…Sang-Min decides to leave everything behind for Ki-Hong but Ki-Hong doesn’t (or can’t? I suspects he decided to stay because of his daughter) do the same and thus its the end of the affair. I kept thinking about this for days on end after watching the movie. Of course when you’re watching a romance movie, you’re rooting for the main couple to get together and have a ‘happy ending’ but it wasn’t the case here. It’s a far more realistic ending for the two that reflects a bit on Korea’s society where it’s usually the woman that has more to lose, whereas men are more than likely to be forgiven.


In the end, Sang-Min lives in a studio apartment by herself, alluding to the fact that she was divorced and separated from her husband and son. Meanwhile we see Ki-Hong immersed in this happy family bubble with his wife and daughter back in Finland. Sang-Min goes to Finland to look for Ki-Hong but finally gives up after seeing his happy little family. Ki-Hong manages to catch a glimpse of her as she leaves and gives chase but again, he is held back (figuratively) by his daughter.

It just broke my heart seeing Ki-Hong’s eyes well up with tears as he drives past and away from Sang-Min because you can just see how much he still loves her. And that’s the thing about this movie – it didn’t seem like the affair was based on physical attraction but the two connected on a deeper level. There was love there. (Getting cheesy now lol)

Sigh, my heart hurts again just thinking about this movie.


He made it to Busan after all~ (lol)




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