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Stay With Me (放弃我,抓紧我) {Series Review}

After watching When A Snail Falls in Love, I was craving more Wang Kai and luckily, this started airing after that drama so I was excited! 😀

Plot overview from dramafever:

Li Wei Wei (Chen Qiao En) is a 30 year-old fashion designer who has already achieved more than most do in their entire lives. But after an accidental drowning, she loses every memory of the last seven years. Now, in Wei Wei’s mind, her life is the way it was when she was 23 years old, a young fashion design wannabe who was deeply in love with Chen Yi Du (Wang Kai). Seven years ago, they were inseparable. Today, he is a bitter ex. Confused by what caused this seemingly sudden change, Li Wei Wei investigates, only to learn that the hectic life of a success-driven designer essentially engulfed not just the love she shared with Chen Yi Du, but also the charming, dreamy-eyed girl that she was seven years ago. Meanwhile, as Li Wei Wei begins to regret her recent actions, the person most directly impacted by this change is Qi Cheng (Kimi Qiao), her current fiance who is doing everything in his power to stop his love from reconnecting with her ex, and to also rekindle the relationship they had prior to the accident. Li Wei Wei, however, has decided that she is once again going to be the person she was before the success that took her old life from her.

Main Cast: Chen Qiao En (陈乔恩), Wang Kai (王凯), Qiao Ren Liang (乔任梁), Chen Ran (陈燃), Zhang Xuan Rui (张轩睿)
Language: Chinese
# of episodes: 39
Airing Date: December 2016
OST: 金志文 (Jin Zhiwen) – 放棄我,抓緊我 (Let Me Go, Hold On to Me)


I found this drama to be pretty fun to watch. It’s lighthearted and silly up until around episode 13-15? I was actually addicted! But then it started getting draggy and declining for me and by episode 20-something, I was just annoyed. I thought there was only going to be 32 episodes or so (I don’t know where I saw that. My mind must have made up this number) and I was so invested already so I continued watching (but skipping over parts I had no interest in) just to see it to the end. So imagine how angry I was when I realized it doesn’t end until 39! Really considered dropping it but I was almost done anyways so…I pushed through lol.

The one thing I really do like about this drama though, is that it can only be serious for about five minutes. After the brief serious scenes/moments, it switches to a hilariously silly scene afterwards. Lots of comic relief (*^▽^)/

Li Weiwei and Chen Yi Du are an amusing pair with their bickering and Weiwei’s constant badgering of him in the beginning. As a couple, they’re really cute and fluffy together but the one annoying thing about the two of them is that they’re always breaking up and getting back together, over and over again. Instead of talking out their issues, they choose to just break up as a solution. I couldn’t stand watching that.


Wang Kai is damn handsome though lol. And Chen Qiao En is gorgeous! Her outfits are always so fashionable (well, that’s a duh given that her character is in the fashion design industry) and on point. Wish I could dress like her~ The visuals of this drama (´ ▽`).。o♡

Huo Xiao is a really good friend to Weiwei and it’s kind of sad to see him treat her so well and pining after her while she only thinks of him as a friend. My friend told me that Qiao En and Ren Liang are actually best friends in real life and it’s…just sad watching this drama and thinking about it T^T


Overall, the drama is pretty fun to watch about half the time. The other half is just filled with unnecessary conflicts that drag out the drama more than needed. If you watch this drama, I would recommend watching up until maybe 14/15? And then just skip to 30. Everything in between is just filler moments with barely any plot progression. Though the drama does wrap up nicely and the ending was happy ~ヾ(^∇^)



(May contain major spoilers)

I think the character I found most annoying and intolerable was Tiffany. She’s such an annoying little shit. She had no confidence in her skills at all and had to rely on backhanded tactics to take down Li Weiwei instead of competing head on. Really couldn’t stand her. (; ・`д・´) It got to the point where I was so annoyed that I didn’t even want to watch any scenes with her in it.

Another thing that really annoyed me about this drama was how everyone just goes around doing things and making decisions on behalf of others with the excuse that ‘I did it for your own good!’ I was screaming in frustration every fucking time this happened because a lot of the dumb drama could have been avoided if they just learned to communicate properly with each other. Once all the dumb and unnecessary drama started rolling, I was constantly in the pulls-on-hair-screaming-in-frustration mode like stop making decisions for her without even consulting her! It’s not even your decision to make! Oh my god, I’m getting so angry just thinking about it.

Huo Xiao was such a pitiful character (╥_╥) He was like a dog begging for a bone from his owner the whole time. I really felt so bad for him in the end because he was willing to risk his life just to help and protect Weiwei.

Also, one last thing: the way Wang Kai kisses…it looks so weird! I think it’s supposed to come off as passionate but it only looks like he’s trying to force himself onto the other. The guy looks like he’s practically eating the other person’s face. Chen Qiao En looks uncomfortable as fuck to me every time he’s the one that initiates those “passionate” kisses lol. Idk if it’s just me or not.

The last episode was pretty much the final boss face off and happy endings. I thought that it was kind of messed up that the office forced Ou Ye to propose to Jenny. Dude, that’s not cool yo lol that guy was practically forced into marriage. Another thing I found rude was at Leo and Tiffany’s wedding, it was totally unnecessary to announce the acceptance of Chen Yi Du and Li Weiwei’s company into Fontaine (sp?). Realistically, weddings are and should be centered on the bride and groom and any other news shouldn’t be delivered or announced to overshadow them. But that’s just coming from someone who spends way too much time reading askreddit threads lol (they’re so amusing omg!)


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