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Candle in the Tomb (鬼吹灯之精绝古城): Episode 3 Recap

Hu Ba Yi and Fatso go down the hole to find Yingzi with a slight sprain in her ankle but still able to walk. After making sure she’s okay, Fatso hands Yingzi a hoof of a donkey to ‘ward off ghosts’. The trio then continue down the hallway and enters the main tomb area. There are murals all over the walls depicting a battlefield. Hu concludes that this is the tomb of a general. But no coffin is in sight.


They then wander into a side room that’s full of old metal weaponry, shields, and urns. After examining the room a bit, they return to the main hall where Hu discovers a strange marking on the wall. He calls Fatso over to look at it and Fatso ends up pushing it but nothing happens. Fatso goes looking around and finds another similar square marking and pushes it immediately. The tomb starts creaking and rumbling then suddenly blue, fiery arrows start shooting out of the walls in every direction. Hu screams for everyone to drop to the floor, avoiding the attack. When the attack stops, Hu rushes for them to leave. Fatso trips on a gargoyle and twists his leg. As Hu is helping Fatso up, more creaking sounds can be heard. In the middle of the room, the platform opens and a coffin rises above ground.


Before they open the coffin though, Hu takes out his compass to find the southeast corner where he lights a candle – the living light. If the candle goes out, nothing must be taken from the tomb and they must leave immediately. This is a rule set between the living and the dead. It’s a rule by the elderly that’s been passed down for thousands of years and must not be violated.


Hu and Fatso work on opening the lid of the coffin. Before they lift it open, Hu glances back at the candle to see it still lit. He then tells Yingzi to keep an eye on it. They remove the lid and take a look in. Hu’s initial thoughts that the general was very poor was correct. There is only a metal face plate and cheap clothing on the body inside.


Fatso makes a long winded prayer before he goes digging into the coffin (through the body??) barehanded. Meanwhile, Yingzi and Hu’s gazes are fixed on the candle. When Hu turns back around, Fatso emerges with a pair of jade pieces.


As Hu and Fatso are examining the jade, Yingzi notices the candle flickering dead and alerts Hu.  The candle goes completely out and Hu tells Fatso he needs to return the two pieces of jade. Fatso refuses. Yingzi is scared shitless and demands that Fatso put the jade back. He still refuses. Hu tries again with Fatso and this time Fatso tries to compromise, asking if he can just put one back. Hu decides to leave it up to the ‘ghosts’ decision and lights another candle. If it stays lit, he can take one; if it goes out they have to put both pieces back. Fatso agrees and puts one back. Hu goes and lights the candle again.

The candle stays lit and Fatso proclaims that everything is alright and that they can retreat now. However unbeknownst to them, a hand is creeping out of the coffin.


The three turn to leave but Hu glances back one more time at the candle and watches as the flame turns green. Hu realizes something is wrong and shouts for them to quickly leave but its too late. The lid of the coffin comes flying and completely blocks their only exit. The corpse in the coffin rises and starts attacking them. Hu and Fatso do all they can to attack the zombie but nothing seems to work and they get their asses handed to them.


Hu gives the jade piece back to the zombie by putting it in the coffin but it is still unsatisfied and continues his rampage.

With their last ditch effort, Hu gets the donkey hoof from Yingzi and shoves it into the zombie’s mouth. It seems to immobilize it. Hu and Fatso quickly move to try to move the lid from their exit but it’s too heavy to move. Yingzi, who is keeping watch, glances at the zombie again and notices that it’s moving. It takes the hoof out of it’s mouth and starts advancing on them again. The three of them make a run for the other room.


Hu and Fatso try to lift up the heavy, spiky mace and attacking the zombie with it. They manage to knock it down but it doesn’t do much from deterring it. They try again, but this time the zombie knocks it away and knocks them on their backs. The mace collides with the wall and reveals a secret passageway. They scramble through it and start running down the underground hall with the monster following behind them. After a few turns, they come across another room and quickly enter it, closing and locking the metal doors. The zombie is now banging on the doors to try to get to them.


They explore this underground fort and come across a map. Hu realizes it’s the fort that they were initially looking for – the secret fort of the Japanese Kwantung Army – and tries to look for another entrance/exit.


They move on to a room that seems to be the generator room and powers it up. While Yingzi is keeping watch, she sees a kid run by. Once the lights are running, Hu decides they should head towards the armory to equip themselves in case they run into anything weird again. There, they find a ton of guns, rifles, and ammo and starts bagging them.



I fucking knew Fatso was going to do something to bring danger to them. His greed is too much. =.= But man, I wasn’t expecting zombies when I started watching this! I screamed a few times during this episode because I literally got scared lol. I was expecting maybe ghosts. Not zombies. Omg. And that dude was HUGE! Holy shit.

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