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Candle in the Tomb (鬼吹灯之精绝古城): Episode 4 Recap

The trio has spent a considerable amount of time in the storage area raiding what the Japanese left behind. When they finished, they could still hear the zombie pounding against the metal doors. Fatso intends to take the monster head on now that he’s well equipped but Hu forbids him and they head off looking for an exit instead.

After a few twist and turns, they finally find a light. But it turns out to be a ventilation hole out of their reach. As Hu is looking around the cave, he trips and asks who pushed him. Both Yingzi and Fatso deny doing so. Hu brings up the subject of Yingzi seeing a child again. Although he didn’t see anything, he tells them he finds it strange.


Suddenly, Hu realizes something and takes the flashlight from Yingzi and shines it up above them. A bag unfolds it’s wing and screeches. Every inch of free space on the ceiling is occupied by bats. Hu hands the flashlight back and they try to quietly slip away. Unfortunately, the flashlight slips out of Yingzi’s pocket. Fatso tries to catch it but misses and it ends up making a loud clattering noise, waking up the bats. The bats come flying at them and the three of them stands back to back and starts shooting.


They soon run out of bullets and Hu tells Fatso to take Yingzi and run while he attempts to hold the bats back. The other two run and take cover around the corner. Then with a split second warning, Fatso comes back and throws a grenade. Hu immediately makes a run for cover as the grenade starts smoking. Luckily it was a dud so it didn’t go off. Hu and Fatso each throw another grenade back into the area before running away. One of them successfully detonates and kills the bats.

Once they’re in the clear, Hu scolds Fatso for irresponsibly throwing the first grenade. As they’re arguing, Yingzi notices a small hand print on the back of Hu’s jacket. Fatso brushes it off as dust. Immediately after he turns and sees an apparition of a child run across the hall. They decide to go check it out and come face to face with a door that is sealed air tight. Hu guesses that there must be valuables in the room and him and Fatso set to open it. They all put on gas masks as a protective measure before walking into a room full of coffins. It turns out to be a tomb that the Japanese excavated while digging out their fort.


At the back of the room is the largest coffin, hidden under a tarp. Because Hu isn’t sure of what treasures that could be in it, Fatso is determined to open it up and see. Yingzi immediately goes and demands the candles from Fatso and the lighter from Hu. Despite not knowing which corner is the southeast corner, her plan was to just light a candle on each corner.


After all candles are lit, the coffin is open but there were no treasures left. Fatso becomes despondent. Hu continues shining his flashlight through the coffin and comes across two children (a boy and a girl) that are perfectly preserved at the end of the coffin. The two children were burial sacrifices, made by pouring mercury through the top of their heads. Then their bodies were coated with mercury power to preserve them so that the bodies would never rot. The children have to still be alive when injected so that the blood could carry the mercury through the veins.


This reality upsets everyone so as an effort to help the children rest in peace, they decided to take them out and give them a proper burial.


After properly wrapping up the children, they head back to the cave area with the bats. All the bats have disappeared and the only ones around are the dead ones on the floor. Judging from the map, this was the only exit however it seems that the exit was purposely bombed shut. So they have no other choice but to go back to where they first entered the tomb. Knowing they’ll have to go through the monster again, they go back to the storage to stock up on supplies first.

Yingzi is the first to notice how quiet it is. The zombie monster has stopped banging on the door. They go to check it out and find one of the doors broken down. The other one gets knocked down and reveals the zombie behind it. They all make a run for it; half the time they’re running and trying to avoid the zombie and the other half they’re trying to fight it off. Eventually they managed to make it in a circle and start going back down the hallway back into the tomb. Hu tries to hold the zombie off while Fatso works on breaking down the coffin lid that’s blocking the door but nothing budges it.


Finally they use a grenade but it doesn’t set off until six seconds later. The door blasts open and Yingzi and Fatso run through it. Hu was thrown on his back from the blast and is trying to recover when the zombie gets to him. He gets picked up and thrown to the floor as if he were a rag doll. Fatso turns around and watches in horror.



First off those children sacrifices/dolls were scary as fuck. And also sad. I don’t know if it’s accurate or not (I did a quick google search but nothing came up so idk man…) but children sacrifices is horrible. Seriously, unless that guy had pedophilia tendencies, what good is it having two tiny children accompany you in the afterlife?

And that zombie monster. Talk about persistence lol. It is seriously like that one bitter ex that just won’t leave you alone!

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