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Candle in the Tomb (鬼吹灯之精绝古城): Episode 5 Recap


With Hu unable to escape the rampage of the zombie, Fatso runs back into the tomb with the pickax and starts attacking the zombie and diverting it’s attention to him. This leaves Hu free to grab his rifle and shoot it up at the ceiling. The bullet ignites the Dragon Spitter’s Oil and burning debris start falling in as the tomb slowly caves in on itself. The zombie is screaming as it catches on fire. Fatso frees himself and together, him and Hu quickly run out to join Yingzi. Hu takes one last look at the burning tomb before climbing back out above ground.


After briefly resting, they work together to give the two sacrificial children a proper burial in the forest. They thank them for protecting them as they escaped the tomb and said a few short words. Then Fatso asks Hu for some cigarettes as a form of offering. He digs into his pockets for a lighter but pulls out the piece of jade he initially wanted to take and wonders how it got there. Hu doesn’t believe him and is outraged that Fatso would go back to retrieve the jade when he was battling the zombie. Fatso denies it and Yingzi backs him up. All three finds this strange.


Then Hu puts his hand into his pocket and he too, pulls out the other piece of the jade. They conclude that it must have been a gift of gratitude from the children, for bringing them out. They then decide that the grave is a bit too plain and sets about gathering more stones to make it look better. When they’ve finished, they offer their last prayers and leave.


On the way back, they part ways with Yingzi. They tell her they cannot go back with her to the village because they have other things to do but promise to return when they’ve completed their business. Before Yingzi leaves, they tell her to tell Old Secretary and the elders of the Japanese fort. Hu hopes that the goods from the fort will prove to be useful or worth selling for their villagemen.

Back in Beijing, Hu and Fatso arrive at Gold Tooth’s store just as he is selling a foreigner a China vase (which he later tells them is fake). After he’s seen them out, Gold Tooth hands Hu the newspaper with the headlines “Japanese Kwantung Army’s fort discovered in Niuxin Mountain”, telling him everyone knows now. Hu can’t believe how righteous Old Secretary is; he actually turned it over to the country. Fatso could only shake his head.

Now, Gold Tooth is excited and asks what they brought back from their adventures. Fatso takes out the pair of jade pieces. Gold Tooth examines it and gives them the truth. It’s of average quality but still worth some money because they’re a pair. He gives them a quote of 30 – 40,000 yuan and tells them that the price isn’t set in stone because it fluctuates and depends on negotiations. Hu tells him that they want to sell it asap. Gold Tooth then decides to buy it from them for 40,000 yuan. If he can sell it, he keeps the profit; if he can’t then he’ll take the loss. They agree to this and Gold Tooth hands them the 40,000 yuan in cash right there.

Curious, Fatso then asks what’s the most valuable item to be sold in the market. Gold Tooth tells them it’s ceramics because foreigners are very interested in them. Then he asks how much would a small urn from the Song Dynasty would go for. Tens of thousands.

Fatso’s eyes widen. Then he asks about a bigger urn, that’s about the width of his body. Gold Tooth says he’s never seen an urn that big so it’s pretty much priceless. Fatso is on the verge of crying now. He’s hating himself for practically throwing money at the zombie when they were back in the tomb. Hu tries to console him by saying they were just pottery and it indeed does the trick when Gold Tooth confirms that pottery isn’t worth much.


He then asks about the price of a gold mask on a big dumpling. Gold Tooth immediately gets excited and wants to see it but since it was black, they didn’t take it with them. Gold Tooth tells him if it turns black then it’s a precious metal. He looks to be in pain from the lost opportunity and Fatso looks like he wants to kill himself.

Again, Hu tries to comfort him by saying it was probably copper but Gold Tooth tells him that it’s just as valuable! Gold Tooth then begs them to go with him when he collects items so that they know what’s valuable and what’s not. Hu is the only calm one out of the three and tells him if he’s willing to teach them, then they’re willing to learn.

Now Gold Tooth brings up a potential trip for them to go on. As they know, the country is assembling archaeologist teams for research purposes and he knows of one led by a Professor Chen in Xinjiang Province. They found an American sponsor for this research and needs someone who knows about the Positioning of Metal Divisions to lead the team. Gold Tooth told them about Hu’s background and they’re interested in him. Hu is interested in this opportunity but finds it sketchy why an American is funding a Chinese archaeology research.

The sponsor is a Chinese-American woman. Her father is a super rich tycoon on Wall Street and both him and his daughter are heavily interested in archaeology. A few years ago her father traveled to Xinjiang with an archaeology team in search of Jingjue Kingdom in Western Regions but didn’t return. No one did and no bodies were found. Gold Tooth theorizes that with the fortune the daughter inherited, she’s using it to sponsor the research as an attempt to look for her father.


Later that night at a hotpot restaurant, they discuss how to split the money they earned from the jade pieces. There’s the obvious with Fatso and Yingzi’s shares. Hu also wants to give some to Old Secretary to share with the villagers. As for his share, Hu wants to send it to the families of his former comrades who died in the war. After listening to Hu’s reasoning, Fatso decides he doesn’t want to keep his share either. They’ll just keep enough for living expenses and then give the rest to Hu’s fallen comrades’ families.

The next day Hu and Fatso show up at a compound to see Professor Chen for the job. A middle-aged man meets with them and tells them that they’re only looking for the best of the best. They only want people who are skilled in exploring the desert or educated in archaeology and is quick to dismiss the pair. However, Professor Chen notices and greets them and makes introductions. The man who was questioning them earlier is Professor Hao Ai Guo, an expert in archaeology.


As they take a seat, Hu keeps glancing at the woman in the adjacent room who pays them no mind as she looks over her maps. They start talking and Profession Chen tells them the guide they’re looking for must be familiar with Tianxing Feng Shui. Hu says he only knows a little bit about it but goes on sharing everything he knows on the subject. As he is talking, the students they met outsider earlier enter the room and listen in. Professor Chen is impressed with Hu’s knowledge.



Weeeeee Chen Qiao En finally makes an appearance! And I also think this is the start of the plot! This episode though…first off, I don’t understand how Fatso and Hu can leave the crumbling tomb unharmed by the falling debris. Like come on, there’s no way nothing falls on you when the zombie immediately catches on fire. Secondly, is that Gold Tooth dude a bank? Why the fuck does he have so much money in his store at once?! He came out with 40,000 yuan like it was nothing! Granted, that’s about $5,700 in USD…so maybe it’s not a crazy amount but damn, to have so much money…

I like hearing about the Feng Shui stuff but I’m not too sure I understand it lol it’s kind of hard to follow even with English subs…

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