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Candle in the Tomb (鬼吹灯之精绝古城): Episode 7 Recap


The team makes preparations to abseil down into the crack.

The first ones down are Titan, Ga Wa, Shirley, and Hu. Then the rest of the crew follows.


At the bottom of the crack, they discover a corpse. While they’re discussing the possibilities of his identity and how he died, Shirley takes the gun from his hand and checks the bullet cartridge. Then she takes the extra cartridges from the dead man’s bag. She confirms the man was probably a member of her father’s expedition, judging from his clothes.


Hu gives a speech about their safety being the most important and the importance of sticking together to make sure they all understand. Chu Jian let’s him know that the signals are working before they set off.

Back at the top of the mountain, Ye Yi Xin and another soldier are manning the communication devices to communicate back to base. Ye wasn’t able to join them because her health isn’t very good. However, soon they receive notice from base that there’s a severe snowstorm approaching that area soon and to evacuate asap.

Down under, the team is making it’s way through the mountain. They came across a shallow lake that they must wade through in order to continue on. Before they do, the crew notices some weird writings on the wall. Turns out they’re characters of Devil’s Cave. Professor Chen tells them that this is the writing that was used in the Jingjue Kingdom. Jingjue Kingdom was once a nation in Western Regions during West Han. After hearing this, Hu concludes that the characters must be related to finding Jingjue Kingdom.


As they are crossing the lake, Fatso comments about the temperature of the water, wondering why it isn’t freezing cold. The reason why is because of the geothermal heat from tectonic plate movement. Though the comfortableness of the water isn’t necessarily a good thing because other creatures might find it fit for dwelling so Hu slightly rushes for them to cross as quickly as possible.


Once on land again, they continue and soon come across an opening that’s emitting blue shadows. Hu and Titan goes ahead and checks it out first. What he sees is a giant building glowing blue. He motions for the rest of the crew to catch up to them but to turn off all their head lights and flashlights.


The building is a legendary Nine-tier Phantom’s Tower. It is a burial format of kings in the Demon’s Land of ancient times. Basically a mausoleum. Professor Chen says from his research over his entire life, no one has ever seen one that is so well-preserved.


Chu Jian then discovers the charred ashes of someone who was attacked by the beetle of fire. Hu tells Shirley that her father and his people might have had the worst possible outcome but she tells him she was already prepared for it.

Hu nods and suggest they leave immediately as this is area is extremely dangerous with it being the beetle of fire’s nest. Both professors try to persuade him that they can’t because of the amount of research that’s there.

While they’re talking, Shirley walks off on her own and approaches the building. Hu and Fatso rushes after her. She knows it’s dangerous but she’s determined that find that notebook. Slowly and quietly, they start climbing the stairs into the building as to not disturb the beetles. Hu follows Shirley but he tells Fatso to go back and tell the rest of the crew to not go into the ditch of skeletal bones.


But of course, it’s too late already and a few of them are already down there, taking pictures and samples, and recording their findings.

At the bottom of the stairs, the necklace around one of the corpses’ neck catches Fatso’s eye. He makes sure no one is looking before attempting to take it off.

Chu Jian somehow trips and falls into the ditch with a loud crack. The noise agitates the bugs and their blue glow shines brighter. Everyone is still and scared shitless.


But after a moment of stillness, nothing happens and the bugs return to their previous state.

Hu tells Shirley to leave now but she ignores him and ventures deeper in as he continues to stand at the door. He turns and spots Fatso, grinning with the necklace in his hands. He tells him to put it back and Fatso only pretends to listen. He pockets it when Hu isn’t looking anymore. Then as he’s getting up, he spots a bag under the corpse. He takes it out and inside is a notebook and a film canister. Shirley comes out and demands for the bag. Fatso refuses. Shirley pulls out her gun and points it at him.



Holy shit Shirley has got some guts! Homegirl just walks into a building full of corpses and combustible bugs fearlessly! That’s crazy!! Lol I really her cold character here. She seems a bit suspicious too though. I can’t help but feel like there’s some hidden agenda somewhere.

I know this is just in dramaworld but I like how when they all came out of that lake, they were completely dry – never mind they were wading in it waist deep lol. Speaking of that lake, I swear to god there’s some creature in there ><

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