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Candle in the Tomb (鬼吹灯之精绝古城): Episode 8 Recap

Hu comes down and interrupts the pair. He snatches the bag from Fatso and tells Shirley to put down her gun. She does and he hands the bag over to Professor Chen. He immediately pulls the notebook out and flips through it and then confirms that it’s the notebook that they’ve been looking for.


Suddenly, there’s a loud click behind them. Chu Jian took a picture with the flash on. This aggravates the beetles of fire and they start angrily buzzing towards them. The crew quickly makes a break for it.


They’re running for their lives through the cave. Hats, backpacks, and flashlights are dropped and consumed by the beetles. Hu tells them to run into the river and not to come out. At the edge of the lake, Shirley refuses to jump in because she can’t let the notebook get wet. Hu grabs the bag and throws it across to the other side before pulling her into the water. The swarm of beetles come pelleting after them but their fire are put out once they’re submerged in.


Fatso comes up for air but another swarm of beetles come around and fly towards him. Titan comes up to save him but gets hit in the back by one of them.

As the team is waddling out, the camera pans to the tail and eye of a creature that’s dwelling in the waters with them.


The first thing Shirley checks up on is the notebook once she’s ashore. Everyone else is crowding around the injured Titan as Fatso helps him out of the waters.

There’s a sudden breeze that attracts the attention of everyone before the monster makes itself known. It’s a prehistoric salamander that Professor Chen claims should’ve been extinct by now. It’s tail is flailing around and catches the backs of Hu and Ga Wa as they’re trying to escape. Hu tells Fatso to help everyone else to leave as Ga Wa starts shooting at the monster to hold it back.


When he runs out of bullets, he turns around and tries to run away but the monster flings his tongue out and catches one of Ga Wa’s legs, pulling him back. Hu sees this and grabs on to Ga Wa. It’s like a tug-o-war  as Hu tries to save Ga Wa.

Fatso comes back and starts shooting at the monster until his tongue lets go. He quickly pulls Ga Wa back to safety before grabbing another gun and joining Fatso in shooting at the monster. The salamander finally goes down but now they have another problem. Their shoot alerted the beetles of fire and they once again come charging at them.

Hu orders Ga Wa and Titan to give them the rest of their ammo and to leave.


Back at the top of the mountain, the winds blowing mercilessly as the storm is fast approaching. The tent covering their equipment gets blown away and Ye Yi Xin moves to cover the exposed machinery with her jacket. Then she notices that the ropes are moving and realizes that the rest of the team below are still alive and are coming back up.

Down below they quickly decide to have the students scale up the the mountain first so that they can help with pulling the others back up.

In the cave, Hu and Fatso are just shooting at the swarm but there are just too many of them to kill. When they run out of bullets, they start making a run for it. They make it out and see that Shirley was the only one behind. They try to put on the safety gear quickly but the swarm is fast approaching.


Hu pulls out a grenade and holds it in his hand for a few seconds before throwing it to make sure it detonates in the air. Shirley aids the detonation by shooting at the grenade with her gun. The grenade goes off and kills the entire swarm and they quickly start climbing.

Ga Wa and Professor Chen are ahead of them and are halfway to the the top when the anchor for Professor Chen’s ropes come loose and he starts falling. Chu Jian and Sao Di Peng immediately grab a hold of the rope and try to pull him up. Ga Wa comes down to try to help Professor Chen. He unlatches his safety rope and puts it on Professor Chen instead. Then he tells the people at the top to pull.

Ga Wa ends up slipping and falls all the way back down to the bottom. Hu pushes Shirley out of the way to avoid Ga Wa’s body as he’s falling down but this causes her to come lose and fall down too. No one notices.

Ga Wa quickly gets on his feet again and tries to secure the rope to prepare the climb. Fatso and Shirley continue their climb while Hu starts going back down to help Ga Wa. However, a new swarm of the fire beetles are coming around again. Ga Wa decides then to sacrifice himself. He walks towards them with a grenade and it detonates, taking out the swarm. Hu has no choice but to start scaling back up again.


Fatso and Professor Chen make it to the top and it then that Shirley realizes her bag is missing. She sees it some distant below, caught on some rocks and immediately goes back down for it. Just as she grabs it, another swarm of the beetles come and they charge right at her. Shirley stills and braces herself for the impact but it never comes.


The beetles just circle around her a few times before flying away. Hu watches this and both of them are stunned that nothing happens.


Just as Hu and Shirley reaches the top, the mountain starts crumbing and it breaks down and completely buries the crack.

The team is now traveling through a valley on the back of a truck. Hu and Shirley are the only ones awake. Shirley is looking at a map before she comes up to Hu and tells him of the route they’ll be taking into the desert on their search for Jingjue Kingdom. Shirley tells him they must leave immediately for the desert because the kingdom could only be found in the windy season and it’s already windy season now.


Hu states that his only concern is that no more mistakes happen. He reminds them again that this trip is extremely dangerous and it’s not too late to back out now. The professors and students unanimously agree that this is a once in a life time opportunity and they refuse to back down now. They all agree to continue according to plan.

The crew soon arrives into a little town and is greeted by the section chief. Hu tells him that they are in urgent need of a person experienced in traveling the desert. The section chief is hesitant about whether or not they know of such person. It is his assistant who brings up the name An Li Man. People call him the human navigator of the desert. Everyone in the town knows that if you want to travel the desert, you’ll need three things: water, camel, and An Li Man. However, they do not know where to find him since he hasn’t been seen for a few months. They direct the team to the police station to see if they could help.

At the police station, the chief inspector is reluctant to let them go into the desert because it’s a dangerous time now as their safety is his responsibility. Professor Chen tries to persuade him otherwise but it’s a no go. Hu then steps in and asks the chief about An Li Man.


The chief inspector tells them that An Li Man is well known around these parts. He first come to this town when he was younger to help reinforce the borders. There was a time where he was once caught in a sandstorm and a camel saved his life. Ever since then, he’s devoted his life to camels by raising them.

Shirley asks where can they find him and the chief tells them that there’s no need. An Li Man was arrested two days ago and is currently sitting in a holding cell. Because a lot of foreigners have been coming to travel, An Li Man takes on the role of a tour guide without permission and brings them into the desert but usually comes back alone. The chief tells them he’s a questionable man but if they find him useful, they’ll release him.


They arrive at An Li Man’s holding cell and see the old man in a middle of a prayer. The pendant around his neck catches Hu’s attention.



Dude…when it rains, it pours. This drama is crazy. It’s calm for a few episodes then BAM all the action is packed into one episode that it just leaves you on the edge of your seat. After all that craziness in the cave, it seems like we’re back in the calming period.

Those bugs have no mercy at all. They’ll continue to come at you until there’s no one left to consume. So scary. But I do wonder why it didn’t burn up Shirley. Are the bugs sound motivated? Since she was completely still and everything was silent around them when the bugs came around again. Or is she some sort of beetle of fire whisperer…lol. Anyways, that girl is crazy. She puts the notebook before her own life. Jingjue Kingdom better be stacked full of gold and have a fountain of youth after all these trouble they’re going through for it.

I do wonder what that salamander eats to stay alive. There’s no way there’s a constant food source for it to have lived that long. Didn’t the crack to the underground cave just open recently due to some earthquake? If that mausoleum was the beetle of fire’s nest, I’m wondering how the first few ones came out before the avalanche…so many questions.

Interested in what kind of monsters they’ll encounter in the desert~ haha

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