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The Good Wife (굿 와이프) {Series Review}

Came across this drama when I was looking up Lee Won Geun. (I really liked him in Sassy Go-Go! His smile is so fucking cute! o(*≧□≦)o) Though he wasn’t the only one I was familiar with; I think this is the first drama that I’m actually familiar with the main cast/seen their previous works!

Plot overview from asianwiki:

A husband (Yoo Ji-Tae) works as a successful prosecutor and his future appears bright, but he gets arrested for corruption in a political scandal. His wife (Jeon Do-Yeon) worked as an attorney prior to their marriage, now resumes her career after a 15 year hiatus. She begins to find her true identity.

Main Cast: Jeon Do-Yeon (전도연), Yoo Ji-Tae (유지태), Yoon Kyesang (윤계상), Kim Seo-Hyung (김서형), Nana (나나), Lee Won Geun (이원근)
Language: Korean
# of episodes: 16
Airing Date: July 2016
OST: Nell – 숨( Breathe)

This drama is a remake of the American TV series by the same name “The Good Wife”. I’ve never seen the American version so there’s no comparison but basically this drama is a law drama.


The drama starts out with Lee Tae Joon (Yoo Ji-Tae)  getting into a sex scandal and getting arrest. The story is then fast forwarded 8 months later where his wife Kim Hye Kyung (Jeon Do-Yeon) is working at MJ Law Firm. After her husband’s scandal, she becomes well known within the law circle but it doesn’t deter her from picking up her career again as a lawyer after 15 years to support her two teenage children. She always wants to do good by the client and help them find out the truth, even if it gets her in trouble. The firm she currently works at is managed by an old friend of hers when she was at law school: Seo Joongwon (Yoon Kyesang).


Seo Joongwon is the co-president of the law firm. He has a reputation of being a lawyer that only cares about money and does whatever it takes to win his cases. Though as he works with Hye Kyung, he slowly changes and wants to be better because of her. Hye Kyung is a little meek and unsure of herself as she starts out but she does well with Joongwon’s help. Though she soon finds out that there is only one position open at this firm and that she has to compete with a fresh law school graduate Lee Joonho (Lee Won Geun) for the position.


Another person who proves to be extremely helpful to Hye Kyung is Kim Dan (Nana). Dan is the law firm’s investigator and pretty damn good one too as she always manages to get the necessary information she needs either through her connections from previous jobs or her wits. Her personality is that of someone who’s cool and emotionally unattached but over time she becomes good friends with Hye Kyung.


Hye Kyung’s husband Lee Tae Joon was a rising prosecutor who is known to go after corrupt politicians. Because of this, he’s made many enemies and was ensnared in a trap that got him arrested. He’s a very calm, sneaky, and manipulative character. During his time in jail, he tries hard to help Hye Kyung and to earn her forgiveness again.


This is a pretty serious drama. There are a range of cases and each one is equally interesting with it’s twist and turns, lies and truths revealed. I was pretty hooked on it and it made a good filler to watch in between the currently airing dramas I’m also watching. The character developments were steady and the relationships progressed pretty well. I didn’t find any parts dragging so that was nice! ^^

I don’t know how I feel about the ending though I suppose you can say it’s a happy one.

Overall, I really liked this drama and would recommend it to anyone who’s looking for something that’s more in the serious realm.



(May contain major spoilers)

I hate how Hye Kyung was kind of pushed into a corner to forgive her husband for his cheating. There was this one part where her mother-in-law is telling her that all successful men will have affairs and that she should be content that she’s the one he comes home to and I’m just like wtf is this kind of thinking. (;¬_¬) Like no, affairs are not okay, regardless of whether someone is successful or not.

And then there’s her husband claims that it was a mistake and he was tricked. There’s a video of you having sex with a prostitute. How the fuck were you tricked? How was it a mistake? Did they drug you? If so, then yeah, I can see it as a mistake but if you went to bed with her willingly and knowingly sober then yo, it wasn’t a trick.

I can kind of understand why Hye Kyung tried to forgive him and take him back so I’m not mad at her since she thought he was willing to change and if she could look past it to keep their family together then more power to her. It really made me sad when she found out Kim Dan also slept with Tae Joon and I’m glad she kicked him out right then and there. Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me. He fucked up twice and I’m glad she wasn’t putting up with it. Tae Joon was such a manipulative character anyways. Didn’t like him at all. It was all for his own greed, though I can see that his feelings for Hye Kyung are sincere.

Kim Dan was seriously my favorite character


I’m on the fence about the ending though. Despite giving him divorce papers, they’re still not divorced and she continues to play his supporting wife while he ascends into the politician’s world. I find it weird because I thought she chose to be in a relationship with Joongwon but the ending shows Hye Kyung, Joongwon, and Kim Dan walking happily into court so I guess this arrangement works out? Idk man…that was just weird but whatever. I guess, in a way, it’s a happy ending for Hye Kyung.


And this is random but one of the little things I really liked about this drama was how Hye Kyung set this ominous ringtone for when her mother-in-law calls. I found that super hilarious! (*≧▽≦)ノシ))


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