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Candle in the Tomb (鬼吹灯之精绝古城): Episode 9 Recap

Hu has a flashback of seeing the same pendent from one of the many treasures back in Gold Tooth’s store.


The chief inspector tells An Li Man that this is his chance to redeem himself. However the old man just continues his prayers and ignores him. Hu glances behind him and asks the chief inspector why do the camels outside look so weak and groggy, like they’re about to die. This gets an immediate response from the old man. He chides the other for mistreating his camels but the inspector retorts that they the camels are nothing but fine.


Professor Chen talks to An Li Man and tells him that they’re an archaeology team that wants to hire him as their guide to go into the desert. Shirley adds in that she’s willing to pay any price he asks for.

An Li Man agrees.


After An Li Man is released, the first thing he does is feed his camels. Shirley asks him when they can leave and he tells them when his camels are all well feed and hydrated. He talks in riddles and in a roundabout way, is asking to be paid first.


Then he says they can set out in two months, after the windy season. Fatso claims he just used them to get him out of jail, and that he never had any intentions to take them into the desert. An Li Man says that’s not the case. He never said he wouldn’t take them; just that it would be two months later.

Shirley now offers another deal. She’ll buy his camels for twice the usual amount. When they get back from the desert, he can keep the camels and the money. He gets tempted for a moment but still rejects the offer, citing the gods will punish them for entering the desert during the windy season.

Hu notices that An Li Man is just greedy, and that he’s just haggling with them now. Fatso then tries to drags the old man back to jail. Worried, An Li Man asks Hu if he completed all the paperwork. Hu said he did but also adds in that they’re scared and don’t want to go anymore. He tries to haggle for ten more days to prepare but Hu only gives him until the day after tomorrow. An Li Man tries again to haggle for seven days. Fed up, Hu grabs him and pulls him to the side. He whispers something into his ear and that does the trick. An Li Man finally agrees to leave the day after tomorrow.


D-day comes around and they’re packing and getting ready to set off. Professor Hao comes and tells Hu that he’s against An Li Man being their guide. He’s asked around and says the old man can’t be trusted. Hu tries to reassure him by saying him and Fatso will look at him to make sure he doesn’t do anything funny. Professor Chen also says some reassuring words. Professor Hao finally understands and drops the subject.


After some warning words from An Li Man and Hu’s reassurance, the team sets off.


They travel through the desert on camels for a few days.  During one of their rests, An Li Man again warns Hu that what they’re doing is dangerous and that it’s not too late to turn back. Hu asks him how many times he’s taken people back at halfway point. An Li Man honestly tells him that they’re the furthest anyone has ever gone. It’s better to head back than to lose their lives over nothing. He tells Hu that what they’ve been crossing can’t be really called a desert. Once they get to the Black Desert, then that’s the real desert.


The Black Desert is a ruined city buried with treasures however no one has ever been able to take the treasures out. If you possess even one gold coin, you’d be forever lost in the Black Desert and unable to leave.

During their next rest stop, they notice that the sky is starting to turn red. That’s not a good sign for them. A strong gale of wind is about to rise so they cannot rest anymore. They must get to Xiye Ruins in one go otherwise no barriers could withstand the winds and they would all be buried alive.


Suddenly An Li Man take his mat, unrolls it, and starts praying. Everyone just watches him confused.

Then he rushes back and gets on his camel. He tells everyone they need to quickly leave otherwise they’ll get buried in the desert. They all get back onto the camels and start going at a brutal pace. Behind them, the winds are picking up.


After a while they’re forced to take a break because some of the team cannot take it anymore. But it’s a short one because soon they are forced to get back on to their camels as the sand storm is catching up to them.


As they’re moving, Hu notices someone is missing. He tells Fatso to catch up with An Li Man to make him stop while he gets off his camel to go find the missing person. He fights through the sandstorm and finds Professor Chen laying face down in the sand. Apparently he got thrown off the camel. He helps him up and the two of them struggle to go back to where everyone is. Fatso and Chu Jian come tumbling over to help the pair.

Once back with the group, Hu asks why they aren’t moving. An Li Man says the camels are too petrified and that it’s useless to run from it. They might as well just wait for their deaths.

Shirley desperately looks around and she soon spots some ruins in the distance. She calls Hu to come over to take a look at it. An Li Man spots it too and tells them to stop staring at it and to quickly make their way towards it. They grab the camels and make a run for it.


They’re not sure if those walls could hold up against the storm but they take the chance anyways. They all slip in and take cover in the building.



Omg the camels are so fucking cute!! Lol I like watching them eat and also watching them trot around in the desert. Such adorable animals~ haha it must have been interesting to film with them! This episode was pretty calm for the first half and then the second half was when the shit hit the fan. Once again, they’re all running away from some kind of danger to their lives.

That An Li Man is such a downer and pessimistic. Always saying they’re all doomed and all that’s left for them is to die. It must be discouraging to be traveling with someone who’s always claiming they’re going to die. ━(◯Δ◯∥)━ン

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