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Candle in the Tomb (鬼吹灯之精绝古城): Episode 10 Recap

Once Hu enters the shelter, Fatso tells him that the place is safe. Hu isn’t sure how safe they are and for how long considering the on-going sandstorm outside. If they stay there too long, they’ll surely be buried alive. Then he goes checks on Shirley, who got sand in her eyes. Ye Yi Xin tries to help her wash it out with some water.


On the other side, Fatso gets into an argument with An Li Man. Fatso blames the old man for trying to escape by himself and leave them all behind. An Li Man gets angry that Fatso is putting the blame on him when he had warned them all before that this journey was going to be dangerous. Hu comes in between them and tries to pacify the two of them.

After that argument is settled, he tells everyone that at the very least they’ll have to spend the night under this shelter and that they’ll take turns keeping watch on the holes so that they’re not buried alive. Everyone understands. Fatso takes Chu Jian and Sa Di Peng with him to go get their supplies while Hu goes back to check on Shirley. The sand is still in her eyes so he takes over and helps blow it out.


Hu then goes outside and dies up some dried branches around. They use it to light a fire inside and all sit around it, eating dried jerky.

Shirley brings up the fact that she saw some wolf foot prints when she was looking around and Fatso says he saw some gazelles. An Li Man says God made this shelter for the animals and that gazelles aren’t the only animals out there – there could also be leopards and wolves. It’s just that the animals are scared right now and are in hiding but once the storm passes, they might make an appearance. Everyone becomes apprehensive upon hearing these words.


Ye Yi Xin is seen to be toying with something white in her hands and Professor Hao asks her about it. She takes a closer look at it and screams and drops it immediately. It’s human bones. Near them, the uncover some human bones. Hu finds this a little strange. Normally when humans die in the desert, their flesh do not rot. Instead it would naturally dry and then they become mummies. However these bones have no flesh on them at all. So there’s a high possibility that wolves could’ve eaten them.


Later on, Shirley calls Hu off to the side and asks him if he could say some words of encouragement to boost their team’s morale. He returns to the group and he suggests them to sing a song. When none of them follow, he starts telling a story of when he was in the army. They were at the front lines trying to get into the firing range of the enemy but they weren’t able to get into said range. He lead his teams charging forward three times and failed all three times. Many comrades sacrificed themselves and died. He tells them his company was known as the Hero company. They have never fought a pointless battle. So the soldiers were dispirited and morale was low. When the regional commander called, Hu got a good scolding about it; if his company couldn’t handle it, then give it up and another company will take over. Hu refused to accept defeat so he came up with a plan. He went back to his team and told them that the central military committee just called. Deng Xiao Peng knew what their company was doing at the front lines and said words of praise and encouragement. His comrades were surprised that Deng Xiao Peng knew of them and said they can’t embarrass themselves. Everyone’s spirits were up and they managed to get to the firing range within one assault.


The three students interrupt Hu’s story and asked for details about how did they manage to do that, how long was the battle, and how many people died. Hu becomes speechless and looks to Fatso and Shirley for help but they both just laugh and shrug respectively. Hu backtracks and tells the the point of this story is that no matter what challenges they face, the biggest enemy is ourselves. As long as they overcome their own weaknesses, they will definitely be victorious.


Everyone claps and the mood seems to be lifted.

Until An Li Man speaks up again and asks if anyone knows when the storm will pass. The mood gets dampened once again.

Later that night as they’re getting ready to sleep, Hu and Fatso decides to bury the pile of bones on the other side of the shelter so that it doesn’t make the others uncomfortable. As they’re digging, the come across something solid and dig enough sand out to reveal a head of a statue.


An Li Man comes up from behind them to see what the commotion is about. Once he sees the statue, he tells them to don’t touch it and starts praying again. They ignore him and ponder if they’ve seen something like this before. Shirley asks Professor Chen the origins of these types of statues but he isn’t able to give a definite answer as some have believed it to be Gods the Mongolians worshiped and some believed it to be left behind by the Turks. There are no accepted origins.

Since it’s something worth studying, Chu Jian suggests that they dig it out but An Li Man is adamantly against it, citing that they mustn’t mess with anything God has placed there. In the end Professor Chen assures him that they will not do anything and suggest they go to sleep. Hu helps An Li Man back to his bed. Professor Chen whispers that they will continue this after resting.


Later that night, Hu takes over Sa Di Peng’s watch so the other can get some sleep. Shirley comes and joins him and they have a chat. Hu takes this chance to ask her why her and her father wants to find Jingjue Kingdom when so many people have said it doesn’t exist.


Shirley tells him ever since her father went missing, she’s been having the same dream almost every night. She dreams about being in a large cave and there’s a hanging coffin engraved with Devil’s Cave characters. There’s something above the coffin but she can’t see what it is. Every time she tries to see what it is, she wakes up. She’s been having the same dream for the past six months and firmly believes this is a dream that her father passed to her.


She tells him that her father has always been interested in Jingjue kingdom every since he came across an ancient relic that had ties to the kingdom. His whole life, he was so fascinated by Jingjue’s Devil Cave civilization. He wanted to see the kingdom for himself once while he was alive.

Hu apologizes for not being able to help her find his remains. Shirley is more sorry for not being able to be there for her father when he needed her the most. Now that she’s following his path, she can understand how he felt. Hu tries to console her by telling her if her father was a spirit, he would definitely be able to see everything she’s done. She smiles appreciatively.


Unfortunately, there are no records of Jingjue Kingdom. Jingjue was the leader group of kingdoms in the western region. When the last queen died, the city disappeared in the sand. That is until, WWII, when a British explorer lead an exploration team into Taklaman desert. In the end, he was the only one who made it out alive. By then he had already lost his mind. But the pictures and records in his journal proved that Jingjue Kingdom exists.


Shirley is determined to find this place and find out what exactly it is that her father was so fascinated by all these years. Then she thanks Hu for listening to her and tells him he should get some rest and that she’ll take over his watch. He tells her he’s not tired.

Hu looks over at the statue again and thinks he saw the eye moved. Shirley looks over too but thinks maybe he’s just tired. Still worried, Hu agrees with her and lets her take over the watch so he could get some rest. Before he sleeps, he heads over to the statue and upon closer observation, he spots a giant ant crawl around the eye.


Like I said, that An Li Man dude is such a debbie downer.

I can kind of see why Shirley is so determined to make this journey to Jingjue Kingdom now. Pretty much like following her father’s last wishes. Or dying wish, considering he died trying to find this mysterious kingdom. It’s a little bit crazy how she says she kept having the same dream for six months straight. I think that would drive me nuts and force me to set off on the this journey just to make it end lol.

But I feel like this episode was the calm before the storm. Especially with the ominous vibes from that statue. And that big ass ant at the ending…

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