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Candle in the Tomb (鬼吹灯之精绝古城): Episode 11 Recap

After seeing the giant ant and nothing else, Hu goes to sleep.

The next morning, An Li Man finds the archaeology team has completely dug out the statue. He starts going off on them about them offending God and the spirits. Professor Chen tries to pacify him but he’s not listening. Hu is woken up by this commotion and has Fatso explain to him what’s going on.


When their argument starts turning for the worst, Hu steps in and explains that the team was just tidying up the statue so that is would be easier for it to protect and do it’s job. An Li Man is still skeptical but he’s whatever now. He just grabs his stuff and heads out first.


Professor Chen, Professor Hao, and the students are all gathered around the statue making observations and taking pictures. Professor Chen goes on a bit about the history behind the characters on the statue and what might the purpose of such statue be for those in ancient times.

An Li Man returns to the shelter and tells everyone that they must leave quickly otherwise if the storm returns, they’ll be trapped. Hu tells everyone to pack up and leave.

Suddenly, red ants are appearing out of the sand. Shirley takes one look at them and realizes they’re desert marching ants. These ants can gnaw humans down to their bones. An Li Man is spooked and quickly runs out of there while the rest of them are still just standing around staring at the ants.


Mole hills are forming out of the sand to release more and more of the ants.


Hu and Shirley are trying to kill as many ants as they while the rest of the team makes their escape. Shirley hands Hu the solid fuel, which he throws into their fire pit and spreads the flames out.

Shirley and Hu are the only ones left inside and are trapped after a colony of ants burst out of another mole hill formed at the entrance. The two climb up onto the support beams and escapes through one of the holes on the roof. They make a run for it once outside but a sea of ants are right on their tail.

Meanwhile, Fatso and the rest of the researchers are chasing after An Li Man and his camels. Fatso tells An Li Man to stop running and the old man doesn’t stop until Fatso shoots in his direction a few times. They catch up but Fatso still has his gun aimed at An Li Man. An Li Man tells him he won’t run away. They then shift their attention behind them to a gazelle that wasn’t able to run away. They watch as the ants quickly consume it.


As Shirley and Hu are running up a hill, Hu sees a mole hill forming in front of them and shoves Shirley forward, causing himself to fall backwards and surrounded. He tells her to run and she only stays around a little bit longer before running. Hu can’t believe she actually listened to him and left him. He pours some of his wine/alcohol (?) all over a left behind bag and then lights it on fire. He then swings it around, attempting to kill the ants that get near him.


After seeing the gazelle get consumed in a few seconds, they quickly get Professor Chen onto the camel. Shirley comes running over and grabs a few things from her bag before running back. Fatso demands where Hu is and she tells him she’s going back to save him. Fatso wants to go along too but she tells him to stay with An Li Man to make sure he doesn’t run away. He deliberates for a minute before chasing after An Li Man as the old man starts running off again.


Shirley goes back to Hu and throws a few canisters of tear gas at the ants. It stuns them and she is able to grab Hu and they manage to escape. They make it back to the group, far away from the ants, but Hu cannot stop crying and sneezing because of the gas earlier.



After resting a bit, they set off again. The next time they stop though, the team realizes they’re running out of water. Fatso and An Li Man gets into a huge argument again. And then An Li Man confesses that they might have gone in the opposite direction.



They deviated from their original path yesterday when they went hiding from the storm. Then this morning they just randomly ran off away from the ants. Because of these factors, they’ve gone the wrong way and in the opposite direction too. Then they take out a map to figure out where they are and their next plan of action. The closest confirmed water source near them is three-day travel away. They decide to go back because there’s no certainty for all the other potential water sources around them.


Chu Jian quietly suggests if someone on their team really can’t hold out during the three day trip, then they’ll kill a camel. Ye Xi Xin loudly protests and An Li Man hears. He is horror-struck. Professor Chen reassures everyone that he’ll be fine. They settle the matter and get a move on. Hu stays behind and tells An Li Man that he won’t kill any camels. The old man is extremely grateful.

They start on their trek back to their original path. After a while though, An Li Man starts looking around bewilderingly. He stops and while the rest of them takes a break, An Li Man ventures off a bit and looks around. Hu follows him and asks what’s wrong. An Li Man finds this area extremely familiar. It’s the place where the white camel saved his life. He says there should be a water source near by. Once they cross the sand dunes, there should be a city ruins. A water well is there.


An Li Man tells them the story of getting separated from his comrades and getting lost in the desert with a camel. He somehow came across a white camel and followed it to the well. Because of that white camel, his life was saved and the camel that was with him was able to bring him out of the desert. This is why nothing else is more important to him than his camels.


After listening to his story, they come to understand him a bit more.


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