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Candle in the Tomb (鬼吹灯之精绝古城): Episode 12 Recap

On the way to the well An Li Man spoke of, Hu and Shirley make idle chit chat about how amazing solo explorers can explore the desert on their own and about the marching ants. Hu asks her how she knew the gas would work against the ants. Shirley didn’t. She just knew that ants are afraid of chili powder and the tear gas has elements of pepper and chili powder. Hu is shocked by her answer but is thankful all the same. He properly thanks her and it seems like they’re developing a friendship.


As they get closer and closer to the city ruins, An Li Man starts looking a little troubled. Hu notices this and asks him about it. An Li Man tells him that everything’s changed. A lot of years has passed and he can’t be sure that there’s still water there. After all, it’s been twenty years since the white camel had saved An Li Man. Hu starts getting worried.


Soon they arrive in front of a dune and An Li Man tells them that there is a well inside. Hu, Fatso, and Shirley goes checks it out first. The rest of the team stays behind and waits. It’s silent for a few moments before a gun shot is heard. Then Fatso comes running out. This worries everyone and they try to ask him what happened. Shirley and Hu then come out of the dune and calmly walks back to the team. Hu tells Fatso to stop messing around. Then he tells everything there’s water inside. The reason for the gun shot was because there was a rabbit inside and it scared Fatso.


An Li Man thanks God while the rest of them thanks him for bringing them there.


They go refill all their water.

That night they sit around a campfire, fascinated by the food Shirley takes out. It’s dried out vegetables created for astronauts. She puts them into a pot of water to make soup for them all to eat.


Then Fatso complains about how the desert doesn’t compare to Manchuria where natural resources are a plenty. Professor Hao retorts and says the western region is like a maze to be explored. He calls it a treasure of the world and a source of culture.

Fatso argues with him that Manchuria has culture and that it has treasures too. It’s just underground. He was about to tell the group about his and Hu’s adventures there not too long ago when Hu interrupts him by coughing incessantly. Hu plays it off as choking on the bread thing they’re eating and wonders when the soup will be done.


Sa Di Peng though, isn’t deterred and asks Fatso to continue his story. Fatso tells him they went back to their hometown recently and that the visit itself is such a gem. Then he gets stuck there and asks Hu for help. Hu tells them about Old Secretary telling them about the national archaeology team that went to Niuxin mountain for research. The others talk about how the empress’s tomb was being excavated and that a tomb of a general from the Jin Dynasty was also discovered along with a Japanese base.  Hu and Fatso deny knowing anything about the discovery of the general’s tomb. Sa Di Peng finds this strange and continues to question them but then Shirley breaks it up by telling them the soup is done.


While everyone is fawning over the soup, Hu tells Fatso to go pee with him.

The two hide behind a mini sand mound taking a smoke break. Hu chides Fatso for his big mouth almost spilling their tomb adventures. Fatso tells him he can’t stand the American showing off but Hu says he should thank her for helping him change the subject. Fatso doesn’t agree and instead thinks Hu is getting way too close with the foreigner. But Hu tells him that he thinks Shirley is starting to suspect who they really are. Fatso ignores this and continues to nitpick at her and gets more and more agitated each time Hu defends her.  In the end, he gives up because Hu isn’t listening to him.


Just as they’re about to return to the group for some soup, Hu looks up at the stars and realizes something isn’t right. He’s seen this positioning before in the Sixteen-Word Feng Shui Manual. They run back and Hu grabs his compass out and looks around. He tells Professor Chen there’s a tomb here. After looking at the stars and his compass, he concludes it’s the well. They observe the well a bit and realize the water could be flowing from a subterranean river. They return back to the camp to get supplies for Hu to go down there to check it out


This time An Li Man overhears their conversation and tries to stop them from going any further because he thinks they’re tomb raiders. The professors try to explain that what they’re doing is research to to preserve and protect the tombs but An Li Man keeps saying he doesn’t understand anything they’re saying.


In the end, Hu still ends up being lowered down into the well.


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