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Candle in the Tomb (鬼吹灯之精绝古城): Episode 14 Recap


They leave the cave and find that An Li Man is still there sleeping, just as Chu Jian said he was. Fatso still has his doubts about the old man and Hu tells him to give the guy some credit. They can’t be without An Li Man. Fatso needs to be more polite with him.


The two sit off to the side and Fatso wonders why they’re even there if they can’t take anything back with him. He tells Hu that he needs to tell them to turn back but Hu tells him, after the realization that they’re so close to Jingjue kingdom, there’s no way they would turn back at this point.


The research team finish up and seal up the entrance again by pasting the animal skin back over the door and its cracks before going back up the well. Excited over their discovery of the Gumo Prince, Professor Chen tells Hu that they must set off early the next morning to get a move on towards Jingjue kingdom.


An Li Man interrupts them and tells the group that they’re already in very deep of the Black Desert. To continue further would be dangerous because then water would become a big problem. Hu agrees with him and tells them they must not blindly go forward.

Shirley tells him that won’t be the case. The notebook says the explorers went forward in the direction of the Zidu subterranean river and through Zhagelama Valley before finding Jingjue kingdom. The road map drawn was very detailed because the explorers saw some gravestones on the way there and had planned to go back to excavate them. Shirley showed the map to An Li Man and discussed with him their current location and which paths to take. Hu and Fatso turns away to refill their canteen and Hu basically gives his friend the I told you so.


The next morning, they set off after praying for the river below to never dry up. Hu asks An Li Man has ever been this deep into the desert before. An Li Man said once – and it’s this time. Hu tells him when he was serving in the army he learn of a way to get water in the desert and that is digging near the roots of haloxylon (desert shrubs) and setting up a tarp to catch the condensation from the moist sand. He’s sure An Li Man has heard of this method before. But the old man tells him that if they keep going forward, there won’t be any haloxylon – there won’t be anything at all.


Then Hu tells him they won’t go where there’s no shrubs. An Li Man looks at him and tells him again, that God would definitely like him.


The next time they stop, the team’s digging around to set up camp. Shirley and Ye Xi Xin go off together to answer nature’s call. Hu gives them a whistle just in case.

After a short while though, they hear a cry for help. Everyone rushes towards where the females went and find Ye Xi Xin sinking into quicksand and Shirley trying to pull her out. Together they help and manage to pull Ye Xi Xin out. As they walk away, Hu realizes that it was strange how easy it was for them to pull her out. If it was real quicksand, that wouldn’t have happened.


Hu returns to the group and asks Shirley and Ye Xi Xin about what happened. Ye Xi Xin took a step and then her body just suddenly fell down. Shirley quickly grabbed a hold of her and called them for help. Hu tells them if it was real quicksand, there was no way both of them wouldn’t have been sucked in. An Li Man backs him up.


Shirley reveals that Ye Xi Xin just stopped after sinking in halfway. Ye Xi Xin tells them that she stepped on a rock and then started falling down. But why would a desert have rocks?

Slowly they piece together that it could’ve been a gravestone so they all go back there and check it out. The men start digging that area and Hu comes across a piece of stone. Fatso does too. Hu examines them and tells them that this was hit with an explosion. The explosion was very precise and was hit with military TNT. They keep digging and digging until the opening is revealed.


They fall down and find a bunch of coffins raided and empty. There’s also a bag of Soviet bombs left behind and they figured the tomb raiders must have been Soviet people. Here, Fatso again almost lets slip that he’s a tomb raider but luckily Hu pushes him and causes him to trip again.


The professors examine what’s left of the tomb and conclude that it was a family tomb from the Wei or Jin dynasty.


They find a mummy of a woman and Fatso asks why would tomb raiders take the mummies out. He learns that mummies are extremely valuable and worth a lot of money and that Xinjiang mummies are worth the most because they naturally become mummies from special high temperature environments.


Since the notebook was right about coming across a gravestone, then they figured that they’re not that far away from Jingjue kingdom.

Later that night, Fatso and Hu are talking about how much money those tomb raiders are going to make with the mummies they’ve pilfered when the two professors and Shirley approaches them. Professor Chen tells him that the tomb was raided less than ten days ago. Which means there’s a high chance that the tomb raiders are also looking for Jingjue kingdom and that they’re beating them. So they must move quickly and get there before them otherwise who knows what awful things they do if they get there first. They decide to leave at daybreak.


Hu hopes those tomb raiders have left after taking the mummies otherwise it would be really troublesome to run into them.

The next morning Hu asks An Li Man about the foreigners he brought into the desert a while ago. An Li Man tries to evade the question but in the end, he says that they’re a group of bad men and that God will punish them. Hu asks if they brought guns and An Li Man just nods.

As they’re traveling, Sa Di Peng sees Ye Xi Xin looks a little unwell and asks her about it. She says she’s fine and that she probably just didn’t get enough rest. She then tells him to not say a word of it to anyone else since she doesn’t want anyone to worry about her. Sa Di Peng promises he won’t say a word unless she gets worst.


They suddenly stop moving when An Li Man can’t find any traces of the subterranean river anymore and can’t be sure of their path if they continue moving forward. Shirley isn’t having any of it and urges him that they need to continue moving forward. Hu sees that everyone is tired so he suggests that they take a break first.


They set up tents to shield themselves from the sun. Hu goes to Professor Chen and asks him if he’s well. Then he asks him if he has come across a lot of foreign tomb raiders during his career.


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