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Candle in the Tomb (鬼吹灯之精绝古城): Episode 16 Recap

Professor Hao is bitten by the snake and falls back and dies. Professor Chen and Ye Xi Xin both faint. Chu Jian angrily attacks the dead snake before shaking Professor Hao’s still body frantically. Hu tells him to calm down. Then he says they must quickly leave this area.


As Hu turns around, Fatso tells him not to move. The black snack is on Hu’s back and hissing near his neck. Fatso and Shirley both draw their guns and aim for the snake. Hu is still as a rock watching the snake’s head from the corners of his eyes.


The snake shows his fangs is about to go in for the bite when there’s a bright flash followed by two gun shots. The snake falls to the ground dead.

Fatso asks why Shirley is taking pictures at a time like this. She tells him a colleague of hers at National Geographic said that there’s a snake in the desert that’s afraid of intense lights.


An Li Man approaches them with all his camels fine again. He doesn’t know what happened and Hu doesn’t care. He orders everyone to get on the camels so that they can leave this place asap.

They spend the rest of the night walking through the mountain pass.

When Professor Chen finally comes to, the first thing he calls out for is Professor Hao. Hu has them stop and rest for a bit. Once they help him off his camel, Professor Chen begs Hu to let him see Professor Hao just one last time. Hu agrees and has Shirley come help him.


They lay Professor Hao on the ground and fix his clothes so that he’ll look as dignified as possible. They fix the towel around his neck, close his eyes, and place his glasses on his face. Then Professor Chen stumbles over with the aid of Chu Jian and Sa Di Peng. He gets down next to the body and holds on to Professor Hao’s hand as he says his last words, “Even though we were teacher and student, we were more like father and son. We had researched western region culture together for more than 20 years. No one else can understand how I feel about the western region culture than the way you do. You left, who am I going to talk to?”


The sun soon rises and reveals the ruins of Jingjue kingdom. They’ve found it.


With tears in his eyes, Professor Chen tells Professor Hao to look. This is Jingjue kingdom. He then asks Hu if it would be possible to bury Professor Hao there, so that he’ll eternally protect this mysterious kingdom. It would make him really happy if he was alive. Hu agrees.

They lay Professor Hao’s body into the hole and Professor Chen says his final words.

After the burial has been completed, Hu tells them that they must get a move on. They need to find water in the kingdom for Ye Xi Xin otherwise her condition could worsen.


Hu tells An Li Man that they’re leaving but the old man continues his meditation. He then tells them to go ahead but he cannot go with them. Having a comrade die in the desert is an inauspicious omen. He says their comrade was killed by the messenger of the devil. This proves that the legend is true. The snake is the messenger of the devil and this is the place that legend says God has abandoned. He and his camels will not go somewhere God has abandoned.


Fatso then suggests that the rest of them go ahead while he stays behind to watch An Li Man to make sure he doesn’t run away. Hu rebukes the idea. Shirley tells him that they need him. Fatso is shocked by this and asks Hu if he really is that important. Hu nods.

Shirley assures Fatso that he doesn’t need to worry about An Li Man because he hasn’t been paid yet; if he dares to leave, he won’t see a cent.

Hu approaches An Li Man and asks how God will punish liars and backstabbers. An Li Man tells him that God will turn his money and salt into sand. He’ll end up starving and it will be like dying in the desert. After death, they’ll go to hell and suffer 180 kinds of torture.

Hu tells him since he refuses to come along, he won’t force him. But he has to promise to wait for them here. An Li Man agrees and says they’re friends.


Hu returns to the group and tells them they’ll have to go to Jingjue kingdom on foot. They’ll take their water containers, weapons, and ammunition with them.

On the way there Shirley mumbles some sort of prayer in English. Hu can’t believe that they were able to find Jingjue kingdom after 2000 years. Fatso can’t believe he’ll be making $20,000 in just one month. Hu can only hope nothing bad happens inside.

As they enter the kingdom, there’s nothing but broken rocks around them. Shirley tells Hu about having the same dream again for the past few nights. She dreams of a dark cave and a coffin hanging at the entrance of the cave. Hu asks her if the notebook contains any information about the black snacks. There’s none. It’s blank after talking about entering the Jingjue kingdom. She has no idea what they encountered after entering.


Ye Xi Xin tells Chu Jian to let her down. She tells them she’s fine and that she can walk on her own. Hu tells her to tell them if she can’t handle it anymore and not to force herself.

Hu then goes to Professor Chen and asks where would they find the entrance for the water source. He tells them that they should first look for a shrine. There are a lot of shrines with underground palaces underneath. There would definitely be groundwater in the underground palaces. Shrines are usually located in the middle of the city. They decide to go in the direction of the stone tower.

As they get closer, Hu gets distracted by the stone tower. When asked what’s wrong, he tells them that it looks like an eye at the top of the stone tower. No one else sees it. They think he’s maybe getting a little too anxious and overworked. But Hu thinks it has something to do with the Queen of the Jingjue kingdom.


He runs up the hill to get a better view and calls them rest of them up to look. From that vantage, they can see the black Zhagelama mountain range, which is like a black dragon in the desert. Hu tells them that in the olden days, emperors started preparing their tombs on the day they ascended the throne. If there really is an underground water source, it would be connected to Zhagelama mountain and ebb and flow with it. He thinks that the queen of Jingjue kingdom must have been very wise. She must have known that this black dragon is a bad omen so she had people chop it in half but let it stay there to protect the tomb. So this became a good place to store her treasures, thus where her tomb would be.


Fatso is amazed and takes a few steps ahead. His footing slips and he slides down the hill on his butt. Because of this, it reveals a set of stairs.


Turns out they’re at the city center and the entrance to the shrine is most likely at the top of the stairs/hill. Ecstatic, Fatso runs up ahead of them. Hu screams after him to be careful. Fatso gets to the top and waves at them but trips again and tumbles into what might be the entrance to the shrine.


The rest carefully follow in after him and then slowly start exploring the inside.



You know, you have to give credit to Fatso’s clumsiness. It’a always because of his tripping that they discover what exactly it is they’re looking forward lol.

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