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Burning Hands (乘勝狙擊): Episode 2 Recap

Burning Hands is a TVB drama that revolves around a team of con artists who are hired by a casino tycoon to find the mole embezzling his company’s funds. The leader of the gang, Jaak Gun Yat, though, has his own reasons for helping.

Sau Fung is in a horse stable, disguised as a stable worker, listening in to two men talk about the chances of a horse winning.


Flashback to when Sau Fung first met Szeto. The two of them are sitting at a poker table. The heel of Sau Fung’s foot was tapping out a code in Morse and he noticed Szeto was mouthing the words to his message. Szeto asks (or taps his finger in code) if some shit is gonna go down soon. He’ll leave and give him a chunk of his spoils if he let him finish this game first. Sau Fung agrees as long as he Szeto doesn’t out him.


The two are leaving together just as a bunch of bandits run by. Szeto exits the elevator first and Sau Fung picks up the stack of money left behind. He reminiscences about how he learned about the code of brotherhood from Szeto. Szeto had thought highly of Sau Fung and had also recruited him to help him with some big business then.

Outside on the ranch, the the trainer is showing the other man the horse Chihuahua and telling him the odds of it placing and winning. Sau Fung is nearby and is reading the trainer’s lips. He figures these are good odds and decides to take this risk.


Open Eyes is at a pool party and sits down at the table with three other rich guys. He notices the expensive watch on one of their arms and brings it up. The guy tells him it’s about 13 million. The other two have guys each have a watch that’s 10 million and 8 million. He also tells him that he heard it’s water proof. To test it out, rich boy #1 announces to the girls at the party that whoever picks it up can keep it. Then he throws them into the pool.

When the girls finally find them, they realize they’re just regular watches. The guys have a good laugh and return to their seats. Open eyes says good thing he wasn’t wearing his swimwear other wise he’d be the first to jump in. Rich boy #1 asks him if he’s in need of money and Open eyes says he is. Then he suggests they compete.

Rich boy #3 says  they’ve switched from cars to bikes and asks if he’s interested in a cyclocross bike race.

Open Eyes thinks about how it was Szeto who discovered his talent. If it wasn’t for him, he’d still be making food deliveries on a bicycle.

Open Eyes is racing through the streets to make his delivery when he almost hits an oncoming car. The driver comes out and accuses him of scratching his car but Open Eyes says he didn’t do it and is in a rush so he jets out of there on his bike. The guys get back into the car and give chase.

The punks eventually catch up to Open Eyes and start beating him up. Szeto comes to the scene and saves Open Eyes. He compliments Open Eyes on his skills and asks if he has a driver’s license. Open Eyes doesn’t have the money to take the test. Szeto tells him to quickly go get his license, he’ll give him a car to practice with. Then he tells him not to come looking for him until he’s a race king.

The four of them go to the mountains with their bikes. 3 million per person for a total of 12 million in the pool, winner takes all. First one to go up and down the mountain wins.


Open Eyes purposely bumps into the other guys and uses branches and trees to knock the expensive watches off their wrists. He then takes doubles back to pick them up. After collecting all three watches, he joins up with them again and ends up winning the race. Open Eyes brags about being better on two wheels than four but they didn’t believe him. As he’s riding away, rich boy #1 says his watch is missing and is telling the others to look for it.


Sun Kai Jai is thinking even though Szeto doesn’t know how to box, he still have his own opinions on it. Sun Kai Jai is in the boxing ring getting his ass handed to him. He gets knocked to the floor and Szeto is there giving him a tip about his opponent’s left side being weaker. Sun Kai Jai takes the advice and locks up the opponent’s left arm and ends up winning.

Sun Kai Jai enters the boxing ring to go against a man named King Killer. A blindfold is put on Sun Kai Jai. An old man is asking if he’s sure about this. Usually even with his vision, he only measures up to half the other guy’s level. Now though…

Sun Kai Jai has no choice; he has to do it this way so that little to no people would bet on him. He placed a 3 million bet on himself to win.


Since the start of the match, Sun Kai Jai is getting his assed kicked real good. He doesn’t get a break until he is thrown on to the floor. Sau Fung is there too. Once Sun Kai Jai is on the floor, Sau Fung starts whistling.

Flashback to when Sun Kai Jai was training with Sau Fung. He’s telling him to remember these whistles as it’s his only way to know when and where to dodge and hit.

Sun Kai Jai gets up and the match is a turn around. He’s manage to dodge and land a few hits. Then he grabs the opponent’s leg and bends it back until he gives up. Sun Kai Jai wins the match.

Souvenir is all dolled up and enters a stock broker’s office with a rolling suitcase. She tells him she’s looking to invest.


Souvenir remembers it was Szeto who taught her a lot of things. If it wasn’t for him she’d still be a petty thief.

Souvenir approaches a table in the casino. Szeto is currently sitting there and he suggests to her what to buy. She listens to him and leans forward to place her bet while her other hand tries to swipe one of his betting tokens. Unfortunately, she is caught by the security guard and makes a run for it.


In an empty hallway she quickly takes off her clothes, revealing a completely different outfit underneath and continues walking with her head down as a bunch of security guards run pass her.

Szeto pulls her around the corner and then takes one of her shoes to go trick the security guards into going a different direction. She asks him why he’s helping her and he just scoffs at her. He tells her if she’s gonna be a thief, better to go after the big fish than the small fry stuff.

The broker asks her how she wants to invest and Souvenir pulls out a large stack of cash from her suitcase. The broker tells her she didn’t have to bring so much cash with her to open up an account but she tells him she’s just used to it and likes using cash. The broker makes a few suggestions on how she can make more money and she goes with his idea.

The next day, Souvenir appears at the broker’s office as an old aunt of Miss So (the girl who was there the day before). She praises him for helping her niece earn a lot of money the previous day. Then she tells him they’re here today to increase the account by 9 million. She hands him a bag with 2 million first and tells him Miss So is on her way with the other 7 million. Then whatever the broker thinks is good, then they’ll go with that decision.

As the aunt, Souvenir pretends she has a stomachache and has to go to the bathroom. The stock broker than gets a video call from Miss So to see if he received the money from her aunt. He asks her where she is since he’s waiting for her money. She tells him she’s in the lobby and is on her way up so he should just put the order in first and hang up.

The broker keeps waiting but it is the aunt that returns. She wonders why her niece isn’t here yet. The broker tells her about the call he received earlier and she tells him that she heard someone is trapped in the elevator. She then pushes him into his chair and pressures him to place the order quickly before the the market closes. He says this is against procedures but she continues to pressure him, saying he’ll earn a lot on commission from this. He finally gives in and makes the order.


Aunt Souvenir has a stomachache again and leaves the room.

The broker is stressing out watching the market. Miss So Souvenir finally appears and he tells her he upfronted 7 million for her. She plays dumb. He clarifies that her aunt told him to bet 9 million so he did it for her just this once. She’s wondering what the heck he’s talking about. She doesn’t have that money. Her aunt is crazy and is taking medicine. She then tells him it’s okay if it makes money but if she loses, it’s not her fault.

Then suddenly the market is dropping and dropping and the broker is in despair but then it goes up again and they’re both happy again.


Win Jeh is playing mahjong with three other ladies and they make a big deal about her huge eye bags. She tells them this is what happens when she’s been up for three days and three nights. They start playing and the first tile Win Jeh draws is the winning tile for her. The ladies get frustrated and don’t want to play anymore. Her two lackies come with fruits to entice them but it just turns them off until Win Jeh’s younger brother comes onto the scene shirtless and feeds them strawberries. They then decided to stay and play some more. But then one of the lackies tells her that there’s a long line outside waiting to play.


To save time, they set up three more tables and Win Jeh continues playing four games at once and continues to win. She plays until nightfall and after everyone leaves, she asks how much she’s won. The guys show her four big baskets of money and she knocks out.


Yat Gor returns home and has his mom fussing over him because of his cold. He just tells her he’s been busy then gets right down to business. He tells her he wants to buy her a new apartment but they have to sell the current three to buy it. She’s wondering how big the apartment is to be exchanging 3 for 1.


He brings her to an extremely small apartment and his mom is kind of in shock. But it doesn’t matter to her and she’s okay with it.


The crew meets up at Sun Kai Jai’s gym and present each of their 30 million. Both Win Jeh and Yat Gor are still sick and Souvenir teases them. Win Jeh defends herself saying her sickness is because she spent the last three days and night playing mahjong and it has nothing to do with anyone else. Yat Gor comments about how she had it good. He spent the last three days and night sick in bed.

Souvenir thinks he’s amazing to be able to come up with 30 million while sleeping. Yee Jai corrects her and tells her that Yat Gor sold a couple apartments to be able to come up with the money.

Everyone has their money except for Sau Fung. He tells them to wait three more minutes as the horse race is about to begin and he placed a bet on Chihuahua. They all shit on his choice but as the race starts, the announcer says the number 1 horse is unable to race so is disqualified. As the race starts, Chihuahua is the slowest but it slowly catches up and wins first place. The payout though isn’t enough and Sau Fung is short 3 million. Yat Gor tells him he’ll cover the rest for him. Sau Fung asks if he has anymore buildings to sell and Yat Gor tells him his mom will just have to rent for a while. They’re all doing work for Szeto so it’s okay.


A few days later they all set off to Macau separately and meet up at a house that belongs to Szeto. This will be their base of operations. Every time they come and go, they’ll need to do it separately to not draw suspicion.

They briefly go over the intel they’ve gotten on Fok Chun-sing and Yat Gor tells them to remember everything since you’ll never know when you’ll need it.

Open Eyes and Yee Jai go into a store that has samples of pastries out. They go around trying it. Two females walk into the store and it’s a reunion for them and one of the sales girl. Yee Jai’s attention is instantly captured by one of them.

Later on, Open Eyes brings Yee Jai to a street cafe to eat pork chop sandwich. Yee Jai’s wondering why they’re there when he catches sight of the waitress. She’s the same girl they saw at the store earlier. He calls her pork chop girl and tells her to come over.


The two of them order a pork chop sandwich each. The waitress turns around but Yee Jai calls her again to add an orange juice. She asks what Open Eyes wants but he says he’s thinking about it. So she turns away again but then Open Eyes says he’s decided on a iced coffee.

When she brings them their order, Yee Jai asks her for forks. She gives it to him and is startled when he starts screaming. She turns around she sees the fork has gone through his fingers and is bleeding. She’s freaking out and is about to call the ambulance for him when Open Eyes tells her to calm down and turns to Yee Jai to tell him to stop playing.

Yee Jai removes the fork showing it’s fake. Then Open Eyes takes off his had and finds another fork in it. Yee Jai wipes his hand with a napkin and gives the napkin, now with a red heart on it, to the pork chop girl. He then moves to spill the orange juice to her but nothing comes out. He tells her their orange juice is funny and tips out a piece of candy and offers it to her. She just stumbles away in shock.

Soon a car comes to pick up the girl and Yee Jai finds out she’s the daughter of Fok Chun-sing.

Pork chop girl, or Dawn, is enjoying the scenery from the car when they come to a stop and Open Eyes and Yee Jai catches up to her on a bike. Dawn asks why he’s following her and he says he’s not. Then he takes out his phone to take selfies. Open Eyes has Yee Jai get his head closer and closer to Dawn until he gets his head through the open window. Her driver lowers the window a bit more and she pushes his head out. Then she instructs him to drive.


At Fok Chun-sing’s house, he’s got top chefs to prepare a lady Celine’s favorite cuisine for dinner. Him and Stone are waiting for their third dinner guest.

When the doorbell rings, Fok Chun-sing becomes alert but it is just Dawn. Her father tells her he has a guest tonight and for her to return to her room. She listens.

The doorbell rings again and this time it’s Celine’s secretary. She comes with a fruit basket to apologize in Celine’s place. Celine had some urgent business and returned to Hong Kong so she wouldn’t be able to make it tonight.

Later that night Dawn looks for her Dad in his office. He scolds her for entering without permission. Then he sits down and asks what she wants. She tells him now that she’s completed her MBA, she wants to work in the company. He has a lot of people with MBAs and even people with PhDs. What can she offer?


She tells him she knows marketing but he operates a casino. Does she even know how to gambling works? Dawn admits she doesn’t know but she can learn. Her father does all these card tricks before throwing a deck of cards at her and telling her to go learn it. She goes back to her room to practice shuffling the cards but sucks at it.

She then hears a weird ringtone from her bag and looks for her phone but it’s missing. In it’s place is this weird video phone that Yee Jai appears on. She answers the call and sees he has her phone. She demands for it back and he says sure, just give him a place and time and he’ll meet her there. Pissed, she hangs up on him.


They meet a lounge. She gives him back his weird phone and demands for her phone back. He gives it to her and she turns around to leave. But he calls her pork chop girl again and tells her shouldn’t she thank him and ask for his name? She has no interest in knowing but he has an interest in telling. So he introduces himself and tells her he’s a magician. The “toy phone” she gave back to him isn’t a toy; it’s a special magic phone that can always find him and contact him only. He gives it to her as a let’s-be-friends gift.


She has no interest in being friends with him and shoves the device back at him. But she does ask him if he look through her phone. He says he didn’t. Then proceeds to use her name and recite all the information he has on her such as her English name, her age, her degree and major, and that she’s Fok Chun-sing’s daughter. Dawn just stomps away.


When she returns home, she hears the weird ringtone from her bag again. She answers the call and wonders why she still has it. Yee Jai plays dumb and wants to know too and asks for her to give it back. She throws it on her bed and screams in frustration.

At their base, Yee Jai brags about meeting Fok Chun-sing’s daughter. Win Jeh thinks he’s gone too far but Yee Jai doesn’t think so. He’s just doing it to lay the foundation for everyone else. If he can get close to Dawn, then it would make their future operations so much easier. Win Jeh still doesn’t agree because Fok Chun-sing’s daughter has nothing to do with it. Souvenir chimes in and says Dawn is innocent.


Yat Gor reminds them they’re con artists, not charity workers. He doesn’t think Yee Jai did anything wrong.

Win Jeh gets pissed and storms out of the house.

Yee Jai tells Sau Fung he has something to give them and they all follow him into his room, leaving Yat Gor alone in the living room. From his room, they watch Yat Gor sit there for a bit before heading out.

The guys then come back out and Yee Jai is dancing while the other three give him the money he won. He knew Yat Gor was going to go after Win Jeh.

Win Jeh is walking alone and reminiscing about the time when she and Yat Gor was about to get married. Yat Gor is silently walking behind her. Her steps falter and Yat Gor immediately goes to help her. She shakes his hands off of her and asks why he’s following her. He makes up a lie about not being able to sleep and just happened to bump into her. When she continues to ignore him, he says he knows she’s really angry at him and not at Yee Jai.


She knows they’re con artists but she hates that he’s able to use other people like that and even lie to the people closest to him.


He ignores the real issue and continues talking to her jokingly, telling her about this tea shop nearby that she should go check out and calm down at. Win Jeh slams him and walks away.

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