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Voice (보이스) (Eps 1-4) {First Impressions}

I’ve actually enjoyed a lot of OCN dramas lately and this being a crime/mystery/detective drama means I have to watch it because I love this kind of stuff!

Plot summary from asianwiki:

Moo Jin-Hyuk (Jang Hyuk) was a popular detective who solved major cases, but after his wife was murdered by a serial killer his life spiraled down. He is filled with guilt that he was not able to protect his wife and he secretly looks for her killer.

Meanwhile, Kang Kwon-Joo (Lee Ha-Na) graduated at police academy with top marks. She began to work at an emergency 112 call center. Working there, a brutal murder case takes place and her father, a police sergeant, went to the crime scene. Her father is killed there and Kwon-Joo hears what happened over the phone. Afterwards, she goes to the U.S. to study and comes back to Korea as a professional voice profiler.

Detective Jin-Hyuk and Kang Kwon-Joo solve cases together. Chasing a serial killer responsible for the deaths of their family member.

Main Cast: Jang Hyuk (장혁), Lee Ha Na (이하나), Baek Sung-Hyun (백성현), Yesung (예성), Son Eun-Seo (손은서)
Language: Korean
# of Episodes: 16
Airing Date: January 2017


I love, love, loveeeeeeee crime scene/detective dramas! After watching the first episode, I just knew I would love this drama as much as I enjoyed watching Signal. (This drama actually has the same vibes as Signal!) I was kind of iffy about one of the main characters being able to solve crimes just from sounds and voice profiling. It seemed like some sort of superhuman power. But the writers did a wonderful job setting this “super power” as some sort of one-in-a-bajillion chance medical condition that resulted from an accident. It still sounds kind of ridiculous when I put it in words but I think it’s not too far fetched.

Kang Kwon-Joo is the professional voice profiler. She has a really calm and quiet personality; kind of a stoic, no-nonsense type of person. On her return to Korea, she goes back to Sungwoon police station to establish a Golden Time team (aka first response team). She’s met with resistance because the head honchos at the station are more concerned with their current hierarchy and pride than fixing their abysmal respond rate at the call center.


Moo Jin-Hyuk used to be the ace detective who solved major crimes until the death of his wife. He has an intense hatred for Kang Kwon-Joo because of her testimony in court released the supposed culprit. Despite this personal vendetta, he still goes out into the field and works with her to save the victim because of his strong sense of justice. This is my first time watching a drama with Jang Hyuk so I don’t know if it is on purpose or not but his talking sounds really slurred and drunk-like. Though he does play the tough guy act very well!


I’m actually not familiar with any one from the cast – except maybe Baek Sung Hyun but only briefly with him because I watched the first few episodes or so of Stairway to Heaven and he was the kid in it and I thought he was super cute so I googled him at the time. Though I haven’t seen any of his works since then. Oops, I’m digressing haha.


I do know Yesung though! Never seen him act before. Don’t know if this is his first time or not but it’s not terrible. He seems a little lost most of the time but his acting isn’t distractingly bad so no complaints.


Love this drama so far already! Each episode is really intense and thrilling and the suspense really has be glued to the screen. My heart pounds like crazy while I’m watching. Super excited to see how this drama progresses!


This (sorta) fills that weekend void Goblin left~ (Though I wish dramafever would post the episodes the same day it aired instead of two days later :\ I feel like the only drama that they post subs for really fast was for Scarlet Heart Ryeo. Subs were up a few hours after the drama aired! Oh wells~)


01/29 update: As I was poking around to see if they posted the OST for this drama yet, I read some news that episodes 5 & 6 are delayed until next week (02/04) due to the lunar new year weekend. sad face.


5 thoughts on “Voice (보이스) (Eps 1-4) {First Impressions}

  1. Hi there! This drama is intense! I’m a hard core Jang Hyuk fan (lol) and while this is not my favorite character of his, I’m enjoying the drama. Hmmm I only noticed the drunkness on the first episode, but many people have commented about his slurred speech, so there must be something there my ears are not catching. In other dramas, he has talked differently, depending on the character but one thing he has been carrying with him is that kind of weird laugh :p although never as weird as in Fated to love you (where it was done on purpose) So I guess the slurring indicates either that the character is indeed always sorta drunk :p or depressed/drained. I guess as he gets closer to finding the real killer and helping others his energy level might increase and his speech will normalize? I dunno, just throwing theories out there cause I can’t hear it myself but I’m now very curious. I’ll pay more attention. And yes, the female lead is very cool. Saturday is so far awayyyy! Btw Viki is also subbing this.

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    1. I like your point about his character always being sorta drunk/depressed/drained because of his wife’s killer. It makes sense. I hope this is the case and his speech improves as the drama progresses!
      Thanks for letting me know about viki~ I’ve been watching on dramacool lately since they update so fast! (haha I get so impatient ><) Thanks for reading and for your comment! ^^

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      1. @minisaurus Someone told me Dramacool takes subs from a place called VIU. I think they are the best subs. But Im also watching on Viki on chromecast to watch on the TV with mom :p I watch each ep like 3 times (Thats what you call a hard core fan lol)

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