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Candle in the Tomb (鬼吹灯之精绝古城): Episode 21 Recap (Final)

The sandstorm passes and the skies are clear again.

Hu starts waking up and shaking the sand off his body. He looks around and finds everyone else half buried under the sand. He goes to Shirley and helps pull her up first then the two of them help Fatso up.


When Fatso realizes they’re not dead, he starts crying in relief. This causes Shirley to start half crying, half laughing too.

Professor Chen has also woken up and is sprouting some poem while throwing sand in the air. An Li Man is nearby, just resignedly regarding the insane professor.

Hu catches another body out of the corner of his eyes and he stares in disbelief as Chu Jian and Sa Di Peng get up from the sand. The two students spots him and rushes up to him. They can’t believe that he’s alive. They thought he wouldn’t make it out alive.


Confused, Hu asks them what happened. Chu Jian tells him that he told them to take Ye Xi Xin to bring water and leave the underground river. They went up to look for An Li Man and waited for them there. When the black sandstorm appeared, they had no choice but to flee. Ye Xi Xin is fine now after drinking some water.

Yi Xi Xin come stumbling through the camels. She sees Shirley and runs to hug her. Shirley is at a loss for words after seeing the three students.


Hu is wondering what the fuck just happened. He asks Fatso for water and Fatso goes to get him some.

When Fatso returns though, he tells him there’s no more water. It was all left behind when they were trying to escape the sandstorm.


The team sets off again, all looking a little more than half-dead. They eventually come to a stop because even the camels cannot take it anymore. Hu staggers to An Li Man and plops down next to the old man. An Li Man tells him that the sandstorm changed the course of the desert. Even the camels have lost their direction. Hu looks around and then tells him he needs to think of something.


An Li Man decides they should walk west but they can’t ride the camels anymore.

As they’re walking, Fatso asks Hu how many days have they been walking. Hu tries to reassure him by saying they’re almost there but it doesn’t help. Fatso is losing his spirit and will to continue walking. Eventually, Chu Jian and Sa Di Peng help support him and they continue on.


The next time they stop, Shirley goes over to Hu and lies down next to him. She blames herself for getting everyone into this mess. Hu tells her it’s not her fault.


Fatso is practically crawl-dragging himself over to when An Li Man is and joins him in praying.


Shirley tells him she’s different from everyone one. She belongs to the Zhagelama tribe. Hu thinks she’s joking. She tells him her mother is a descendant of the Zhagelama tribe. Because her ancestors wanted to find out the secret of the Devil’s Cave, they ended up being cursed; all descendants can’t live past 50 years old. This is why she insisted on finding the ancient city of Jingjue – to break this curse and save her mother and her future.

Hu asks why she didn’t tell them earlier. If she did, they wouldn’t have believed her.

Is this why the beetle of fire didn’t harm her? Shirley thinks so but she’s not too sure either. She then gets up and pulls her jacket off to reveal her bare shoulder. She shows Hu the cursed mark of the Zhagelama tribe.


In the far distance, Fatso spots a camel. It’s a white camel. He calls Hu. He screams out there’s a white camel and points to it. Everyone turns to look in that direction. There really a white camel.


An Li Man shouts that the white camel is a blessing. This means the curse is broken and that God has taken back the desert. He quickly tells everyone to follow that camel.

They all go in the direction of the white camel and find a large puddle of water over the hill. An Li Man is off to the side thanking the heavens and the white camel for saving him for the second time.


After Professor Chen has drank some water, he suddenly cackles and points in the distance. They look and see some trucks driving around. Shirley fires a shot from her gun to alert them for their attention. The cars come and save them.


Now that they’re back in Beijing, Hu is at Fatso’s residence writing up his report/evidence of what happened on their archaeological expedition to Xinjiang Desert. He is undergoing investigation from the authorities. In his report, he states that he a lot of things happened that he’s not sure whether they were hallucinations or reality.


Fatso is at Gold Tooth’s store lamenting about all the goods he saw and left behind in the desert. Eventually, Gold Tooth asks him what he actually brought back. Fatso tells him how was he supposed to bring anything back with the archaeological team there watching his every move. Gold Tooth then asks about Hu’s whereabouts. Fatso tells him that Hu is under investigation because of the two professors – one is dead and the other has gone insane. Fatso too, has to undergo investigations two days later. Then he goes back to talking about the mountain of gold he saw.


Gold Tooth cuts him off because he’s been told three times already. Just then, a customer comes knocking so he gets up to attend to them. He pats Fatso on the shoulder as he walks by. Fatso groans in pain and thinks something isn’t right. He asks Gold Tooth to check the area for him because it’s hurting a lot. Gold Tooth pulls down the shoulder of his jacket and sees a red mark of an eye on Fatso’s shoulder.


Hu is chilling on the bed, looking at the Mojin amulet when Shirley comes knocking at the door. She got the address from Gold Tooth. She came to give him and Fatso the money she owes them and to tell him she’s returning to America tomorrow. She’s bringing Professor Chen with her to help treat his insanity. Hu seems to have a change of heart and tells her to forget about their payment. Shirley just smiles and sets the cash on the table.


She then asks him, as a favor, to stop raiding tombs. No matter how lucky you are, accidents are bound to happen some day. Hu goes on a rant about how there’s a lot of undiscovered tombs that only he could find because of his Feng Shui skills and it would be a shame for them to never see daylight. Shirley is amused. She stops him and says she only said those words out of the kindness of her heart. He continues on with his nonsense and she humors him.


Since he has such a strong character, he wouldn’t have a need for the money so she moves to take it back but Hu stops her and finally accepts the money. Then she moves to leave but Hu is reluctant to let her go. He continues trying to make small talk to get her to stay longer.


Shirley asks if Hu and Fatso’s bodies are fine before she leaves and he watches her go. After she turns the corner, Hu moves his arm to scratch the back of his head but finds a sudden pain in his shoulder. He goes back inside to check it in the mirror and finds a red mark on his shoulder. It’s the same cursed mark that Shirley has.


Shirley returns to her hotel room and picks up the phone to tell them to transfer the call over. After she’s done pouring herself a drink, the phone rings. She answers, “Hi daddy. I’ll be coming home tomorrow. Yeah. I’ll update you on everything once I’m there.”

The screen pans to her curse mark and fades out.







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