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Burning Hands (乘勝狙擊): Episode 3 Recap

Burning Hands is a TVB drama that revolves around a team of con artists who are hired by a casino tycoon to find the mole embezzling his company’s funds. The leader of the gang, Jaak Gun Yat, though, has his own reasons for helping.

Win Jeh is walking alone reminiscing about her past relationship with Yat Gor. One of the flashbacks is of when they first met when they were kids. Szeto brought kid-Win Jeh to meet to kid-Yat Gor and said they’re fellow apprentices now. Since they were young, they’ve been competing in dices, cards, and mahjong but every time Yat Gor comes out as the winner.


Another one is where they’re both older now. They go to a place to play mahjong and compete to see who can win the most money. Yat Gor wins and Win Jeh gets him to buy her dinner. After dinner, they separate outside of a bakery.Win Jeh goes to mope on some random set of stairs on the streets. Yat Gor comes up behind her with a cake singing happy birthday in I have no idea what language. She’s happy that he remembered her birthday. He reveals the cake to be a giant mahjong tile with the character for fortune on it.


It suddenly starts raining and some gangsters approach Yat Gor to beat him up for taking their boss’s money. He fights them while holding the cake box. Then he grabs Win Jeh and they run for it up to the roof of a building. When he opens the box again, the cake is ruined but they still happily eat it.


The two of them enter a gambling tournament where the winner gets to go to Las Vegas to challenge to be the gambling king. They get to the semi-finals where Win Jeh is up against a man with the nickname All-Seeing Fai. Win Jeh tries to bluff her way through but ends up losing when she goes all-in. Yat Gor wins his match. Afterwards, Yat Gor comforts Win Jeh and says he’ll beat All-Seeing Fai to get revenge for her. Yat Gor beats him and wins the competition to advance to Las Vegas for the World Gambling Championship.


Yat Gor brings Win Jeh to a church to propose to her. She accepts and they have a small wedding ceremony that’s just of them two. On the day of, Win Jeh receives a strange phone call before they walk down the aisle. Before she says ‘I do’, she turns to Yat Gor and asks him if he has ever lied to her. He says he hasn’t. So Win Jeh takes out her phone and plays back the recording she received. It’s a recording of Yat Gor telling All-Seeing Fai about a tick she has when she’s lying so that he can beat her in the competition.


Win Jeh tells him she tried to overlook this but she can’t. She can’t get married to someone who is willing to lie to her face so easily. She comes to the realization that winning is more important to him than she is. So she breaks up with him and leaves.


Back in the present, Win Jeh is bawling her eyes out.


The next morning, Yat Gor and Win Jeh go to the Fok Chun Sing’s casino to scope out the place. There Win Jeh runs into her younger brother, Ho Ka Chung, there. He asks if she’s doing a big job and to include him if she is. She tells him she’s just there to gamble. She gives him some chips and tells him to go back to Hong Kong once he’s done.


Yat Gor has a brief run in with Stone. After they part ways, Stone tells the bodyguard that’s with him to watch Yat Gor.

Dawn is at the pork chop bun stall practicing shuffling cards. She still sucks at it. Yee Jai comes up behind her with a bullhead mask and asks if she needs his help. She refuses and he continues to badger her until she receives a call from Stone and leaves.


At the casino, the board members are holding a meeting. When Fok Chun Sing arrives, Celine isn’t there yet so he tells them to wait for her first. She comes in an hour late. Fok Chun Sing notices that Celine has a slight cold so he has his secretary turn down the AC and to make her some tea.

Another secretary comes in to inform Fok Chun Sing of Dawn’s arrival. Celine tells him she was the one who told her to come. Fok Chun Sing tells them to just get on with the meeting first.


After the meeting, Fok Chun Sing, Stone, and Celine arrive on his office floor and Dawn follows them into her father’s office. There, Celine talks Fok Chun Sing into bringing Dawn into the company to work. Fok Chun Sing gives in and allows it.


Fok Chun Sing asks Celine to come over for dinner when he’s walking her out of the casino. She declines and tells him he should be spending more time getting to know his daughter and mending their relationship. She continues to rebuke him tells him they only have a business relationship.

Win Jeh is storming across the casino floor with her younger brother on her tail badgering her. She tells him to leave her alone and Yat Gor accidentally bumps into him when he gets up from the poker table, allowing Win Jeh to get away. Ho Ka Chung recognizes Yat Gor as his failed-to-be-brother-in-law and addresses him as so. Yat Gor has no idea who he is but pulls him away.

The three of them – Yat Gor, Win Jeh, and Ho Ka Chung – are sitting outside a street cafe talking. Ho Ka Chung asks if the two have gotten back together and they both shoot down the idea immediately. He somehow pieces it together that they’re working on a big job and wants in. They deny it. Win Jeh tells him he has to go back to Hong Kong immediately and leaves. Yat Gor tells him to listen to his sister before leaving too.


Around the corner there is someone taking their pictures.

A police officer, Jau Sir, is showing the pictures taken in a briefing about the magic show heist that he’s sure these two con artists were part of. He reports that they have arrived in Macau and suspect they’re working on a big job. The target is Chun Sing Casino. He’s anxious to capture them. He knows they’re very careful with their work. The only reason they were able to catch their tails is because of Win Jeh’s younger brother.


At the bar, Jau Sir approaches Ho Ka Chung. They have a friendly conversation until someone bumps into Jau Sir. Ho Ka Chung, who is slightly drunk, tells the guy to apologize to his new friend. The man just ends up socking him in the face and knocking him out. Ho Ka Chung wakes up with a bruised face in a random alleyway.


Back at their base, Yat Gor says Fok Chun Sing has noticed Win Jeh so he has Souvenir come with him the next day instead. Yee Jai asks Win Jeh when her little brother is gonna leave. He’s always clinging to her, it might mess with their operations. She assures them she’ll handle it.

The next day Ho Ka Chung is waiting around for Yat Gor to appear. But Yat Gor tells him it’s the other way around. A white van pulls up next to them and Yee Jai opens the door. Yat Gor pushes Ho Ka Chung in and the van drives away. Inside, Yee Jai tells him that his sister wants him to go back to Hong Kong so they’re driving him to the ferry dock.

Meanwhile at the casino, Yat Gor is winning at every table he’s playing at and winning big at that too. This catches the attention of Fok Chun Sing.


Souvenir walks by Yat Gor and sticks to him. He gives her a chip to make her go away but then she asks him what he’s planning to buy next and goes with his call.


Stone comes by and notes that Yat Gor is winning more and more. Then he asks him if he’s interested in playing a few rounds with him. Yat Gor makes a snide comment about him not being the gambling king but he’ll accept nonetheless.

They decide to play show hand poker. Yat Gor makes a comment that all the people here are Stone’s people so he wants to switch it up. Stone agrees and Yat Gor looks at the crowd surrounding their table and selects Souvenir as the dealer.


After the third card is dealt, Yat Gor receives a phone call and asks if he can take this call. Stone has the table sealed as Yat Gor goes to the restroom to answer the call. In the restroom, Szeto comes out and scolds him for disobeying him and seeking Fok Chun Sing out for revenge. He tells him there’s no way that he can beat Fok Chun Sing at gambling. Yat Gor reassures him and tells him to just enjoy the show.


Yat Gor returns to the table and soon wins with an 8 full house. Fok Chun Sing makes an appearance then. He recognizes Yat Gor as Szeto’s student and thinks he’s filial for taking revenge for his teacher. Fok Chun Sing then proceeds to call out Yat Gor and Souvenir for co-conspiring together to win. The pair deny it until the stock broker that Souvenir previously conned recognizes her and pulls the wig out off her head.

Fok Chun Sing laughs and asks if Yat Gor wants to play with him. He’ll have the stock broker dude be the dealer.


At the ferry dock, Yee Jai and Open Eyes struggle to pull Ho Ka Chung out of the car but Ho Ka Chung refuses to leave. Then Yee Jai receives a phone call to start their job. Ho Ka Chung clings to Yee Jai’s leg to beg them to include him. They finally relent and they all get back into the van.


At the table, Yat Gor voices his worries about not being able to leave if he wins, nor being able to exchange the chips for cash. Fok Chun Sing boasts that their casino is known to have a lot of cash and asks how high he wants the stakes to be. Sau Feng and Sun Kai Jai enter and place a large suitcase of cash on the table. There is 200 million dollars worth in US dollars.


Fok Chun Sing tells Stone to arrange to have 200 million dollars cash brought over. He then gives Yat Gor a cigar to smoke while they wait.


Open Eyes and Yee Jai drive by and stop a short distance away from the pork chop bun stall and eye the two women sitting outside. It’s Dawn and Celine. Yee Jai tells Ho Ka Chung that Yat Gor is challenging Fok Chun Sing to a game and the two women over there are the women closest to Fok Chun Sing’s heart.



Kelly Fu’s acting reminds me of IU – eyes are open wide when trying to exaggerate feelings. It could just be me though.

Idk if anyone else noticed but Ho Ka Chung’s face is all bruised up when he’s in the van with the other guys but once they get him out at the ferry dock, his face is perfect again? Lol someone on the production team either forgot or got lazy~

But this is getting exciting, the plan is in motion! \o/

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