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Burning Hands (乘勝狙擊): Episode 4 Recap

Burning Hands is a TVB drama that revolves around a team of con artists who are hired by a casino tycoon to find the mole embezzling his company’s funds. The leader of the gang, Jaak Gun Yat, though, has his own reasons for helping.

In the cafe, Dawn is thanking Celine for talking her father into letting her work at the company. But it doesn’t change how she feels for the older woman. She still hates her for causing her parents to divorce. Celine doesn’t mind and tells her again that her relationship with Fok Chun Sing is nothing more than a business relationship.


The police officers are setting up a sting operation to capture Yat Gor and Win Jeh. That night when they knocked Ho Ka Chung out, they placed a listening and tracing device in their shoe. Because of that, they’re able to listen in and find out that the con artists are planning to kidnap Dawn and Celine.


Yee Jai leaves the van and approaches Dawn. He introduces himself to Celine as Dawn’s boyfriend. This irritates Dawn and she yells at him until he leaves. When Yee Jai finally gives in and leaves, he takes his flowers and the two woman’s phones with him.


Fok Chun Sing receives a phone call from a police officer that Celine and Dawn are the kidnappers’ target. But he reassures him that they’ve got everything under control and will be able to prevent it from panning out.


The police officers are also tracking Celine and Dawn’s cell phone GPS location and see that it is moving with the GPS in Ho Ka Chung’s shoe. Soon though, the cell phones’ are turned off, but it’s no problem for the officers since they’re tracking the kidnappers through Ho Ka Chung’s shoe.

They follow the tracking all the way to an abandoned house in the mountains and enter with caution. They discover a body under some boxes and plastic bags and find Ho Ka Chung, tied up and knocked out, under them.


At the cafe, a waitress approaches Celine and Dawn to give their phones back to them. She tells them she found it in the restroom. Dawn realizes this must have been another one of Yee Jai’s tricks and curses him.

Celine gives Stone a call and Fok Chun Sing snatches the phone away from him to talk to her. He makes sure both her and Dawn are okay before hanging up. Then he tells Yat Gor that his dirty tricks has failed. Yat Gor just laughs.


A couple of guys in suits exit the bank with the briefcases of money. As they’re driving down the street, they get directed to take a detour by Sau Fung, who is dressed at a construction worker. The car drives behind a big van whose trunk opens and has boxes spilling out. They try to reverse but ends up hitting a person. One of the men step out to check on the man on the floor. It’s Sun Kai Jai dressed in all black with a cap and mask. As he gets closer to him, Sun Kai Jai gets up and puts him in a choke hold.


The other guy comes out and Yee Jai, who has a mask on too distracts him and gets into a fight.


While the two pairs are fighting, Win Jeh goes into the car and takes the suitcases of money and puts it in the van in front of them. They rest of them get into the car and make their escape.


Stone gets a phone call and tells Fok Chun Sing that the money has been stolen. Yat Gor knows he’s won. Since the others can’t come up with the money, he decides to leave. Stone tries to make them stay but Fok Chun Sing lets him go. Yat Gor takes their money and he and Souvenir safely leave the building. But once outside, they have a bunch of guys in suits chasing after them. Open Eyes arrives at the pick up stop just as they get to the bottom of the stairs. They get into the car and drive away.


Back at their home base, they all happily celebrate their victory. After checking her phone, Win Jeh blows up on the rest of them for dragging her brother into this and not letting her know. Yat Gor tells her Ho Ka Chung was an unknown variable in their plans and could have ruined it for all of them. Luckily, he was smart and had Sau Fung tail Ho Ka Chung, otherwise he wouldn’t have known the Hong Kong police were in Macau and placed a tracer in Ho Ka Chung’s shoe. They just used him as a distraction to mislead the police. But of course, the police can’t be that stupid so they had Yee Jai swipe  Celine and Dawn’s phones to make it seem like they really did kidnap the two to lure the police to the abandoned house. Luckily, no one guessed that their true motive was to steal Fok Chun Sing’s 200 million.


Win Jeh is still angry because now her brother is still at being held at the police station. Yat Gor tries to comfort her by telling her that the kidnapping didn’t really happen and her brother knows that she’s in on the scheme with them so he’s not gonna rat them out. They’ll eventually let him out after another day.

Sun Kai Jai decides to change the subject to the money they have and they all get excited at how much they’ll have earned from this job.


Szeto enters the place and they’re surprised to see him but are also proud to show off the spoils of their revenge to him. Szeto tells him he’s proud of them but also that Yat Gor is missing out on a little something. He crouches down and puts on a gas mask. The others start joking but someone outside throws in a gas bomb and two other men in suits come in spraying gas around them. The team gets knocked out.


When they come to, they find themselves in Fok Chun Sing’s office and sees Fok Chun Sing thanking Szeto. Yat Gor demands an explanation. Szeto tells them he betrayed them. He co-conspired with Fok Chun Sing to trick them to come to Macau. He then shows them a video recording of them stealing the 200 millions from the car. His goal was to get concrete evidence of them committing a crime.


Fok Chun Sing asked Szeto to recommend some people to help him do some work so Szeto recommended his students. However they could not be bought with money so this was the only way. If they don’t want to go to jail then they should do as Fok Chun Sing says. Fok Chun Sing wants their skills to help him find the traitor in his company. He wants to know who has the guts to embezzle money from him. He finishes it off by telling them they’re his staff starting tomorrow, and then leaves.


The team is feels extremely betrayed by what Szeto did to them but he shows no regrets. He tells them to just take this as a lesson.

Later, Yat Gor and Win Jeh are talking to Szeto alone. He tells them that they must be really disappointed in him. They just can’t believe he would do that to them. He tells them because of his obsession with winning against Fok Chun Sing, it has led him to have nothing now. He continues on trying to lecture them to forget the past and get back together but Win Jeh and adamant that it’s not possible.


Ho Ka Chung is walking out of the police station but Jau Sir just keeps following him. Win Jeh goes to pick him up and shoves him into the taxi. She tells him if she sees him again in Macau, she’ll beat him to death. He leaves and Jau Sir starts following Win Jeh now.


Jau Sir gives her a warning to stay away from Yat Gor and she thinks he’s trying to flirt with her. Before she can leave, he gives her his business card and tells her to call if anything happens.


At the base, they’re going through all their intel to prepare for working at Chun Sing Casino to find the traitor. They talk about how the casino was started by the partnership between Jeung Tin Leung, Fok Chun Sing, and Lam Lui (Stone). Jeung Tin Leung was the boss of the three. But then 20 years ago, Jeung Tin Leung suddenly went missing and the casinos were renamed to Chun Sing Group with Fok Chun Sing being the head honcho and Stone his second-in-command. Rumors went around that Fok Chun Sing killed Jeung Tin Leung but it was never proven. After 20 years, the courts have declared Jeung Tin Leung as a decease. Jeung Tin Leung’s wife Celine, who has never remarried nor filed for divorce, became a shareholder. They continue the conversation by throwing around possible suspects.


The next day, the team starts working at the casino. Yat Gor is a security guard. Win Jeh loans out money to gamblers (?), Open Eyes is a mechanic, Sau Fung is a bartender, Souvenir is one of the housekeepers, Sun Kai Jai is just a random gambler, and Yee Jai works as a magician.


Dawn works at a art gallery. Yee Jai finds her and spews some poetry and metaphors at her but Dawn is practically begging him to leave her alone. He finally leaves but only after asking if wasting her youth away like this is really want she wants.


His words repeat in her head as she walks on the streets. Her face is all dark and sulky by the time she arrives at the pork chop bun stall. One of the waiters there compliments the boss lady for hiring a magician to attract customers. The magician turns out to be Yee Jai. He impresses Dawn with his card tricks.

Later that night when the stall closes, Dawn finally asks Yee Jai to teach her how to shuffle cards. While she’s practicing, Yee Jai runs his mouth and eventually comes to the topic of Celine. He says some insensitive things, asking about her parents’ divorce. Dawn gets pissed and screams at him. She doesn’t want to learn from him anymore and stomps away.


Celine is seen going to a cemetery to visit a small grave that’s only marked by the numbers 20902. She sets down a bouquet of blue flowers and then leaves. Open Eyes is behind some trees in the distance watching her.


Now Celine is at a cafe seemingly waiting for someone. Sau Fung is there chilling at a nearby table. Open Eyes comes and joins him and tells him about his findings at the cemetery. He has no idea why she went to visit the grave since he dug it out and it’s empty. It doesn’t seem like it was for Jeung Tin Leung either.


A man comes by and sits with Celine. Sau Fung turns on his Bluetooth and reports back to Yat Gor what he sees and hears. The man is telling Celine that he’s been searching for ten years and still hasn’t found any clues. Celine tells him she’ll give him more money so he can have more people looking. She has to know for sure if he’s dead or alive.


Later that night, they’re sitting around having hotpot and bbq for dinner and discuss the information they found. They’re halfway through dinner and Win Jeh still isn’t there. It’s highly likely she won’t show. After all, she did say it’s better for them to work separately.

After dinner, Stone invites Celine to go to the bar to try some new wine that just arrives. Celine declines at first but joins them in the end. Sau Fung is working at the bar. He notes Stone leaves first with a few girls in his arms. Fok Chun Sing asks Celine where she went today and after she tells him she went to the cemetery, he asks why she didn’t tell him to go with her. She thinks it’s better for her to go alone. Then they fall silent for a while before Celine decides to leave first.


At the casino, Win Jeh notices someone fishy. She tells Yat Gor and when Yat Gor appears at the table, the man decides to leave. The man makes subtle eye contact with Celine as he passes by. Win Jeh notes that he seemed like he knew they were watching him. Yat Gor thinks Celine tipped him off.



That Open Eyes has a lot of guts, digging into a grave. Never in my life would I ever mess with the dead lol. I like these scheming plots. So fun when they reveal the secrets behind how they did everything hehe ^^

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