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Burning Hands (乘勝狙擊): Episode 5 Recap

Burning Hands is a TVB drama that revolves around a team of con artists who are hired by a casino tycoon to find the mole embezzling his company’s funds. The leader of the gang, Jaak Gun Yat, though, has his own reasons for helping.

Souvenir tells Celine that she’s done cleaning her bathroom and leaves after Celine gives her the bath salts she liked. After she leaves the room, she enters again to see Celine taking a bath. Souvenir sneaks over to her closet and cracks into her safe. In there, she finds some random documents and a normal looking necklace. She puts everything back and leaves again.


Fok Chun Sing is watching Souvenir’s re-entry through the CCTV and gets mad. He calls Yat Gor and Souvenir into his office to question why they were looking through Celine’s room. Yat Gor explains it as trying to find the embezzler. Fok Chun Sing says Celine is clean and forbids them from investigating her.


Fok Chun Sing, Stone, and Celine go visit Dawn at the work gallery and introduce two clients to her. Unfortunately they speak Mandarin and her Mandarin is really poor. Fok Chun Sing tells Stone to take care of them. Dawn then gets scolded by her father. Fok Chun Sing then tells her to go get coffee for them.


Yee Jai runs into Dawn at the staff cafeteria and sits down to eat with her. She lets out all her frustrations about her work and her father on him. Dawn thinks she’s all that with her MBA and thinks she can do anything but Yee Jai knocks some sense back into her head. He tells her that her father is operating a casino, not a college. It doesn’t matter how many degrees she gets, it would all be useless if she doesn’t know how to gamble. He tells her she needs to be out on the casino floor and not in her art gallery world. To gain her father’s favor, she needs to learn to shuffle cards better than her father.


Dawn returns home and finds Yee Jai’s magic telephone in her possessions ringing. She answers and he tells her he’s gonna teach her how to shuffle cards and slowly shows her step by step.


The next day Yee Jai goes to visit her during her lunch break and sees her practicing. He brings her lunch but before he hands the food over he wants her to be his student. She refuses at first but finally gives in. He tells her to work hard and to not make him look bad.


In the casino Sun Kai Jai sits down at a blackjack table next to a guy who seems kind of suspicious. He points him out to Win Jeh and she stays around to observe and secretly take pictures.


Back at home base, she tells everyone that she’s been watching him for a while and noticed he wins everything he plays. Sun Kai Jai tells everyone what happened at the table, play by play. They all agree that the guy is suspicious. Yat Gor brings up the point that the dealer might be in cahoots with the dude. He looks at the pictures Win Jeh took and hands it over to Sau Fung to find out if he sees the same thing.


Sau Fung tells them the dealer has the latest micro camera attached to his cuffs that can record in 5k and has 4G capabilities. They figure out these cheaters’ tricks but know there’s someone else backing them. That’s the person they need to catch.


The cheaters are back at it again. Yat Gor tells his team to set the plans in motion.

Souvenir and Sun Kai Jai go up and down the halls of the hotel room with a scanner to find the transmitters (?). It’s in room 907. They set up base in the adjacent room and eavesdrop on them. Souvenir calls Yat Gor to tell him they can proceed to arrest them anytime but Yat Gor tells her to just keep watching them. He wants the big fish.


Suspicious dude exchanges his chips for cash and returns to the room. One of the guys says the boss wants the money in 15 minutes so they all head out. Each of the team members report where the guys are going and Sau Fung ends up seeing the exchange happen in the basement. The big fish is one of the directors Chan Lap Keung.

Open Eyes watches Chan Lap Keung hand the money over to some guy in a van and he follows them onto the road. Win Jeh ends up taking over and follows the van to a private estate.

Yat Gor takes the recorded video to Fok Chun Sing. He recognizes the estate to belong to Gu Siu Jung. Yat Gor thinks he’s the embezzler, but there is also a possibility that there could be someone else behind him or others co-conspiring with him. Fok Chun Sing doesn’t like what Yat Gor is hinting at but allows him to continue his investigation.


The team celebrates the job completion with a glass of wine. Souvenir notices Win Jeh has injured her hand and draws everyone’s attention to it. Open Eyes takes her glass of wine away and is apologetic for her injury. Since there’s no more for her to drink, Win Jeh leaves.


Everyone looks to Yat Gor and Yee Jai makes a bet with Sun Kai Jai again. Yee Jai, Open Eyes, and Sau Fung tell Yat Gor to follow Win Jeh but Sun Kai Jai tells him to ignore them and to go to sleep. Yat Gor pretends to go to bed but he goes to grab his phone and makes a lame excuse to leave the house. Yee Jai wins the bet and Sun Kai Jai has to pay him 2000 dollars.

Yat Gor catches up to Win Jeh and asks if she’s alright. They talk and Yat Gor acts all flippant with her and it only pisses Win Jeh off even more. She tells him off and they go their separate ways.


Fok Chun Sing calls Stones to the office the next morning and tells him who the embezzler is. Stone wants to go confront Gu Siu Jung right away and force him to reveal who he reports to but Fok Chun Sing tells him to calm down. They’ll just let Yat Gor keep investigating.


The secretary interrupts them and lets Dawn into the office. Dawn is excited to show off her card shuffling skills and tricks to her father. Her father though has no interest and says her timing isn’t right. She didn’t know but then she continues to ask if she can learn to gamble under him now. Fok Chun Sing scolds her for asking inappropriate questions at an inappropriate time. Stone gently tells her to go leave first. Dawn apologizes and leaves.


She sees Yee Jai when she exits the elevator. He sees that she’s not in a good mood and tries to cheer her up by doing magic tricks with the children. Her mood improves and she buys ice cream for all the children.


Gu Siu Jung is on the way to go see Fok Chun Sing for a meeting when his operations is busted. Security finds out that his co-conspirator Chan Lap Keung has been marking the cards with a special spray. They’ve also taken the dealer, suspicious gambler dude, and their accomplices in. Gu Siu Jung is notified and he screams for his driver to turn around.

Yat Gor is at the bar with Sau Fung, cursing Fok Chun Sing for breaking their leads. Just then Celine enters the bar. Sau Fung tells Yat Gor that she’s been coming to the bar every night alone. Yat Gor thinks there’s something fishy about her because Fok Chun Sing won’t let them investigate her. Well, the more he’s denied, the more he wants to do it.


Yat Gor sneaks to Gu Siu Jung’s residence at night and finds Win Jeh there too. He scolds her for doing stuff on her own without consulting the rest of the team members. The two start bickering again until they here someone screaming “No! Don’t!” inside. Win Jeh runs to the fence and peers into the pool area. She sees Gu Siu Jung’s body floating in his swimming pool. Yat Gor tells her to help him keep watch as he climbs over the fence.


He pulls the body out and confirms that Gu Siu Jung is dead. Then he checks the fitbit on his wrist before looking around for his phone. Meanwhile Win Jeh is freaking out. Yat Gor makes a call on the phone before they bounce out of there.


Later that night, he calls Fok Chun Sing out to meet him. Yat Gor tells him that Gu Siu Jung died and that he didn’t commit suicide – it was murder. He takes out Gu Siu Jung’s phone and tells him the last person he called before dying was Celine.


Fok Chun Sing grabs the phone and is shocked to see Celine’s name.


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