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Thumping Spike 2 (두근두근 스파이크 2){Series Review}

Saw the trailer for this on dramafever’s youtube channel and just had to watch it because it’s so freaking cute!

Plot overview from kissasian:

Thumping Spike 2 will tell the story of the nerdy, bookish Han Da Woon (Kim So Eun) and pro ‘genius’ volleyball player Dong Hae Sung (Lee Won Geun), and how the love slowly develops between the two.

Main Cast: Kim So Eun (김소은), Lee Won Geun (이원근), Sun Woong (선웅)
Language: Korean
# of episodes: 20
Airing Date: September 2016
OST: (I couldn’t find the OST on youtube unfortunately. The next time I get a melon subscription again, I’ll look for the song and upload it myself~^^ but in the meantime, here’s the trailer~)

This is one of those cute and simple dramas to watch. It’s a web drama so each episode is about 15 minutes each (about 10 if you don’t count the opening and ending themes). I finished it in one sitting.


The visuals of the leads is just so cute. Kim So Eun is so freaking pretty and Lee Won Geun when he smiles, omg, I melt! (๑♡⌓♡๑) Sun Woong at angles, reminds me of Luhan lol.


The drama is basically about the main girl falling for the first guy who saves her but he doesn’t notice her at all. She makes a deal with another guy to help him study and in return he’ll be her ‘love coach’. Of course, when she gets the first guy, she doesn’t want him anymore and has fallen for the second guy. Such a typical kdrama but it’s so cute!! I’m a sucker for simple and cute plots like this haha


The main female lead has a twin sister who’s only role is so that the female lead’s one true love is able to tell them apart easily. And also to cause problems for the guy that can’t tell them apart lol.


Dong Hae Sung is so freaking perfect. He is the reason why girls have unrealistic expectations lol. Go Yi Ra is such a ridiculous and outlandish character. This dude is so loud and just a mess everywhere. And his name is hilarious! So close to Gorilla lol. Han Da Woon was such an adorable character. She’s supposed to be a nerdy wallflower but she’s so freaking cute and adorable! I really enjoyed watching her play the twins since both had opposite personalities. It was fun!


This drama was fun overall! I wish it wasn’t so short though. I want more Lee Won Geun smiling! But I guess like always, all things must come to an end. Sigh…


Anyways, check out this drama if you’re a sucker for cliched/simple plots hehe ♥


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