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Burning Hands (乘勝狙擊): Episode 6 Recap

(**Sorry friends! I made a mistake in the previous recap. The embezzler and the dead guy is actually Gu Siu Jung – not Chan Lap Keung. I don’t know how I got confused but I did and I’ve gone back and fixed it. Sorry again!!)

Burning Hands is a TVB drama that revolves around a team of con artists who are hired by a casino tycoon to find the mole embezzling his company’s funds. The leader of the gang, Jaak Gun Yat, though, has his own reasons for helping.

Back at their base of operations, Yat Gor is telling the team about what happened when he showed Fok Chun Sing the cellphone with Celine’s name on the call log. This was actually a plan of his to drag Celine into the mess to uncover whatever it is Fok Chun Sing is trying to hide about her. Everyone but Win Jeh praises Yat Gor for his scheme.


Win Jeh thinks what Yat Gor is doing is wrong because he’s pretty much setting up a potentially innocent woman as a murderer. Yat Gor tells her if Celine really is innocent, then she’ll be fine. The two of them continue and get into an argument that ends with Win Jeh huffing in silence when everyone else agrees with Yat Gor’s plans.

The next morning, the police are in Fok Chun Sing’s office questioning Celine. They bring up the last call made on Gu Siu Jung’s phone to Celine. She tells them she was getting ready for bed at the time and received a call from him. She picked it up but nobody said anything on the other line so she hung up. They continue to question her past interactions with him until Fok Chun Sing gets fed up and tells Stone to escort them out. Celine tries to calm him down and hopes that the police can solve the case.


In another part of the hotel, Open Eyes sneakily installs a hidden camera in Celine’s room and the team is watching her from a hotel room.

Win Jeh enters then and gets mad when she sees them watching Celine change clothes. She slams the laptop cover down and yells at Yat Gor. She thinks Yat Gor has it out for Celine but Yee Jai tries to talk reason into her by telling her that they’re just doing their job of trying to find the embezzler. Win Jeh has had enough of Yat Gor and leaves slamming the door behind her.


Yat Gor follows her to the elevators and tells her to control herself and not mess up their team. Win Jeh realizes she’s been misjudging Yat Gor all along and is seeing him for his true self now. Yat Gor tries to pull her back to the room to show the team that they’re fine but the elevator arrives then. Inside is Celine. Win Jeh enters and Yat Gor plays it off as if they’re having a lover’s spat and tries to pull her back. Win Jeh shoves him away and the elevator doors close.


Inside, Celine asks if they’ve seen each other before and why does Win Jeh keeping looking like she wants to say something to her. Win Jeh just smiles and tells Celine her ring is really pretty.

Later that night, the team (minus Win Jeh) are still in the hotel room and get excited when Celine returns to her room with Fok Chun Sing. Fok Chun Sing brings up the topic of Jeung Tin Leung being the reason why he and Celine can’t be together but Celine shuts it down and says it’s because she doesn’t want to. Then the screen goes black.

Fok Chun Sing tells Celine the small remote in his hand can interfere with any cameras or eavesdropping devices in the room and assures her that no one can see or listen in anymore.

The team hears beeping noises coming from down the hall and is set on high alert.

Fok Chun Sing is with a security guard who is going over all the doors with his metal detecting/spy gear detecting device. The device beeps at a door and they open it up but find the room to be empty and the eavesdropping device left on the table.

The team is watching the on-going of the room through a camera from their car. They’re all wondering how Fok Chun Sing found out they were keeping an eye out on Celine so soon.


When Yat Gor arrives inside Fok Chun Sing’s office, the latter throws the eavesdropping device at him and yells at him for continuing to spy on Celine. Yat Gor denies it but Fok Chun Sing knows it’s him. He yells at the other and even threatens him with the tape of their criminal activity but Yat Gor is still as calm as ever and isn’t scared. He’s determined to find out what Fok Chun Sing doesn’t want them to know about Celine.

When Yat Gor returns to the base, the whole team is sitting around the table discussing why Fok Chun Sing knew it was them that installed the hidden camera. He thinks their team has a traitor and looks at Win Jeh.


Win Jeh gets offended but Yat Gor pushes on and demands to know what they talked about when she and Celine were in the elevator together today. He’s highly suspicious of her and won’t listen to her reasoning because she’s always going against him. Finally, he asks her to leave the team. They take a vote and all the guys raises their hands.


Win Jeh congratulates Yat Gor before leaving. Souvenir chases after her. She tries to convince Win Jeh to come back and Win Jeh sees clearly that Yat Gor doesn’t want her around so she’ll just leave.

Down at a bar, Yat Gor and Yee Jai are sharing a beer and talking. Yee Jai tells Yat Gor that he played his part well but he feels bad after seeing how Win Jeh left. Yat Gor knows what he did was horrible but he only acted the way he did to force Win Jeh away since the situation is getting more dangerous. Sau Fung joins them and the three of them continue drinking together.

Back in Hong Kong, Win Jeh runs into someone who tells her her father is in trouble. She runs to their mahjong store and finds a loan shark there to get his money back. Turns out her father put his name on the loan as the backer to help out some guy. The guy disappeared and now the loan shark is coming after her father for the money. Win Jeh tries to talk them out of collecting money from them. When it doesn’t work, they make a run for it.


They split up but the loan sharks go after her father. Win Jeh loses them. She goes home and finds that her father still isn’t home and gets her brother to go out to look for him when her father returns with a bruised face. He goes to make dinner.

Jau Sir arrives right after the table is set. Apparently their father invited him for dinner as a thank you for saving him from the loan sharks.


After dinner, Win Jeh and Jau Sir are walking on the streets together. Win Jeh warns him to not mess with her family. He tells her it was all a coincident but she doesn’t believe him. He continues to tell her that he’s different from Yat Gor – he’s the light and Yat Gor is the dark. Win Jeh tells him his world might be black and white but hers isn’t and walks away. He tells her she belongs on the light side.


Dawn hears her father ending his phone call on a good mood and suggests this might be the good timing he’s talking about. Fok Chun Sing tells her she thinks that but he didn’t say it was. They have the same conversation again about what he wants to do with her and her not knowing now to gamble. Fok Chun Sing finally gives her a chance. He tells her he’ll give her one million tokens at the Macluck casino and if she can turn it into cash in three days, then he’ll teach her.

At the casino, Yee Jai follows Dawn around. He tells her everyone in Macau knows her father is testing her. He suggests helping her when no one is looking but one of the security guards interrupts them. He tells the pair that his job is to make sure no one bothers nor helps Dawn. Yee Jai resigns to just keeping her company.

Yee Jai explains the game at each table and Dawn makes her bet but it’s obvious she has no idea what she’s doing and ends up losing all her tokens. Yee Jai is exasperated watching her. In the end, she’s about to leave with the few chips in hand when the players around her provoke her to place one last bet. She bets on the bank and everyone else bets on the player. She loses and huffs away. Yee Jai notices she dropped a chip earlier and picks it up.

He goes to comfort her and tells her she hasn’t lost it all yet. He then tells her to go home and come back tomorrow fresh as new to start again.


Celine is out with some random dude who wants to buy Jeung Tin Leung’s mansion and is offering 80 million for it. She goes to Fok Chun Sing to talk about the offer and then reveals she knows he’s the one behind the offer. He admits that he did it so that she can start anew again. She doesn’t want it and hopes that he could respect her decisions.


Fok Chun Sing goes to pull her back but they’re interrupted by Stone who tells them something happened at Jeung Tin Leung’s mansion. They arrive and it looks like someone burglarized the place. The police officer tells Celine to take a look around to see what might have been stolen.

They walk into an office study and on the desk, Celine finds a photo tucked in between the pages of a small journal. It’s a picture of Jeung Tin Leung and a child. On the picture are the words ‘son at age 1‘. The three of them realize that Jeung Tin Leung must have an illegitimate son. Celine demands Fok Chun Sing finds him.


In a car ride, Fok Chun Sing receives a text message to check his email. In the email is Gu Siu Jung’s autopsy report. He calls Yat Gor to his office and tells him if he hadn’t looked at the report then he wouldn’t have known Gu Siu Jung had heart problems and died of a heart attack. Also, he died at 10:18pm. The call to Celine was done at 10:26pm. He demands if this was all Yat Gor’s doing. Yat Gor admits to it in a roundabout way.


Yat Gor tells him he’s only doing all this because Fok Chun Sing is hiding too much from them. Such as his relationship with Celine; what he, Jeung Tin Leung, and Stone did 20 years ago in the Philippines; and also Jeung Tin Leung’s illegitimate son.

Fok Chun Sing has no idea how any of this is related to their task of finding the embezzler of his company.

Yat Gor wonders if the embezzlement has anything to do with Jeung Tin Leung’s illegitimate son.



It must just be me but I find the guy who plays Fok Chun Sing lacking as an actor. His voice is monotoned and just loud. The way he talks is the same throughout any situation. It bothers me so much.

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