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Burning Hands (乘勝狙擊): Episode 7 Recap

Burning Hands is a TVB drama that revolves around a team of con artists who are hired by a casino tycoon to find the mole embezzling his company’s funds. The leader of the gang, Jaak Gun Yat, though, has his own reasons for helping.

Fok Chun Sing is in his office having flashbacks of him pushing Jeung Tin Leung out of the helicopter. Stone enters and Fok Chun Sing asks if there’s any news about Jeung Tin Leung’s illegitimate son. Stone could only confirm that the photo is real. Fok Chun Sing demands they work fast because Yat Gor has found out about the illegitimate son issue already.


Celine enters and is anxious for news about the illegitimate son. She has already decided to give everything back, including her shares of stock in the company, to the son whenever they find him.

At their home, Sun Kai Jai is outraged to find out there’s an illegitimate son in the mix now. Sau Fung thinks this could be related to the embezzlement case they’re working on. Who knows, it could be the same person.

While they’re having this discussion, Sun Kai Jai calls Yee Jai out for not paying attention and playing on his phone. He accuses him of not doing anything but courting girls. Yee Jai defends himself, saying his courtship of Dawn is part of the big plan. If he manages to capture Dawn’s heart, then it gives him a chance to get closer to Fok Chun Sing and have access to his computer for more information related to the company. He finishes his drink and leaves to go meet Dawn at the casino.

He finds her looking like a half-dead zombie. She admits that she spent the night watching the tables to see what to bet her last 1000 chip on but couldn’t figure it out. Yee Jai is exasperated with her and just drags her into the casino.

Stone reports to Fok Chun Sing that he found the shop where the photograph was taken but it’s been closed for a long time and the owner has passed away too. Their only clue is to find the assistant that used to work there. Stone wonders out loud if this illegitimate son has come back to reclaim his share of the company or to get revenge on them for what they did to his father Jeung Tin Leung. Fok Chun Sing doesn’t answer. Instead, he wonders where Dawn has been. Stone reminds him of the challenge he gave her.


At the casino, Yee Jai is falling asleep waiting for Dawn to pick where to place her bet. He reminds her that her time is almost up. She looks as frazzled and lost as fuck as ever.

Yee Jai suddenly kisses her on her cheek and Dawn slaps him for taking advantage of her. He says she should possess this kind of anger in order to win. Then he flings her hand towards the table and her chip lands in a betting square. She miraculously wins. Yee Jai tells her to keep being angry, then she’ll get money. From then on, every bet she places, she wins. The security guard watching her is speechless.


In his meeting with the owner of Macluck, Fok Chun Sing is shocked that his daughter is actually winning money. He jokingly asks if someone is helping her. The three of them (including Stone) watches each of her games from his office. Fok Chun Sing is smiling because the way Dawn rolls the dice is exactly the same way he does it too.


Dawn excitedly presents 1.1 million dollars in cash to her father. Her father approves and tells her to report to work next week. Before she leaves, he gives her the extra 100 thousand since she earned it.

After Dawn leaves, Fok Chun Sing tells Stone to contact the owner of Macluck – Boss Yu – and give him back the one million. He doesn’t want the other to lose money in exchange for training his daughter.

Stone brings up another topic of how the security guard at Macluck – Derek – reported that Yee Jai was beside Dawn the entire time and was wondering if he had anything to do with her winning. Fok Chun Sing only reveals he is suspicious of him.

Dawn goes out to the harbor at night with Yee Jai to drink in celebration of her success. She knows she owes him and says she’ll treat him to 100 porkchop buns. Yee Jai declines. Dawn then calls him out for being too flirty. Since she doesn’t like him being flirty, he leaves.


Later, Dawn can’t believe he actually left. She gives him a call on the magic phone and finds the other phone ringing nearby on the floor. Next to it is a pair of dice. Dawn calls him to come out and he finally shows himself again. He explains to her the importance of the dice and she offers him the other one as thanks.

Yee Jai graciously accepts it and boasts if it wasn’t for him and his kiss, she wouldn’t have had the power to win. Dawn scoffs and says he was just taking advantage of her. Since she keeps saying that about him, he says he’ll really show her how he’ll take advantage of her and proceeds to kiss her. She eventually gives in to him too and kisses him back.


Win Jeh is just chilling at home but her father chides her for doing nothing but eating up all their fruits. He nags her to get a boyfriend and tries to set her up with Jau sir. Win Jeh tells him not to bring it up again and goes to her room. Her brother, Ho Ka Chung comes out and tells their father to just leave her alone. Then he says he’s going to the fruit market to help out.

At the mahjong shop, the Indian gambling king is there to challenge the Fruit Market Mahjong Queen. Ho Ka Chung appears and the Indian dude is surprised because isn’t the Queen a woman? No matter, they proceed to play mahjong.

Ho Ka Chung and the other two lackey boys play and work together to cheat but they still end up losing to the Indian dude. In the end, the Indian dude takes the reputation sign and tells them to tell the real mahjong queen to come find him to get it back.


Win Jeh goes to find them at some empty restaurant and asks them to give her sign back. They play mahjong for it and she kicks all their asses at it. The Indian dude accuses her of cheating.

Her father calls Jau sir to go save Win Jeh. When he arrives, he hears some questionable things so he busts in with his gun raised. Turns out he misunderstands. The Indian dude was just trying to get her to take him in as a student. She repeats again that she doesn’t take students. Win Jeh takes her sign and tries to leave but the Indian guy’s lackeys block the way. Finally, she asks what does she has to do (besides taking him in as a student) for him to let them leave.


Indian dude offers them two dishes: one is chocolate that taste like poop and the other is poop that taste like chocolate. Pick one to eat and then they can go. Jau sir picks and eats one in Win Jeh’s place. Everyone laughs. Turns out both are chocolate – they just stink. Win Jeh rolls her eyes and leaves.

Win Jeh thanks Jau sir only after laughing at him for what he did. He tells her he was only doing what a man should do.


On Dawn’s first day on the job, Stone shows her around and explains everything to her. During her break, she goes to see Yee Jai. He says some sweet words to her and helps put on a bandage on the back of her heel. She’s swept away by his gesture.

Yat Gor and Sun Kai Jai go investigate the photo shop since it’s their only clue. They make a pit stop at a bakery where Yee Jai meets up with them. The sales associate dude keeps eyeing Yee Jai funnily. When he’s called out on it, he thinks he recognized the wrong person.

They continue on their search for the photo shop. A crazy dude with a camera comes and steals Sun Kai Jai’s box of cookies. He runs into an alleyway where it also happens to be the closed photo shop they’re looking for. Yat Gor wants to question him but isn’t sure if they’ll get a straight answer from the mentally impaired dude. They decide to go to the bbq shop instead to question the owner there since the crazy dude bought a lunch box from there.

After the pair leave the shop, a larger dude comes in. The owner chases after Yat Gor and asks if this is the guy they’re looking for. Turns out the guy is the old assistant of the photo shop owner. They question if he’s seen Jeung Tin Leung come in before. He confirms it and tells them about Jeung Tin Leung coming in to take a picture with his son and a woman with them. As he’s about to tell them what the woman looks like, a white van pulls up and a bunch of guys in suits come out and drag the assistant dude away.


Yat Gor chases after the car while Sun Kai Jai is left behind to fight against a MMA champion he recognizes: Au Yeung Git. Unfortunately, he gets his ass kicked badly and Yat Gor returns to find him propped against a building.

Yat Gor barges into Fok Chun Sing’s office and accuses him of kidnapping the photographer’s assistant and breaking all clues they have. Fok Chun Sing denies it.

On a date with Dawn, Yee Jai lets slip how familiar he is with the area and that he’s been to Macau plenty of times when he was younger. Before they could head to the cafe to eat, Yee Jai gets a phone call and has to leave to attend to it.


He goes to a hospital where the nurse tells him his father got into a slight accident, that’s why they called him. Yee Jai sits down with him and tells him he’s survived to this day, the good days will come soon and that he can’t die yet.



Did anyone else here watch Ruco’s previous drama A Fist Within Four Walls (城寨英雄)? I’ve noticed some of the buildings and sets here are exactly the same as in that drama lol. Idk if they’re just trying to recycle or are just lazy haha

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