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Burning Hands (乘勝狙擊): Episode 8 Recap

Burning Hands is a TVB drama that revolves around a team of con artists who are hired by a casino tycoon to find the mole embezzling his company’s funds. The leader of the gang, Jaak Gun Yat, though, has his own reasons for helping.

The mood back at the house is pretty somber with the loss of the photographer assistant. Yee Jai returns late and the meeting is pretty much over by now. Sun Kai Jai and Souvenir throws some shade at him for not really doing any real work (besides courting girls). Yee Jai retorts back and the two men get into an argument that Yat Gor breaks up. He then brings Yee Jai up to speed.


The next day, Sun Kai Jai continues talking crap about Yee Jai to Sau Fung as they walk along the streets. Yee Jai ends up walking past them without even a glance and bumps into the sales associate, knocking over the boxes he was carrying. The sales associate refers to himself as Cheung Gor – recognizes Yee Jai as a neighborhood kid he used to see around.


Sun Kai Jai and Sau Fung walk around the pair to try to see/hear what they’re talking about. The conversation makes Sun Kai Jai think; he never knew Yee Jai grew up in Macau. The conversation drops and Sun Jai Jai drags Sau Fung to go eat breakfast with him.

Fok Chun Sing and Dawn are in his office where he’s trying to test if Dawn could spot the swindler in the casino. She fails. He then gives her a task to watch the footages and figure out who’s cheating and how they’re doing it.

Later on, Yee Jai finds Dawn at the porkchop bun shop watching the footage intensely. He sits down and tries to help her but she still doesn’t see how the person cheated. So Yee Jai does a live demonstration and slowly explains it to her.


Sau Fung just got off work when he catches sight of Yee Jai back at the shop and talking to the Cheung Gor sales associate. He thanks him for helping him tell a lie (to Sun Kai Jai and Sau Fung). Cheung Gor brushes it off and Sau Fung was only able to catch his words.


At dinner, he reports it back to the team. Open Eyes brushes the suspicion off right away. After their many years of being brothers, he trusts Yee Jai. Sun Kai Jai is the opposite. Despite looking uneasy with the conversation, Yat Gor shuts it down and tells them their focus should be on finding the illegitimate son.

Dawn shows her father the trick Yee Jai taught her. Fok Chun Sing is amused and tells her he appreciates her efforts. He then questions her about her friend that helped her and who was also with her when she was gambling. Dawn confesses that he’s her boyfriend and promises that her dating won’t get in the way of her work.

Yee Jai returns home to find Yat Gor alone in the living room. The others have all went to bed. Yat Gor questions Yee Jai about their friendship and asks if there’s something he should know that Yee Jai isn’t telling him. Yee Jai evades the questions and Yat Gor just lets it go.


Souvenir and Open Eyes are eavesdropping on the pair and realize they’re not the only ones that’s suspecting Yee Jai. Yat Gor is suspecting him too.

Jau Sir comes to visit Win Jeh at her mahjong shop with a bouquet of roses to ask her for dinner. Win Jeh asks for some time to think it over.

At the Ho residence, Win Jeh’s father and Ho Ka Chung are arguing who is better for Win Jeh – Jau Sir or Yat Gor. The two then make a bet to see if Win Jeh is going to go to dinner with Jau Sir or not. Win Jeh does go and her father wins the bet.

Ho Ka Chung follows after Win Jeh. He tries to convince her to continue waiting for Yat Gor but she thinks it’s pointless to continue waiting. She sees Jau Sir as a new opportunity to start over so she wants to give it a try.


After their date, Dawn invites Yee Jai in to officially introduce him as her boyfriend. Fok Chun Sing invites him to stay for a midnight snack. The two pretend they don’t already know each other.

Sau Fung and Sun Kai Jai wear masks and kidnap Cheung Gor to question him about the lies Yee Jai told him to tell. Cheung Gor recognizes them and their covers are blown. He does spill everything though when Sun Kai Jai puts a knife to his neck. Cheung Gor tells them Yee Jai slipped him some money and told him to say he used to live on a certain street once they (Sun Kai Jai and Sau Fung) walk by. After Cheung Gor told them everything he knew, they let him go and they report back to Yat Gor.


Fok Chun Sing is questioning Yee Jai about his past and love for doing magic. He learns that the other’s parents have passed away already and that he grew up in Macau. He also learns that Yee Jai doesn’t like to eat green onions.

The team is now starting to suspect that Yee Jai is Jeung Tin Leung’s illegitimate son.

Fok Chun Sing is suspecting him too. After he asked to speak to Yee Jai in private, he stepped out of the office and met up with Stone in some other part of his house. Fok Chun Sing shares his suspicion. Jeung Tin Leung was known for switching cards and it was Yee Jai that taught Dawn the card switching switch. Also, Jeung Tin Leung doesn’t like green onions either. Fok Chun Sing is trying to see if Yee Jai is up to anything so he left him alone in his office. They watch him through a CCTV but Yee Jai isn’t doing anything out of the ordinary.


The next morning, Yat Gor and Sun Kai Jai follow Yee Jai to a hospital where he’s visiting his father. They realize they might have misunderstood Yee Jai.

Fok Chun Sing and Stone have also found out about Yee Jai’s deadbeat father. He owed a lot of debt because of gambling. After his mother died, Yee Jai refused to go see his father. After that, his father eventually got sent to a nursing home. Now that they’ve established Yee Jai isn’t Jeung Tin Leung’s illegitimate son, Stone tells Fok Chun Sing to relax.

Win Jeh and Jau Sir are watching a movie in the theaters when the Indian gambling king dude comes to badger Win Jeh to take him in as a student. She storms off, leaving the two men behind. The Indian dude finds her again at the fruit market and asks at least if she could help him film a video.

She watches the ridiculousness of the video they want her to film and passes. Just as she’s about to leave, Ho Ka Chung calls her back because it’s a video of Yat Gor. Turns out Indian dude played against Yat Gor at the Las Vegas tournament and Yat Gor lost to him.


Jau Sir is stood up at the restaurant. Ho Ka Chung goes in his sister’s place to tell him that Win Jeh isn’t coming and that she went over to Macau to look for Yat Gor. This pisses Jau Sir off and he leaves.

Yat Gor runs into Yee Jai, who’s walking around his old childhood neighborhood. Yat Gor calls him out on all his lies. That old man he visited in the hospital isn’t his real father and that man’s paperwork has been tampered with. Yee Jai finally admits it and the truth that he’s Jeung Tin Leung’s illegitimate son comes out. The rest of the team comes out of hiding and they all share this secret together.

Fok Chun Sing has the old man and Yee Jai’s DNA tested, just to be sure. Turns out it’s not a match. He concludes that Yee Jai really is Jeung Tin Leung’s son.


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