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Burning Hands (乘勝狙擊): Episode 9 Recap

Burning Hands is a TVB drama that revolves around a team of con artists who are hired by a casino tycoon to find the mole embezzling his company’s funds. The leader of the gang, Jaak Gun Yat, though, has his own reasons for helping.

Yat Gor and Yee Jai are heading somewhere together in the middle of the night.

Meanwhile at home, the guys are letting off some steam about Yee Jai lying to them. Except for Open Eyes, the rest of them feel used and lied to.


Yat Gor and Yee Jai enter a house. Yat Gor lights up some incense and says to a picture “Dad, I’ve come back. The reason I’ve come back this time is to find out who killed you back then.”


Apparently everything was prearranged by Yat Gor. Yat Got saw through Szeto and Fok Chun Sing’s plan to get his team to help them. He went along with it because it let them get close to Fok Chun Sing easier. Yat Gor was also the one who planted the picture at Jeung Tin Leung’s mansion so that they would find out there was an illegitimate son. He thanks Yee Jai for helping him by pretending to be the illegitimate son so that he’s free to continue investigating.

Yat Gor also admits that ever since he decided to start on this path for revenge, he knew it was going to be dangerous and didn’t want to involve Win Jeh. That’s why he pushed her away.

It’s morning out and the pair are on their way back when Yat Gor feels like someone is following them. He tells Yee Jai to go back first. Then he walks to the church where he and Win Jeh were going to get married. He calls Win Jeh to come out.


Win Jeh confronts him about losing the game to the Indian dude at the Las Vegas competition. He accuses him of still missing her but he denies it. Then he starts being a complete douchebag to her and even forces himself on her. Win Jeh pushes him away and regards him with disgust before walking away.


She goes to a secluded area and screams crying. She wants to throw the mini mahjong tile necklace into the waters but can’t.

Yat Gor is left behind looking like he hates himself.

Dawn brings Yee Jai to the bakery store where her good friend – nicknamed Crispy – works at to introduce the two. After Crispy steps away, Yee Jai sees Cheung Gor, looking all beat up. He gives him money to go see the doctor for it. From this interaction, Dawn notices that Yee Jai must have lived in Macau longer than he let on.


An unknown man opens a locker and takes out an envelope full of pictures of Yee Jai.

Fok Chun Sing prepared an extravagant dinner to celebrate Celine’s birthday at his house by inviting the chef of a restaurant Celine lives. After dinner, Celine and Fok Chun Sing are talking together. Fok Chun Sing tries yet again to convince her to be with him. All he wants is for her to stay by his side. But Celine tells him after all these years, she’s never had a good night’s sleep without seeing Jeung Tin Leung in her dreams.

Fok Chun Sing doesn’t understand. If Jeung Tin Leung is really a ghost, he would be the first one the other comes back to haunt, not her. Celine just tells him that they can’t. As a last ditch effort, he gives her his present and tells her it represents all his love and sincerity and walks away. Celine opens it and reveals a ring.


Yat Gor and Yee Jai are at a pool hall playing billiards. They notice a strange guy watching them.

Fok Chun Sing and Stone are in Fok Chun Sing’s home office. He asks Stone when the deed will be done.

The strange guy follows them discreetly but he’s been found out. He gives chase when the pair starts to run away. They get into a fight with the attacker.

Celine finds out what they’re doing and begs for them to stop. Fok Chun Sing refuses to let Yee Jai drag Dawn into whatever revenge he has for them. Celine tells him the reason why she can’t forgive him is because someone died last time. She begs him not to kill again.

The attacker starts firing shots at them and Yee Jai gets hit in the arm trying to save Yat Gor.

Fok Chun Sing deliberates for a moment. He tells Stone to stop it. Stone calls the attacker and cancels the hit. Yat Gor and Yee Jai manage to get away.

Dawn enters with coffee for everyone and notices the tension in the room. Celine thanks Fok Chun Sing for the gift but says it’s too expensive and she can’t accept it and leaves.

Yat Gor and Yee Jai are sitting on a park bench talking about what just happened. Yee Jai jokes about it but Yat Gor is just relieved Yee Jai just received a graze from the bullet and nothing else happened.

Yee Jai thinks this hit on them is a confirmation that Fok Chun Sing killed Jeung Tin Leung. But Yat Gor wants to keep investigating. He wants to be absolutely sure of what happened.


Now that they’re at this stage, Yee Jai might be in danger so they plan to go public with his identity as Jeung Tin Leung’s son so that if anything happens to him, Fok Chun Sing would be the first to blame. Yat Gor needs to come up with a new plan to lure Fok Chun Sing and Stone in, go over everything with the team, and find a way to get Win Jeh to leave Macau.

Win Jeh is a drunken mess, drinking shot after shot at the bars and getting wasted. After she gets cut off, she wanders the streets until she trips and falls into a pile of trash. Yat Gor is nearby and moves to help her but stops in his tracks when he hears her bawling her eyes out. He forces himself to walk away.

Dawn is talking about her father’s relationship with Celine with the porkchop bun shop owner. Dawn is starting to pity Celine but the shop owner gets so mad at Celine for being a homewrecker. Yee Jai approaches the pair with a serious expression. The shop owner leaves so the two can talk. Yee Jai suggests they break up. Dawn is unwilling and demands for a reason. Yee Jai takes her to “his” childhood home. He shows her pictures of Jeung Tin Leung and his son. He tells her he’s Jeung Tin Leung’s son. He also tells her about the attack on him that resulted in his arm injury, hinting that it was her father Fok Chun Sing’s doing. Dawn doesn’t believe that her father would kill anyone. Dawn storms away after listening to his explanation.


Dawn goes to confront her father about Yee Jai’s real identity and if he ordered a hit on him. Fok Chun Sing denies it all and claims he’s been looking for Jeung Tin Leung’s illegitimate son ever since they found out about him. He practically considers him to be like a son.

After Yee Jai’s magic show, Fok Chun Sing, Celine, and Stone greet him and confront him about being Jeung Tin Leung’s son. Yee Jai provides more pictures of him and his father to them as proof. They invite him up to the office to talk some more.


The other workers start gossiping about Jeung Tin Leung having a son.

Win Jeh is getting wasted at a bar again. This time Jau sir comes to intervene. He gets mad at her for being pathetic like this and asks what’s so good about Yat Gor that she’s degrading herself like this. She tells him she likes being like this and that it’s none of his business. Jau Sir refuses to let her stoop so low because he cares about her. He tries to drag her back to Hong Kong with him but she breaks free.


Win Jeh wanders drunkenly to a shop and challenges a bunch of old men to a couple rounds of mahjong.

Jau sir goes to the casino to find Yat Gor so that he’ll talk some sense into Win Jeh. Yat Gor refuses and tells him what she does is none of his business. This pisses Jau sir off and he tries to hit Yat Gor but is held back and dragged out by security.

Win Jeh wins and mumbles something about her methods in her drunken haze. The guys realize she cheated and drag her out and beat her up.



I swear to god Fok Chun Sing just has one emotion and that’s angry. All the freaking time. He’s just always raising his voice at everything. I feel so bad for Win Jeh );

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3 thoughts on “Burning Hands (乘勝狙擊): Episode 9 Recap

  1. I’m so confused!!!! I thought win jeh was the one who kept pushing Yat gor away after he betrayed her. Why did she come back to find Yat gor after the video? Didn’t she already know that Yat gor still likes her and stuff when he tried to patch up with her in previous episodes? And yet she still confronts him for missing her??? 🤔


    1. Haha I think after she saw the video, she realized he didn’t really betray her and that he was just pushing her away for reasons unknown to her at the time. She knows he still has feelings for her but he refuses to admit it so what can a girl do? I hope this helps? lol


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