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Burning Hands (乘勝狙擊): Episode 10 Recap

Burning Hands is a TVB drama that revolves around a team of con artists who are hired by a casino tycoon to find the mole embezzling his company’s funds. The leader of the gang, Jaak Gun Yat, though, has his own reasons for helping.

Win Jeh’s unconscious body is throwing into a pile of trash by the guys she was playing mahjong with.

Jau sir is looking for her all over the streets, asking people.

A homeless guy is digging through the trash for some food to eat. He sees Win Jeh’s unconscious body and digs into her pockets for her wallet. She comes to and recognizes him as All-Seeing Fai. The guy looks at the picture in the wallet and recognizes her too. He shakes her hand off him and runs away. Win Jeh falls unconscious again.


Jau sir finds her and takes her back to the hotel and patches her up.

The next morning with Win Jeh wakes up, she finds herself in bed and Jau sir sleeping in a chair nearby. They’re both in bathrobes. Jau sir explains that she threw up on the both of them after he found her so he has the housekeeper lady change her clothes.


Jau sir asks what happened. Win Jeh just tells him she had it coming. He chides her some more but she just let’s it go in one ear and other the other.

Win Jeh then realizes she lost her wallet. Jau sir offers to help her look for it but she decides to forget about it. They decide to head back to Hong Kong.

At the ferry station, Win Jeh spots a wallet lying by the trashcan. She goes to pick it up but realizes it’s not hers. Unable to let it go, she runs out and catches a taxi.


Back in the city she goes around store owners and asks if anyone has see All-Seeing Fai. One of the owners it the man from last night that beat her up. She explains that she’s just looking for someone called All-Seeing Fai. The guy tells her he knows of a guy called Garbage Fai. Garbage Fai likes to gamble but has no money. He asks people to borrow money but no one lends it to him so he goes around picking trash. He tells her to go look for him at the temple.

She finds him in a secluded corner, peeing on a picture of her and Yat Gor. He tries to run away when she catches him trips and gets his ass handed to him by Win Jeh. He gives her wallet back to her and she kicks him a few more times before leaving. But All-Seeing Fai holds her back and asks to borrow money for food.

The two of them are at a cafe. Win Jeh is dipping the picture through a few glasses of water trying to clean it while All-Seeing Fai scarfs down his food. When he finishes he asks if he could have another plate. Win Jeh orders it for him. Then she asks what happened to him.


All-Seeing Fai tells her ever since he lost to Yat Gor, he’s been having a streak of bad luck, losing everything he plays. He went from All-Seeing Fai to Bad Luck Fai to Garbage Fai. Win Jeh thinks it serves him right for breaking her and Yat Gor up.

All-Seeing Fai denies ever doing such thing. He admits that Yat Gor went looking for him, but he never recorded their conversation nor sent her anything.

Win Jeh goes back to the church where they were supposed to get married. She’s reminiscing about what happened in the past and realizes it was Yat Gor himself that caused the two of them to not get married.

Celine, Fok Chun Sing, Stone, Dawn, and Yee Jai go to the temple where Celine tells Yee Jai this is where she goes to burn incense for his father. Afterwards, they go to a restaurant where Fok Chun Sing tells Yee Jai what happened to Jeung Tin Leung.


The three of them – Fok Chun Sing, Stone, and Jeung Tin Leung – went to the Philippines to talk about opening up a new casino over there. They were in a helicopter, scouting out a location when the weather turned back, causing the three of them to fall into the ocean. They got separated from Jeung Tin Leung and had no idea what happened to him. Eventually Stone and Fok Chun Sing got rescued by a passing ship. They reported this incident to the police but the Filipino police weren’t able to find Jeung Tin Leung or the pilot. Fok Chun Sing assures him that this was an accident.

Celine proceeds to tell Yee Jai that she wants to transfer her shares of the company and the deed to Jeung Tin Leung’s house to him. Yee Jai doesn’t think it’s necessary but Fok Chun Sing talks him into agreeing.

Later, Stone and Fok Chun Sing are discussing Yee Jai’s motives for revealing his true identity. They don’t trust him but Fok Chun Sing prefers to have Yee Jai close to him so that he can keep an eye out on him.

Fok Chun Sing seeks out Dawn right before she goes to sleep. He shows her the video recording of Yat Gor’s team robbery, telling her he doesn’t want her to be lied to and get hurt. Dawn doesn’t understand. If they’re thieves, then why did her father hire them to work for him. Fok Chun Sing tells her about someone embezzling the company. He hired them to find the mole in exchange for the video recording. He also tells her that not only are they thieves, they’re known con artists too. Dawn realizes Yee Jai is probably a con artist too.


Fok Chun Sing thinks she has a right to know this if she’s wants to continue pursuing a relationship with Yee Jai.

Dawn is reminiscing all her moments together with Yee Jai. She is starting to wonder if he approached her with ulterior motives. Yee Jai runs into her at the porkchop bun shop and sits a few tables away from her.

Derek (the security guard dude from Macluck) approaches Yee Jai and congratulates him for being a rich heir now. He asks him if he’ll ever bring his heiress girlfriend around. The shop owner approaches them and informs Derek that the two have broken up already. Yee Jai excuses himself and leaves.

Yee Jai hangs out at a ledge playing with the other red die (opposite Dawn). Yat Gor finds him and they talk. Yee Jai tells him that Fok Chun Sing gave him the position of an assistant Chairman. He also gave him a hotel room so he’ll be living there for the time being.


Yat Gor notices the die in his hand and apologizes for his failed relationship with Dawn. Yee Jai thinks their break up was inevitable; no use crying over spilled milk. Yat Gor thanks him and tells him he’s glad he has such a good homie.

Yee Jai starts his new position the next day. Fok Chun Sing and his entourage explains everything and shows him around the casino. They run into the rest of the crew but Yee Jai doesn’t spare any of them any acknowledgment.

That night, Yat Gor asks them if they have decided what to eat for dinner. Sun Kai Jai blows up about Yee Jai’s attitude now that he’s a rich boy heir now. Open Eyes tries to defend his friend but the others aren’t having it. Just because Yee Jai is Jeung Tin Leung’s son doesn’t mean he has to act all cool and pretend he doesn’t know them anymore.


Yat Gor of course still has Yee Jai’s back. If they want to leave, they’re free to leave. But he’ll have to stay behind to watch over Yee Jai. And of course, deal with Fok Chun Sing.

The next morning Fok Chun Sing, Celine, and Yee Jai are at Jeung Tin Leung’s house showing Yee Jai around. He can move back anytime now that he’s the owner. Celine tells him if there’s anything else he needs, to let her know. Then she and Fok Chun Sing leave.

Yee Jai gives Yat Gor a call after they leave. Yat Gor comes over and reminiscences about his father. He swears he will find out the truth of what happened.


The team celebrates their freedom over dinner that night. Yat Gor has a flashback to what happened in Fok Chun Sing’s office. He and Yee Jai approached Fok Chun Sing and told him his buddies want out but Yat Gor, Yee Jai, and Open Eyes will stay behind and continue working. Fok Chun Sing agrees and hands over the video recording.


Sau Fung, Sun Kai Jai, Souvenir, and Open Eyes go into a bakery the next day to buy some gifts for their families back in Hong Kong. Sun Kai Jai gets all mushy saying he’ll miss Sau Fung and the noodles he cooks for him. He reminds him to not kick the blankets off the bed anymore when they return. Sau Fung gets creeped out after finding out Sun Kai Jai has been checking in on him when he sleeps.

Meanwhile Open Eyes tries one last time to sweet talk Souvenir. She’s not having any of it though and rejects him yet again.

The four of them decide to do some last minute gambling before they leave. At the casino Sun Kai Jai sees Au Yeung Git trying to pick up a girl at the bar. The others tease Sun Kai Jai about getting his ass kicked by him. Sun Kai Jai then asks Sau Fung to find out what the pair is talking about. They have a good laugh at the corny words that’s coming from the pair.

Then Sun Kai Jai asks Souvenir for help. Souvenir dresses up and approaches Au Yeung Git exclaiming that he gave her an STD. Au Yeung Git is confused because he has no idea what’s going on. The girl he was hitting on slaps him and walks away. Souvenir tells him to go get himself checked and leaves too.

Sun Kai Jai appears now with the whole thing recorded on his phone. He taunts Au Yeung Git a bit before leaving.

The crew gets into a taxi but they’re not taken to the ferry station. Instead, the driver takes them to the middle of a mountain and gets out and runs away. Open Eyes realizes something is wrong and tries to get out but there are guys blocking their door. Au Yeung Git appears.

They’re brought to an empty warehouse where Sau Fung and Sun Kai Jai are tied up together and Souvenir and Open Eyes are tied together.Au Yeung Git tells them since they like filming stuff so much, they’ll be filming something together. One pair will be guy-on-girl and the other will be guy-on-guy. Before they could do anything, Yat Gor barges in.


With him as a distraction, the others manage to free themselves and a fight breaks out. In a struggle with Au Yeung Git, Yat Gor gets stabbed in the heart. Au Yeung Git makes a run for it. Sau Fung moves to stop the bleeding but realizes the blood tastes sweet. Yat Gor reveals it was just a trick. They’re all relieved.

Back at the house, Sun Kai Jai is being scolded for dragging them all into the mess. He apologizes and thanks Yat Gor for saving them. Now that it’s over, Yat Gor tells them to go back to Hong Kong. But they all changed their mind and decide to stay behind because they want to help Yat Gor.

As Yat Gor is walking Yee Jai out, Yee Jai tries to persuade him to come back to the house with him. He suspects Yat Gor’s father’s ghost has returned. He’s keeps hearing weird noises at night and he can’t sleep. Yat Gor laughs at him and tells him to go back himself.


Yee Jai wakes up in the middle of the night to creaking doors and windows. The hallway lights are flickering and so is a light in the study room. Yee Jai goes in to check it out. The decorations in there starts shaking and he gets backed into another door that reveals Jeung Tin Leung standing behind it.


The next morning Fok Chun Sing and Stone runs into Yee Jai outside Fok Chun Sing’s office. They chide him for not showing up for the meeting. Fok Chun Sing notes the other’s complexion is bad and tells him to go home to rest. Yee Jai complies.

Just as the elevator arrives, Yee Jai calls Fok Chun Sing Broomstick Sing and says I’m going to watch you go down.

Stone is alarmed. He says the name Broomstick Sing is what Jeung Tin Leung used to call him.


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