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Burning Hands (乘勝狙擊): Episode 11 Recap

Burning Hands is a TVB drama that revolves around a team of con artists who are hired by a casino tycoon to find the mole embezzling his company’s funds. The leader of the gang, Jaak Gun Yat, though, has his own reasons for helping.

Stone is legit freaking out about Yee Jai being possessed. Jeung Tin Leung would only call Fok Chun Sing Broomstick Sing when he was in a foul mood. Though Fok Chun Sing explains that as Jeung Tin Leung’s son, it’s not strange if he’s aware of the nicknames his father gave them. But then they’re watching Yee Jai through the CCTV and notice that he’s kind of strange and not really all there. Fok Chun Sing looks a little worried but he still thinks Yee Jai is just messing with them.


Yee Jai meets up with Yat Gor for drinks at the bar and his friend notices how bad he looks. Yee Jai tells him that he hasn’t been sleeping well and no matter what he does, he gets cold flashes at night. Sau Fung jokes about getting some medicine for him. He blows them off and leaves.


Celine runs into Dawn and asks if she has time to have a chat. The two run into Yee Jai in the hallway but Yee Jai is zombie-like and ignores them despite Celine calling out to him. Dawn thinks it has something to do with her. She excuses herself to go back to work.

Back at the bar, Sau Fung shares his worries about Yee Jai with Yat Gor. He tells him he used to know a guy that exhibited the same weird symptoms as Yee Jai – moved into an old house, always getting cold at night, and looking half-dead. He thinks Yee Jai might be possessed by Jeung Tin Leung’s ghost. Yat Gor doesn’t believe any of it.

Ho Ka Chung enters looking for Yat Gor. He asks him where he’s hiding his sister. Yat Gor hasn’t seen his sister anywhere for a while now. Ho Ka Chung continues to follow Yat Gor back into the casino, begging for him to put in a good word for him for a job there.

The two of them see Win Jeh with Jau Siu Leung (aka Jau sir; gonna start referring to him with his full name now) happily gambling at a table. The couple sees them and approaches them. Win Jeh tells them she’s dating Jau Siu Leung now. Yat Gor wishes them luck and leaves. Ho Ka Chung continues to follow him.

After dinner, Jau Siu Leung walks Win Jeh back to her hotel room. She thanks him and apologizes for using him earlier in the casino to pretend to be her boyfriend. Jau Siu Leung is okay with it. As long as she’s happy, that’s all that matters. She kisses him on the cheek goodnight.


Yat Gor runs into All-Seeing Fai on the streets. He gives him money and demands that he leaves Macau asap. All-Seeing Fai let’s slip that he and his girlfriend are the same. Win Jeh appears in front of them. All-Seeing Fai wishes him good luck and leaves.

Win Jeh confronts him about his behavior towards All-Seeing Fai and about the phone recording. She demands an explanation. Yat Gor tells her that it’s because he doesn’t love her. He’s lost all feelings for her and moved on. Win Jeh doesn’t believe anything he says. She just wants him to tell her the truth. Yat Gor doesn’t care if she believes him or not, he doesn’t want her anywhere near him. He shakes her off and walks away. Win Jeh screams after him that if he continues to be like this, she’ll really date Jau Siu Leung.


Stone receives a phone call from Fok Chun Sing, asking where he is since he’s missing the meeting. Stone tells him he’s just around the corner. But really, he’s having a quickie with Zita (Fok Chun Sing’s secretary) in his car in the parking lot. When they finish and she leaves, Stone hears Jeung Tin Leung’s favorite song blasting from somewhere. He sees Yee Jai walk by. Yee Jai catches his eyes and gives him a creepy smile.


Stone follows Yee Jai to a street cafe. Yee Jai sits down and orders a Portuguese soda. He asks for it in a bottled form when the server brings it in a cup. The server tells him that they haven’t served the bottle form in a long time. Yee Jai mutters something about being used to drinking it from a bottle.

Stone returns to the office. Fok Chun Sing asks him why he took so long but notices how pale he looks. Just as he’s about to explain, Zita comes in with their coffees. She acts extra towards Stone and Fok Chun Sing notices. He yells at him for messing with secretary. Stone denies it.


Fok Chun Sing receives a phone call from Celine’s assistant and the two rush to where she is at a temple. She’s not looking too well. Susan tells them that earlier as they were praying, a weird gust of wind entered and blew away all the ritual money and the incense tower for Jeung Tin Leung fell, almost hitting Celine.

Celine thinks it’s really weird and wonders if it’s Jeung Tin Leung’s ghost’s doing. Fok Chun Sing tries to give her a logical explanation for what happened but Celine isn’t buying it. Stone then chimes in that it’s really weird. He tells them about running into Yee Jai and what happened at the cafe. He also followed Yee Jai to a cigar shop and tailor shop. Everything he did coincides with all of Jeung Tin Leung’s preferences. Also, he mentions when he was following Yee Jai, a microwave fell down and almost hit him. It was as if it was Jeung Tin Leung who threw it down. Fok Chun Sing doesn’t believe any of this.


The next day Celine goes to the office early and bumps into Yee Jai before the meeting. They talk and Yee Jai tells her that he hasn’t been sleeping well at the new house.

Fok Chun Sing and his entourage appears then and they all enter the room to start their meeting. During the entire meeting, Yee Jai is sitting there all zombie-like. Dawn and Celine notices.

Before they end the meeting, Stone mentions about a new project in Hong Kong and suggests Yee Jai take charge over it. Celine has to call his name a few times before he’s back with them again. Stone repeats what he says and Yee Jai accepts the project. Meeting ends.

After the meeting Celine brings up Yee Jai’s zombie-like behavior. Dawn asks if she not mention him in front of her. Just then Yee Jai walks by them without looking up. Dawn thinks he doesn’t even want to see her. Celine thinks it’s something else.

The two of them are riding in the car when they accidentally hit someone. It turns out it’s Yee Jai. He brushes off their concerns and limps away. Celine shares with Dawn her suspicion that Yee Jai might be possessed.

Stone receives a call later that night from Yee Jai. He tells him that he sprained his leg and can’t go to Hong Kong for the meeting. Stone suspects he did it on purpose. Fok Chun Sing calls him out for purposely trying to push Yee Jai away to Hong Kong. Stone was thinking since Yee Jai has been acting weird lately, he though of getting him away for a while and having someone go over to Jeung house to conduct some sort of exorcism to banish away whatever evil spirits are there.  Fok Chun Sing chides him for being so superstitious.

Win Jeh and Jau Siu Leung go to the Macau tower to do bungee jumping. Win Jeh remembers a time when Yat Gor was trying to get her to do it but she was too scared. After overcoming her fear and doing the jump, she tells herself there’s nothing she wouldn’t do.


Yat Gor receives a voice message from Win Jeh. She says she knows he still has feelings for her and that everything he said before was just bs. She’s giving him until midnight to reply to her with the real reason why he wants to break up. If she doesn’t hear from him, then she’s going to accept Jau Siu Leung and move on. Yat Gor is conflicted.


Dawn and Fok Chun Sing are having dinner together when Dawn receives a phone call from Yee Jai’s magic phone. He doesn’t say anything at first, then she hears him say in a scared tone “don’t come near me” and then a loud crashing noise. Dawn gets really worried and wants to go check on him but her father stops her. He tells her he’ll go over with Stone to check it out.

Win Jeh goes on a dinner date with Jau Siu Leung. After dinner, he walks her to her room and she asks him to stay the night with her. Ho Ka Chung has been tailing the pair all night and is incredulous when his sister invites Jau Siu Leung in.


Fok Chun Sing and Stone enter the house. It’s pitch dark and Stone feels uneasy.

Suddenly Jeung Tin Leung’s favorite song starts playing. Stone is really scared and wants to leave. Fok Chun Sing goes over to turn on the lights. It stays on for less than a minute before it flickers and shuts off again. Stone really wants to leave but Fok Chun Sing wants to get to the bottom of this. They wander around with only the light from their phones lighting up the way.

The two enter the study and see Jeung Tin Leung standing there. Fok Chun Sing approaches him and shakes him a bit. His finger falls off and they realize it’s a wax figure.


Win Jeh and Jau Siu Leung are drinks wine in her room. She keeps looking at the time on her phone. The two make out a bit before Win Jeh stops and tells him she’s gonna shower first.

Yee Jai approaches the two and speaks in a gruff voice, as if he’s really Jeung Tin Leung. Yat Gor is standing outside the room watching them. He receives a message from Ho Ka Chung about Jau Siu Leung going into Win Jeh’s hotel room.


Win Jeh is in the bathroom with the shower on but is just staring at the phone, waiting for Yat Gor’s message. But then time’s up and she hasn’t received anything. She tells herself it’s time to give up and cries in the shower.


Meanwhile Yat Gor realizes what a horrible timing this is. He’s unable to go to Win Jeh because he’s about to find out how his father really died.



First off, I find this part so strange. Like why couldn’t Yat Gor just send Win Jeh a text message either asking for more time or to explain? But I guess he needed to know how his father died before deciding his next steps.

Gotta admit, I admire Fok Chun Sing for being so fearless. He doesn’t appear to be scared at all with all the crap that’s been going on. I know I would be scared shitless lol.

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