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Burning Hands (乘勝狙擊): Episode 12 Recap

Burning Hands is a TVB drama that revolves around a team of con artists who are hired by a casino tycoon to find the mole embezzling his company’s funds. The leader of the gang, Jaak Gun Yat, though, has his own reasons for helping.

Yee Jai screams about coming back for revenge. He goes after Stone first since he’s scared out of his mind. Stone is about to break and tell him the truth when Fok Chun Sing interrupts. He tells Yee Jai the same story about the helicopter going down and all of them falling into the ocean. Stone catches on and plays along with the story. Fok Chun Sing then tells Jeung Tin Leung’s ghost to stop possessing his son. Yee Jai stares at him then plops into a seat, seemingly unconscious.


Stone goes to wake him up. Yee Jai plays stupid and asks what’s going on. Fok Chun Sing explains the call Dawn got. Then he asks about the wax figure of Jeung Tin Leung. Yee Jai explains someone had it made that year Jeung Tin Leung disappeared to celebrate his 40th birthday. After this explanation, Fok Chun Sing and Stone leave.

Back at their office, Stone praises Fok Chun Sing for seeing through Yee Jai’s scheme. Fok Chun Sing admits he fell for it at first but then he saw the way Yee Jai put out the cigar was different from how Jeung Tin Leung used to put it out and knew it was a ploy.


Yat Gor and Yee Jai honestly believe that Jeung Tin Leung’s disappearance really was an accident. While Yat Gor is reattaching the finger to the wax figure, Yee Jai sees the message from Ho Ka Chung about Win Jeh. He scolds Yat Gor for not doing anything and to go get Win Jeh back. Yat Gor just thanks him and leaves.


Instead of going to Win Jeh, Yat Gor ends up at a swimming pool to swim his frustrations away. Yee Jai finds him and helps him home and into bed. Open Eyes and Souvenir are worried about him but Yee Jai tells them to just leave him alone.


Win Jeh wakes up in bed with Jau Siu Leung. She goes to the bathroom and burns the picture of her and Yat Gor and flushes it down the toilet. When she comes out, Jau Siu Leung back hugs her and then tells her he ordered her room service. He also tells her from now on, he’ll take real good care of her so she won’t be troubled.


Dawn comes down with a cold the next day. Her father tells her to not go to work. At the doctors, Dawn runs into Yee Jai there. They get in the elevator together but don’t say anything at all. Atmosphere is tense and awkward. They arrive at the ground floor and Dawn exits first.


Souvenir starts putting the moves on Yat Gor. She voluntarily stays behind at home to nurse him back to health but he declines. She continues and is basically offering herself to him in as subtle way as possible. Yat Gor pretends to go to sleep so that he doesn’t have to listen to her.


Win Jeh and Jau Siu Leung are on a date together but Ho Ka Chung crashes as a third wheel and is constantly trying to get in between them. The two eventually manage to give him the slip.

While walking down the street, Win Jeh spots a family with a newborn baby. She talks about wanting a simple family life. Jau Siu Leung shares the same sentiments. Then Win Jeh suggests they get married. Jau Siu Leung takes the ring-like cookies he bought early and gets down on one knee to propose to her. She accepts.


Open Eyes, Sun Kai Jai, Souvenir, and Sau Fung are at a cafe talking about the message-invite they received from Win Jeh about her wedding. Yat Gor doesn’t know yet and they’r debating whether to tell him or not.

At home Yat Gor is chilling by himself drinking. The crew returns with food for him to eat but Yat Gor declines. He says he’s going to take a walk. Souvenir tells him not to go over to Penha Hill. Yat Got asks why and Souvenir gets all jumbled up trying to explain. He gets suspicious and asks what they’re trying to hide from him. Souvenir finally tells him that that’s where Win Jeh is getting married to Jau Siu Leung. Yat Gor returns to his room and Souvenir has a devious smile.

Yee Jai enters an elevator full of people. At the next level, everyone gets out, leaving him and Dawn alone in there. Dawn is playing with the die in her bag. Suddenly the elevator jerks and stops and the light goes out. The die gets flung out and lands by Yee Jai’s shoe. He picks it up and says the elevator stopping must be Fate’s plan to give them more time together. Dawn admits that she still misses him but there’s no way they can get back together since the relationship was basically built on lies. The elevator starts working again and she leaves. Yee Jai stares forlornly after her.


Yat Gor and Yee Jai are at the bar talking about their tragic love lives. Yat Gor tells him that he still has a chance for a happy ending with Dawn. Yee Jai in turn tells him Yat Gor could have a happy ending too if he went to the church to get Win Jeh back. But Yat Gor thinks this is better for Win Jeh – that the other guy could give her happiness.

Sau Fung joins them and gives Yat Gor his two cents: if he doesn’t want to let Win Jeh go, then he should go do something about it.

On the day of the wedding, Win Jeh’s father is all proud and happy. Ho Ka Chung on the other hand thinks this wedding may not go through, just like Win Jeh’s first one, which earns a beating from his father. Jau Siu Leung on the other hand, is confident they’ll get married. He then goes to see Win Jeh and promises he’ll make her the happiness woman.


The crew is hanging around the house first waiting for Souvenir to get ready then afterwards, they try to convince Yat Gor to go and win Win Jeh back. He’s not listening to them. Souvenir then rushes the other guys out and says she’ll catch up with them later. After they leave, she puts on her seductive mood and tries to seduce him by showing her cleavage and booty to him. But Yat Gor isn’t even paying attention. He’s just deep in thought in his own world.

Open Eyes returns and sees her feeling up Yat Gor – which wakes him up. He then runs out the door. Open Eyes confronts Souvenir and asks what she’s doing. He calls her out on her selfish motives but she completely rebukes him.

Yat Gor shows up at Jeung house where Yee Jai is. He tells him that there’s no hope for him  and Win Jeh but there’s still hope for Yee Jai and Dawn. They’ll just record a video revealing that Yat Gor is really Jeung Tin Leung’s son and explain everything to Dawn so that she’ll take him back. Yee Jai tries to convince Yat Gor to get Win Jeh back in return. Since Yat Gor wants Yee Jai to be Fok Chun Sing’s son-in-law, Yee Jai wants Win Jeh to be his sister-in-law. He’ll act according to how Yat Gor acts.


Yee Jai then looks at his watch and says they don’t have much time left. Yat Gor runs out of there.

At the church, Yee Jai shows up and wonders where Yat Gor is. He tells the others that Yat Gor is gonna come and take Win Jeh back. Jau Siu Leung overhears and looks worried.

He goes to see Win Jeh again. He expresses that maybe everything is happening too fast but his feelings for her are real and sincere. Win Jeh assures him that no one can change her mind if she’s decided on something.

Soon Win Jeh walks down the aisle to the alter. When it’s her turn to her vows, she freezes. Yat Gor is upstairs overlooking the whole church. When she does say I do, Yat Gor is completely heartbroken. He doesn’t think he’s able to give her happiness but he also doesn’t have the right to ruin her potential happiness. He silently wishes the new couple well.



That Ho Ka Chung…really doesn’t give a fuck about etiquette. Look at him dressed fucking casual for his own sister’s wedding and then looking exasperated after the vows lol. I love him.

Is it just me or does everyone just sound weird and awkward when they throw in random english words in their conversations? Dude, just stick to Chinese.

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