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Burning Hands (乘勝狙擊): Episode 13 Recap

Burning Hands is a TVB drama that revolves around a team of con artists who are hired by a casino tycoon to find the mole embezzling his company’s funds. The leader of the gang, Jaak Gun Yat, though, has his own reasons for helping.

Souvenir is in her room singing and being delusional about Yat Gor. She hears someone come back and thinks it’s him so she puts on a slinky black dress to seduce him. But it turns out it’s just Open Eyes. The two get into an argument again about Souvenir’s less than innocent intentions towards Yat Gor.


Yat Gor is at his father’s house with Yee Jai. He tells him that he’s planning to tell Fok Chun Sing he’s quitting and leaving Macau. Since he’s found out the truth about his father’s incident, there’s no point in staying anymore. Yee Jai understands.

Yat Gor then gets Yee Jai to promise him that he’ll reconcile with Dawn. He gave up on Win Jeh for his revenge already, he doesn’t want his friend to give up his relationship too. Yat Gor suggests to record a video that has him explaining everything. Yee Jai could then show it to Dawn after Yat Gor leaves. He doesn’t want Fok Chun Sing holding him back if he finds out that Yat Gor is actually Jeung Tin Leung’s son.

When Yat Gor goes to see Fok Chun Sing about his resignation, the other is reluctant to let him go. Yat Gor explains that there really isn’t any more to the embezzlement case after they caught Gu Siu Chong. Fok Chun Sing tries to talk Yat Gor into staying but he knows he can’t force the other. The two have come to a better understanding of each other and separate on a positive note.

Ho Ka Chung enters a room for the job interview. His interviewers are Yee Jai and Dawn. Ho Ka Chung makes a beeline for Yee Jai and tells him after what they did to him last time, he should just hire him on the spot to return the favor. Yee Jai tells him to just sit down.

The interview just starts when Stone interrupts and tells Yee Jai the boss arranged for him to do some other work at the hotel and to leave the hiring process to Dawn. Yee Jai just follows him out.

Stone returns to the deck where Fok Chun Sing and Celine are and tells them he’s done what Fok Chun Sing asked of him. Celine gets suspicious and asks what they’re planning to do with Yee Jai. Stone tells her that Yee Jai’s strange behavior before wasn’t because he was possessed but because he was acting to try to find out about his father’s disappearance and if it was Fok Chun Sing and Stone that killed him.


Celine still doesn’t approve of their treatment towards Yee Jai after hearing the story from the two men. Fok Chun Sing is just doing what he feels is right for his daughter and that means keeping Yee Jai as far away as possible from Dawn. Celine doesn’t think it’s a good idea because some Romeo and Juliet shit might happen if they’re really in love.

At night, Dawn is at the porkchop bun shop talking to the owner about her father purposely separating her and Yee Jai. Suddenly Yee Jai appears. The shop owners tells her she’s closing and kind of kicks Dawn out/away. The couple stares at each other and then Yee Jai turns away but he bumps into the cart being pushed past him. This causes his hand to jerk and the die falling towards Dawn’s direction.

Yee Jai goes and snatches the die up before Dawn can and runs away.

The two are in their own beds playing with their die. Dawn is about to call Yee Jai but then decides against it.

The next morning Dawn runs into Ho Ka Chung in the hotel hallway. He’s getting scolded by a business man for getting his shoes dirty. Dawn steps in and offers him a complimentary shoe shine service to placate the client. Then she turns to Ho Ka Chung and asks why he’s a cleaner. He tells her it doesn’t matter what job he’s doing, he’ll put all his heart into doing it. Because of his excitement, Dawn is gonna give him another chance at apply for the dealer’s position. Ho Ka Chung thanks her profusely.

The team is having a hotpot again. Sun Kai Jai jokes about whether Yat Gor will really be able to leave since everyone who says they’re leaving always decides to stay. Souvenir says she’ll miss him. Yat Gor jokes that someone else will miss her more and hands the champagne glass to Open Eyes.


Then he gets a phone call from Fok Chun Sing, requesting his presence.

Stone is tired as shit but he doesn’t want to go home because Boss Yu said he invited some guy named Dee Wong and he wants to see what this guy is like. Just then they arrive and introductions are made. Dee Wong brags about his achievements and Fok Chun Sing goes along with it. Since he’s so sure of his skills, Stone invites him to play a few games with them. Fok Chun Sing tells them to wait.

Yat Gor arrives then. Fok Chun Sing tells him he wants him to be his second and for Stone to sit this one out. Yat Gor isn’t sure about playing but Fok Chun Sing tells him if he wins, he can keep the money; if he loses, then it will be out of Fok Chun Sing’s pocket. They play and it’s usually Dee Wong and Fok Chun Sing who wins.

For the last game, Dee Wong suggests they raise the bets. Fok Chun Sing agrees. They play and Fok Chun Sing ends up winning. Dee Wong gets pisses and realizes Yat Gor was the mastermind behind it. Both Fok Chun Sing and Yat Gor won on the last round while Dee Wong and Boss Yu lost money. They leave in a huff.


Fok Chun Sing is very impressed by Yat Gor.

Afterwards they smoke cigars and Fok Chun Sing talks about Jeung Tin Leung. Yat Gor tries to excuse himself but Fok Chun Sing tells him to wait. He gives him a check for 10 million dollars. Fok Chun Sing explains it because of Yat Gor’s correct guessing and calculations that led to him winning Dee Wong earlier.

Yat Gor is thankful but he rejects it. He doesn’t want to owe anything to Fok Chun Sing. Fok Chun Sing tells him this is actually advance payment of his salary if he’s willing to stay and continue working for him. He likes that Yat Gor has the guts to talk back and go against him and thinks he’s incredibly talented. Yat Gor still firmly rejects the offer. Fok Chun Sing finally backs off.


Yat Gor is on his way to the airport while Yee Jai tells Dawn to meet him at the place where they first got together to watch the sunset. He’s on his way with a bouquet of flowers. She calls him when she arrives and tells him to hurry up.

Yat Gor gets on the plane and there’s a rude Mainlander smoking on the plane. The flight attendant tells him to put it out. When he finally does, it triggers something in Yat Gor. He remembers how Fok Chun Sing put out his cigar. He quickly gives his mother a call and asks about how his father puts out the cigar. She tells him Jeung Tin Leung used to like to put it out with two fingers. Yat Gor dials another call and grabs his bag to get off the plane.

Yee Jai has Dawn in sight when Yat Gor calls him and tells him he’ll meet him at the Jeung house.

Dawn is left waiting forever. She calls Yee Jai but he doesn’t pick up.


At the house, Yat Gor asks how Yee Jai puts out the cigar. He tells he does it normally by stubbing it into the ashtray. Yat Gor proceeds to tell him that that’s not how his father puts cigars out. Fok Chun Sing saw how Yee Jai put it out and saw through their plan but continued to play along instead of calling him out. The two realize that Fok Chun Sing is lying to them about Jeung Tin Leung’s disappearance. Yat Gor needs some time to think of a new plan.

Dawn is at the porkchop bun shop upset at Yee Jai standing her up. She knows he showed up because she found one of his cards but thinks he changed his mind last minute.

Yee Jai comes looking for her at the shop. He tries to explain and tells her that he still likes her and misses her but it doesn’t matter because her father will find any way to get in between them. That’s why he didn’t show up. She tells him to leave and then gets angry when he does leave.

He then asks if she has her die. The two go to the casino, back to the table where Dawn first won, to let fate decide if they should get back together. Yee Jai rolls the seven and they decide to take the chance against her father.


Yee Jai goes to see Fok Chun Sing at his house to ask for his approval for the two of them to date. Fok Chun Sing refuses. Yee Jai says he has no ulterior motives, he just likes Dawn and wants to be with her. He’s even willing to give up his identity as Jeung Tin Leung’s son and his shares in the company.

Dawn enters and tells her father that she’s decided to be with Yee Jai. Yee Jai says if he doesn’t approve of them, then they’ll leave Macau and find their own place. Dawn apologizes and the two leave. Fok Chun Sing is pissed.


Yee Jai and Dawn are driving in the car when Yee Jai loses controland crashing into the waters. Fok Chun Sing was following behind them comes to a stop and gets out of the car to look for Dawn.


Her and Yee Jai’s unconscious bodies float to the surface. Fok Chun Sing dives in and pulls Dawn back to safety. Once back on land, he tries to wake her but she’s not waking. Fok Chun Sing blames himself for this incident. Celine told him he’ll get retribution for what he’s done but he didn’t believe her at first. He breaking down, crying and screaming that it was him – that he killed Jeung Tin Leung.


Yat Gor appears with a GoPro in his hand, having recorded everything. Yee Jai is behind him leaning against the wall.  Yat Gor confronts him and reveals that he’s actually Jeung Gun Yat and that he came back to find the murderer who killed his father, Jeung Tin Leung.



I don’t know if it’s the acting or the character but I just really can’t stand Dawn.

Yat Gor is crazy – playing with peoples lives just to expose the truth. But it’s finally out there! Let’s see what happens next~

By the way, if anyone is wondering what song Souvenir is singing in the beginning, it’s Love Is Not Easy (越難越愛) by Jinny Ng. It’s the subtheme from Line Walker (使徒行者 插曲). When I heard it I knew I knew the song but I couldn’t put a name to it. Kept thinking about it until I couldn’t take it anymore and went digging into my music library lol. ^^;; Such a good song~

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