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Burning Hands (乘勝狙擊): Episode 14 Recap

Burning Hands is a TVB drama that revolves around a team of con artists who are hired by a casino tycoon to find the mole embezzling his company’s funds. The leader of the gang, Jaak Gun Yat, though, has his own reasons for helping.

Yee Jai had purposely driven the car into the water. Once they went in, he injected something into Dawn and then himself. Yat Gor then swan to them to release them from the car and let their bodies float above water.

Yat Gor tells Fok Chun Sing he’s recorded his confession of killing his father Jeung Tin Leung and it’s enough to send it to jail for life.

Fok Chun Sing lunges at him and knocks the camera out of his hand. The two get into a fight.

Both Dawn and Yee Jai are conscious but are too weak to even move to stop them.


Yat Gor knocks Fok Chun Sing down and picks the camera back up.

At that time a drone comes flying at him and cuts his shoulder. The camera is knocked out of his hands and Stone appears with bodyguards. He picks up the camera and helps Fok Chun Sing and Dawn leave.


Back at the house, the rest of the crew finds out the truth that Yat Gor is Jeung Tin Leung’s son. Despite lying to them and the dangers ahead, they’ve still got his back.


Dawn is confined to her room until she gets out and confronts her father about Jeung Tin Leung’s death. Fok Chun Sing admits that he did it, he killed him. Dawn gets mad and storms out of the house.


Yat Gor returns home to his mother to tell her he’s confirmed that his father’s death was because of Fok Chun Sing. His mom gets super riled up and blames everything on Fok Chun Sing and Celine. It was Celine that wreck their family. She gets so mad that she triggers an old back pain. Yat Gor decides to bring her to see a doctor.

He runs into Win Jeh and Jau Siu Leung on the streets. The two ex-lovers nod at each other as they walk pass each other.

At the doctors, Yat Gor runs into Win Jeh’s father. Then Win Jeh and Jau Siu Leung appears too. When they enter to see the doctor, her father said the appointment is for Win Jeh to do a check up to make sure she’s healthy enough to have babies.

Yat Gor, who is sitting outside, can hear everything.

When they come out, Win Jeh escapes to go pick up the medicine. Her father pulls Jau Siu Leung back and gives him some sort of diagram/instructions to follow so that they’ll be sure to have kids. Yat Gor and his mother look super uncomfortable.


At home, Yat Gor’s mom tells him she can tell he looks super uncomfortable and happy. She feels bad because she knows he pushed Win Jeh away so that she wouldn’t get hurt in his quest for revenge. Yat Gor reassures her that he’s fine and that he just wants his mother to not think too much and to take care of her health.

Win Jeh goes to make dinner while her father goes to talk with Jau Siu Leung. Her father makes an excuse to leave after the two men look over the instructions for conceiving a baby boy. Win Jeh comes out and asks what’s up. Jau Siu Leung tells her and said they’re supposed to have sex during a certain time to get a boy. The two go into the bedroom to do the deed.

Yee Jai goes looking for the porkchop bun shop owner and asks her to tell him where Dawn is. She refuses. He refuses to leave until she tells him and waits the whole day.

When the porkchop bun owner returns home at night, she tells Dawn that she brought Yee Jai. She doesn’t want to see him but Yee Jai gives her the video of Yat Gor explaining everything for her to watch. She still doesn’t want to forgive him after watching it. She doesn’t want to be with Yee Jai because he puts his brotherhood first above all else.


Yee Jai tells her that no matter what he’s done in the past, his feelings for her has always been real. He then leaves his address for her and leaves.

The next day, Yee Jai shows up at the casino for the board meeting since he’s still technically part of the board. He and Stone gets into a small tiff.

A reporter named Veronica appears at the casino to do an interview with Fok Chun Sing. Apparently she’s pretty popular and well-known among the people.

Zita comes running and tells Stone that the board meeting was canceled. Since the meeting is canceled, Stone tells Yee Jai to leave. Yee Jai scoffs and walks away. Zita then tells Veronica that Fok Chun Sing will not be doing any interviews. Yee Jai makes eye contact with her as he passes her. Veronica is determined to find out why the interview was cancelled.

On the cover the tabloids is the story about Yat Gor being Jeung Tin Leung’s son and is back for revenge. Fok Chun Sing knew this was going to happen. Since this story is gonna spread very quickly, he doesn’t want Celine to be badgered by paparazzis so he tells her to return to Hong Kong first. Stone escorts her to the private jet.


Win Jeh’s father is trying to carry a box of durian when it falls out of the box. The two lackies that’s usually around come to help him. One of them is reading the tabloid story about Yat Gor and Fok Chun Sing. They find his face familiar looking but can’t put a name to the face. The two show Win Jeh’s father and she recognizes him immediately.

He runs home and tells Win Jeh about Yat Gor being Jeung Tin Leung’s illegitimate son. She comes out and her reaction is very cool and collected. She glances at the magazine and it doesn’t seem like the news affects her at all. Jau Siu Leung wonders if she’s okay.

Win Jeh sneaks out in the middle of the night when everyone is supposedly sleeping. Her father and Jau Siu Leung realize that she is not okay and wonders where she’s going.

She goes to find Yat Gor on the roof of a building. He confirms that everything written in the tabloids are real. Win Jeh realizes now that everything Yat Gor did and said was because he didn’t want her to go along with his revenge. She knows that he knew she would go along with him no matter what and she knows he’s right.


Jau Siu Leung and Win Jeh’s father followed her and are behind a ledge watching the scene.

Win Jeh is bawling her eyes out and Yat Gor goes to comfort her but stops himself. He reminds both of them that she’s married to another man now. She remembers that she has a husband waiting for her at home and leaves first. Yat Gor calls her back and congratulates her on her marriage and wishes her happiness. She in turn wishes him success.

Yat Gor runs into Win Jeh’s father on his way home. He tells him three things: First, he wants to thank him for doing what he did to protect Win Jeh. Secondly, he admires him for seeking revenge for his father. And lastly, he warns him to leave Win Jeh alone and let the past stay in the past. He also makes Yat Gor swear that he will never go looking for Win Jeh. Yat Gor swears and promises to never go looking for Win Jeh.


Upon returning to Macao, Derek comes to meet Yat Gor and tells him Boss Yu wants to see him at Macluck. The meeting is to recruit Yat Gor to be a CEO at his company. Together, they’ll take down Fok Chun Sing.

Stone tells Fok Chun Sing the news about Yat Gor working at Macluck. He tells the other to just give him the word and he’ll take care of Yat Gor. Fok Chun Sing tells him to be patient. They’ll just wait and see what they’ll do.

Zita comes in and tells the two that Veronica is there to see Fok Chun Sing and refuses to leave until she does. Stone goes to have a few words with her, then returns to tell Fok Chun Sing he should meet her. Veronica then enters the office. After introductions, she tells him that she has the ability to make all the magazines and tabloids stop talking about this issue he’s having.

At the Jeung house, the crew is trying to find out who leaked the info of Yat Gor’s identity and his issue with Fok Chun Sing to the media. Yat Gor thinks it’s Boss Yu. But it doesn’t matter now since Fok Chun Sing is blaming everything on Yat Gor. He then proceeds to tell them about working for Macluck now and asking if they’re in or not. Of course, they’re all in.


Ho Ka Chung is lingering at the porkchop bun shop waiting for Dawn. He’s flipping through the magazine about Yat Gor and lamenting about being the brother-in-law of a cop instead of an heir to a casino empire. Dawn finally appears and he rushes after her. He finds her at the park and coax her into sharing her relationship troubles. Ho Ka Chung pretty much lays it out straight for her – if they still like each, why are they wasting time spent apart instead of being together? He explains instead of competing to see who’s in 1st place or 2nd, she should stay by his side and support him. Finally, he asks her if she still loves him or not. Dawn takes off running.


Veronica is at the press conference of the magazine that first published the story of the personal issues between Yat Gor and Fok Chun Sing. The head of the magazine says the news was all gossip to increase sales and apologizes for it. As the dude is heading out, Veronica asks him who his informant was. The guy can only say it was a competitor of Fok Chun Sing that gave him the information.


Afterwards, in an empty stairwell, Veronica meets up with the magazine dude and gives him a check. He thanks her since she was the one who leaked the information to him and now she’s giving him more to apologize. She reminds him to keep everything a secret and turns to leave but he pulls her back. He suggest she joins his magazine and puts some moves on her. She asks him about his wife and he says he doesn’t care about her.

Veronica then pulls out her phone and tells him she recorded everything he just said. She threatens to send it to his wife if he doesn’t leave her sight at once.

Yee Jai descends the stairs and smiles at her.

Dawn runs to Yee Jai’s house looking for him but he’s not there. She calls him but he doesn’t pick up. He’s actually at Veronica’s place and sleeping with her.



What is Yee Jai playing at…and Dawn, I really don’t like her character. She just gives off this selfish-princess vibe to me.

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