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Burning Hands (乘勝狙擊): Episode 15 Recap

Burning Hands is a TVB drama that revolves around a team of con artists who are hired by a casino tycoon to find the mole embezzling his company’s funds. The leader of the gang, Jaak Gun Yat, though, has his own reasons for helping.

Sun Kai Jai is with Yee Jai as a bodyguard at the board meeting at the company. Au Yeung Git appears with Stone. While the two board members head into the meeting, the other two stand outside as guards. Sun Kai Jai is relentless in his teasing of the other.


In the meeting, Veronica is introduced as the new GM of their PR department. Yee Jai is eyeing her admiringly.


Afterwards, they meet at the elevator and Yee Jai introduces himself. The two of them get into the elevator while Sun Kai Jai gets into another elevator with Au Yeung Git.

Inside the elevator, Yee Jai gives Veronica back her earring she left at his place and they arrange to see each other again tonight at her place instead.

After Veronica leaves to her car, Sun Kai Jai meets up with Yee Jai and he looks beaten to a pulp while Au Yeung Git only has one black eye. Yee Jai laughs and offers to take him to the doctors.

Later Yee Jai arrives at Veronica’s room with a bottle of wine. They get it on immediately after she opens the door. Veronica tells him this might be their last night together because she doesn’t want to do anything that would jeopardize her career at Chun Sing Group. Yee Jai goes along with it.


In the middle of their make-out session, Veronica receives a text message from Stone saying that he’s coming. She gives Yee Jai an excuse that her head hurts and he leaves.

As Yee Jai is leaving, he sees Stone enter the hotel with a bouquet of flowers. He follows him and sees him enter Veronica’s room. When Yee Jai returns home, he finds Dawn waiting for him outside. They go inside and talk and she tells him she’s thought it over and decided she wants to be with him since she still loves him. Yee Jai says he feels the same.

He takes her to bed but as they’re having sex, he imagines her to be Veronica.

Afterwards, they’re just talking in bed. Dawn asks if they can just runaway from Macau. Yee Jai tells her he can’t just leave Yat Gor despite her asking him to. In the end, Yee Jai promises to bring up the topic with Yat Gor if he ever gets a chance.


The team is having another meeting at their base. They talk about how fast Fok Chun Sing was able to clear his name of this scandal. Yee Jai reports it was all thanks to the PR work of Veronica. He also tells the team about her and Stone. Since Fok Chun Sing’s casino has all of them blacklisted, Yat Gor needs to think of a new plan.

Stone tells Fok Chun Sing that he’s having people keep an eye on Yat Gor and his gang. Fok Chun Sing reminds him again to be careful and not underestimate them.

Boss Yu calls Yat Gor into his office and asks about his plans to defeat Fok Chun Sing. Yat Gor is evasive about answering despite Boss Yu’s prodding. He tells him he’ll let him know in a few days time and then leaves.

Ho Ka Chung got the job as a dealer but now he’s worried about running into Yat Gor at the casino because of the personal issues Yat Gor has with Fok Chun Sing. Ho Ka Chung is just running all his thoughts and worries to his sister, Win Jeh. When she’s done listening to his voice messages, she gags over the toilet bowl. Her father is knocking on the bathroom door and tells her to go see the doctor if she’s not feeling well. She tells him it’s nothing. So then the three of them – Win Jeh, Jau Siu Leung, and Win Jeh’s father – go out to eat dim sum.


After dim sum, Win Jeh’s father is practically preening about how fortunate he is to have such a great son-in-law. Win Jeh gets annoyed with him and tells the two she’s going to go off and buy something  on her own. The two men go grocery shopping first. Win Jeh’s father tells Jau Siu Leung about hearing Win Jeh gagging earlier and tells him to ask her if she’s pregnant.

When they return home, Win Jeh is in the bathroom, opening up a pregnancy test when she receives a message from Ho Ka Chung. He tells her he must have jinxed it because Yat Gor did show up at the casino. He tells her he knows she still worries about him so he’ll keep her updated.

Yat Gor shows up at the casino and people are whispering and recognize him as Jeung Tin Leung’s son. Stone meets him with some security guards and tells him he’s not welcomed at the casino. Yat Gor speaks loudly about this unfriendly welcoming and it gets the other people near them talking. To save face, Stone let’s him stay and gamble. Yat Gor decides to play roulette first. Stone tells the security guards to watch him.


Ho Ka Chung is watching Yat Gor and mumbling under his breathe for the other not to come over to him.

Fok Chun Sing is on his privat helicopter to go to Hong Kong to celebrate Celine’s birthday with her. Stone calls him to update him on what’s happening. Fok Chun Sing tells him he needs to watch Yat Gor extremely close.

Yat Gor goes over to Ho Ka Chung’s Blackjack table to play. He bets 500k but Ho Ka Chung tells him that the limit is 300k. Stone comes over and tells him accept it. Then he deals the cards. Yat Gor gets 21 while the dealer gets 20. After dealing the cards, Ho Ka Chung looks worriedly to Stone. Stone tells him to pay out.


Yat Gor bets 1.25 million for the next round. Ho Ka Chung looks at Stone again but Stone just tells him to deal the cards.

Their table has attracted the attention of a huge crowd now.

Yat Gor gets dealt a pair of Aces. He splits. Then he gets dealt another Ace and he splits again. His second cards are all Queens while Ho Ka Chung deals himself a 6 – which means Yat Gor won.

Au Yeung Git appears and Stone tells him to watch the table while he goes up to the security room and asks the people there if they found any of Yat Gor’s band of people through the CCTVs. They haven’t.


Soon Stone spots two suspicious people entering and sends security after them. It’s Open Eyes and Souvenir in a disguise. The two enter and each drop a red bag onto the floor in a corner. Afterwards, they enter the restroom and change outfits.

At the table, Yat Gor is still winning loads.

Souvenir and Open Eyes are going down a hallway when they’re stopped by two security guards. They ask them if they’ve seen these two people (their previous disguise). They respond negative and are left alone.


Yat Gor invites others to play at the table with him and then taunts Stone about whether they can handle it or not. Stone says they can take on anything and tells Ho Ka Chung that he’ll be the dealer instead.

For this round, the other loses except for Yat Gor. Yat Gor tells them to trust him and that they’ll win the next round. The people trust him and they place even bigger bets. Yat Gor sacrifices himself by taking another card at 20. This causes the dealer to bust and the others to win.


Ho Ka Chung is practically screaming about how Yat Gor kicked his ass at the Blackjack table and Win Jeh is listening in to the messages as she’s cooking dinner. She gets a bit absentminded and brings the plate of raw carrots out to the dinner table when it’s supposed to be for the soup.

Win Jeh’s father pushes Jau Siu Leung to go ask her if she’s pregnant. He instead tells her that he has an evaluation coming up for a promotion. This is great news. Win Jeh’s father follows it up by asking if her period came and straight up asking if she’s pregnant. Win Jeh tells them she hasn’t even tested yet and that she’ll take care of this on her own.


Down in the basement, Souvenir seduces the guard of the electrical room to go outside for a smoke. The cigarette he smokes causes him to fall unconscious. Souvenir and Open Eyes enter the electrical room and Open Eyes cuts the circuits.

There’s a black out at the casino momentarily before the back up generators bring the power back up again. Ho Ka Chung reports this to Win Jeh and she burns herself on the pot.

The security team goes downstairs to see what’s up. They find tape all over the circuit breakers. The head security guard reports this to Fok Chun Sing and Stone. Stone assures Fok Chun Sing everything will be okay but Fok Chun Sing decides to come back to Macau.

Souvenir and Open Eyes meet up with Sau Fung at the back-up electrical room. They tell him he has about a minute to work. He works quickly trying to hack into the system. Open Eyes is keeping watch and tells him to hurry up when he sees the guards at the end of the hallway.


Sau Fung finally succeeds and sets the back up system to shutdown in 30 secs.

When the security guards arrive, they’ve already managed to escape.

Back in the casino. Yat Gor has yet to place his bet. He says he needs some time to think and gets up and walks away. The power in the casino goes out again and everyone is using the flashlight on their phones to light it up. Yat Gor presses a button and the two bags that Open Eyes and Souvenir drops early bursts a hole in it.

Yat Gor goes to sit at a random table and says something funny. Then he shines the light on the floor and the person next to him sees a mouse and screams. This creates panic among everyone in the casino.

Now that his work is done, Yat Gor turns to leave. Stone sees him and pulls the gun from the security guard and shoots Yat Gor. The gunshot creates pandemonium.

Ho Ka Chung tells Win Jeh that Yat Gor got shot and is losing a lot of blood.

Fok Chun Sing returns and yells at Stone for opening fire in their casino. He then tells him to make sure there’s no traces. Fok Chun Sing then receives a call that some shorted their stock.


Win Jeh’s father and Jau Siu Leung are watching the news report of the incident at the Chun Sing casino before dinner. Win Jeh watches a bit too and then tells them she doesn’t feel that well and for them to eat first.

Ho Ka Chung is in the ambulance with Yat Gor. He sneaks a picture and sends it to Win Jeh. She’s silently worrying to death in the bathroom.


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