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Burning Hands (乘勝狙擊): Episode 16 Recap

Burning Hands is a TVB drama that revolves around a team of con artists who are hired by a casino tycoon to find the mole embezzling his company’s funds. The leader of the gang, Jaak Gun Yat, though, has his own reasons for helping.

The crew rushes to the hospital after getting news of Yat Gor getting shot. Ho Ka Chung continues to update Win Jeh on Yat Gor’s condition.


During dinner, Win Jeh’s father brings up the pregnancy testing thing again. When Win Jeh says she hasn’t done the test yet, her father pulls her out of her seat and ushers her into the bathroom to do the test.

Inside Win Jeh receives a call from Ho Ka Chung about Yat Gor’s surgery being successful. She’s super relieved but then she tells her younger brother to stop calling her about Yat Gor; he isn’t her concern anymore.


When she comes out of the bathroom she tells the two men waiting that she’s pregnant. Both Jau Siu Leung and her father are ecstatic.

Yat Gor wakes up and asks for his phone. He makes a call to his mom to reassure her that he’s fine and that she doesn’t have to come see him. He even Facetime her to reassure her. He doesn’t want her to come because he doesn’t want Fok Chun Sing to know who she is. He’s afraid the other man might do something to his mother.


Unfortunately, his injury got aggravated and the wound opened up again. Yat Gor makes an excuse and ends the call.

Win Jeh’s father and Jau Siu Leung go to a cafe to announce his good news to the neighbors. First, is that Jau Siu Leung is gonna be promoted soon. Second, he’s gonna have a grandson. Everyone is happy for him.

Win Jeh’s father sees Yat Got’s mother in the corner and approaches her. He taunts her, saying supposedly if he was going to have a grandchild, she would too but unfortunately, his son screwed it up. Then he mentions Yat Gor getting shot and pretends to show remorse about it. Yat Gor’s mother is annoyed and excuses herself.

Boss Yu and Derek goes to see Yat Got at the hospital. He tells Yat Gor how Fok Chun Sing’s company’s stocks has been plummeting and that Yat Gor’s plan was a good one.

The police come in and ask to take Yat Gor’s statement for the incident. Yat Gor can only tell them that he didn’t see the shooter and that his and Fok Chun Sing’s relationship is fine.

Fok Chun Sing tell the same to the police when they come to see him too.


After the police leave, Fok Chun Sing loses his temper with Stone since this was all his fault when he shot Yat Gor.

Veronica enters and Fok Chun Sing tells her to work with Stone to get rid of all the negative news surrounding his company and casino.

Stone is at the shooting range and hits the target perfectly. Veronica questions if Fok Chun Sing knows of his sharpshooting skills. Stone tells her of course he doesn’t know. He purposely missed vital points whne he shot Yat Got because this would fuel the bad blood between him and Fok Chun Sing – leading the younger to believe that Fok Chun Sing is out to get his life.


Stone is showing his true colors now. He worked hard to get Veronica on his side and is willing to give her anything if she continues to help him whether it be money or power. The two also reveal in their conversation that Stone was the one behind the embezzlement of the company and that Gu Siu Chong was just a scapegoat. He plans to take Chun Sing Group for himself.

Dawn goes back home to pack her things to leave. Her maid tries to talk her out of it but Dawn doesn’t listen. As she’s leaving she overhears Fok Chun Sing’s phone conversation with Celine about the Yat Gor shooting incident. He denies having any part in it. As Dawn leaves, she gets into an argument with her father. She tells him she rather be with someone who lies to her than live with a murderer.


Dawn meets Yee Jai at the porkchop bun shop and tells him about her argument with her father. Veronica runs into the pair and introduction are made. Yee Jai offers to order the porkchop bun for her, leaving the two woman to talk. Veronica tries to put in a good word for Fok Chun Sing and Dawn is suspicious of her intentions.

Yee Jai returns with drinks for the two. Veronica notes how well he treats his girlfriend while she’s running her foot against Yee Jai’s leg. Then Dawn says she wants to go take a walk. Veronica then excuses herself.

Later that night, Veronica sends a message to Yee Jai that results in him showing up at her hotel room. They get it on momentarily but Yee Jai stops and tells her since it will be their last time, he should be able to dictate when and where it will be. Then he leaves.

Stone enters after Yee Jai leaves. Veronica goes to remove the hidden camera she placed by the bed and gives it to Stone. Stone praises her for her acting and tells her to continue enticing Yee Jai until he can’t be without her. The 10% stocks he has is important to their plans in taking down Fok Chun Sing.

Win Jeh is bored at home because her husband doesn’t really let her do anything now that she’s pregnant. Eventually she gets him to let her go play mahjong. By the time Jau Siu Leung comes back to pick her up, she’s won enough to leave.

Fok Chun Sing is still seeing his name linked with Yat Gor in newspaper and wants it to stop completely. Veronica is doing her best but can’t shut everyone up. She suggests Fok Chun Sing goes to visit Yat Gor in the hospital as a pretense of showing care and taking responsibility for a customer getting shot in his casino.

Reporters meet him at the hospital and me makes a statement about coming to visit the sick and paying for all of Yat Gor’s medical bills as a sign of goodwill.


Police officers are stationed outside Yat Gor’s room. They let them know that Yat Gor will only see Fok Chun Sing. The two talk. Fok Chun Sing asks what will it take for Yat Gor to stop. Yat Gor tells him if he’ll go turn himself in for his father’s murder then he’ll stop. Otherwise he’ll stick to him like glue. Fok Chun Sing laughs and pats his injury before leaving.


Yat Gor manages to hold in the pain until he’s alone in the room.

Later, Yat Gor gets transferred to the ICU department after his wound gets infected. Ho Ka Chung comes up with the idea that Yat Gor needs Win Jeh the most in this period of time. He tells the crew that he’s going back to Hong Kong to get her.

Ho Ka Chung goes home but couldn’t find his sister. He does find out that she’s pregnant though. As he walks along the streets, he runs into Yat Gor’s mother. She recognizes him and he tells her that Yat Gor’s injury got serious and decided to take her to Macau with him instead of Win Jeh.

Yat Gor’s mother remembers what her son told her and is hesitant. Then she receives a phone call to go to her Chinese Opera singing club. There, she learns one of her club members has a friend who came to learn opera singing from her. The friend turns out to be Celine. Introductions are made.

Ah Yun (Yat Gor’s mother) was in a rush to leave but she decides to stay and sing a song with Celine. During the performance, she gets really heated and regards the other with hatred. Celine praises her for this afterwards when they’re in the restroom washing their hands. She’s glad to be able to learn from her.


When they’ve finished, Ah Yun tells Celine that she needs to make a phone call so Celine leaves first. Ah Yun takes out her phone with a picture of Yat Gor on it. She says Celine has a part in killing Jeung Tin Leung and that these people will get their retribution. She says she can’t go see him now but Yat Gor has to hang on. Nothing can happen to him.

Jau Siu Leung successfully passes his evaluation/interview and got the promotion. Win Jeh makes a special dinner filled with all his favorite dishes to celebrate. Before they eat, Jau Siu Leung presents her with a necklace as a present. After dinner, she brings out a plate of apples for him then gives him a check for 10 million. Then she tells him she wants a divorce.


Jau Siu Leung doesn’t understand why this is happening when they’re gonna have a baby together. Win Jeh confesses she didn’t actually do the pregnancy test yet. She knew this evaluation was very important to him and didn’t want to impact his mentality so she lied. He tells her he doesn’t want the money – he just wants her and the baby.

Win Jeh can only apologize. Jau Siu Leung then gets angry and demands to know what Yat Gor has that he doesn’t. She tells him that she tried hard to be his wife but she just couldn’t. She thought there was no turning back, but ever since she got news that he got shot, she realized she would never be able to let him go.

In a last ditch effort, Jau Siu Leung asks what will happen if she doesn’t have his child. Win Jeh tells him she’ll give birth to the baby but she can’t continue being his wife. They were wrong to start with and she doesn’t want to continue going down this wrong path. She goes to take the pregnancy test.

When she comes out, she apologizes and shows him the test. Then she leaves it and the necklace he gave her earlier on the table and tells him she’s leaving. Jau Siu Leung grabs her crying and begging her not to leave. She apologizes and leaves.


Jau Siu Leung grabs the necklack and throws it across the room. Then he collapses into a chair and cries.



Knew this was gonna happen. Really, what did Jau Siu Leung expect? When he got with Win Jeh he knew she was still hung up on Yat Gor and the signs were all still there after they got married too. This marriage was fucked up from the beginning. I kind of feel bad for him but at the same time, he had to have seen this coming!

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