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Burning Hands (乘勝狙擊): Episode 17 Recap

Burning Hands is a TVB drama that revolves around a team of con artists who are hired by a casino tycoon to find the mole embezzling his company’s funds. The leader of the gang, Jaak Gun Yat, though, has his own reasons for helping.

After she leaves, Win Jeh heads directly to Macau.


When Ho Ka Chung and his father comes home, they find the place to be a mess as if a robber has ransacked the place. Win Jeh’s father finds Jau Siu Leung sitting in the corner and asks him what happened.

Jau Siu Leung gets pissed and tells them Win Jeh wanted a divorce and went to go find Yat Gor. He tells them everything and the two try to calm him down.


At the hospital the crew is heading out to eat when they run into Win Jeh. They leave in a rush and let Win Jeh go see Yat Gor. Yat Gor wakes up briefly and sees Win Jeh.


Veronica walks past a guy doing magic tricks and is amused. Yee Jai is in the area and sends her some text messages where she proceeds to delete after reading them. He tries to get back on her good side again when he tells her to let him know whenever she wants a private magic show. She’s mad about him saying she had too much self-confidence last time and replies in such a manner. Yee Jai is amused.


At his house, he’s making dinner for Dawn while texting back and forth, flirting with Veronica. While the two are eating, Yee Jai is a little absentminded as he waits for Veronica to text him back. Dawn asks what’s wrong but he says it’s nothing. Then he tells her he’s stepping out a bit to visit Yat Gor and will be back soon.

Veronica is in bed with Stone. He praises her for managing to have Yee Jai wrapped around her finger. She in turn praises him for not being like other men – he’s better, practically like a king.

Ho Ka Chung, Jau Siu Leung, and Win Jeh’s father are together eating at a cafe. The father and son are trying to get Jau Siu Leung to stop drinking and eat something. The other neighbors in the the cafe are making snide remarks about his wife leaving him. He gets angry and asks how they know. Everyone points to Win Jeh’s father. Jau Siu Leung gets even more pissed and yells at both Ho Ka Chung and his father and calls this family useless trash.


The crew is whispering among themselves while Win Jeh is cooking congee in the kitchen for Yat Gor. None of them have the guts to ask her what’s up so Souvenir does it. Win Jeh tells them that she’s decided to stay by Yat Gor’s side and has already told Jau Siu Leung she wants to get a divorce. She knows people are going to talk about her. She’s prepared for it.

Win Jeh’s father and brother come and confront her at the hospital.

Yee Jai and Dawn arrive at the hospital to see Yat Gor but they hear the argument going on.

Win Jeh’s father tries to drag Win Jeh back to Hong Kong but she refuses. He gets really angry and slaps her. Yat Gor is awake and sees everything going on. Win Jeh could only apologize. She tells her father she’s not going back with him.


A nurse comes in practically kicks them out. Win Jeh’s father leaves him a huff with Ho Ka Chung going after him.

After hearing the argument, Dawn and Yee Jai decided to leave.

The next day, Yat Gor is well enough to be moved out of the ICU. Win Jeh is there feeding him some soup. He tells her to go back to Hong Kong but she refuses. She knows what she’s getting into.

Dawn and Yee Jai are at a cafe. Dawn tells him she really admires Win Jeh for how far she’s willing to go for her love.

Veronica runs into them again but doesn’t stay for long. She grabs her own table and minds her own business. Yee Jai gets a text message from her saying she wants to see his magic tricks. Yee Jai is smiling as he reads the message and Dawn notices. She asks about it and he just says it’s a pointless conversation from his friends. Then he notices the shop owner is really busy and Dawn goes to see if she can help.

When Dawn returns, Veronica comes by to bid the couple goodbye. Dawn then suggests they go watch a movie together. Yee Jai declines and says he has work to do and leaves first.

Later, Dawn receives a screenshot of Yee Jai’s texts with Veronica. It says that she’s meet him at Chun Sing’s little stage.


When Veronica gets there, Yee Jai picks her as a helper with his trick. He and her both enter a box that the assistants stick swords into. Then they turn the box away from the audience and the couple inside start making out. All the audiences see are the assistants continuously sticking swords into the box.

Dawn arrives to see the show and doesn’t see the pair. She’s about to turn to leave when she sees a reflection of the two making out in the box from a mirror.

Dawn confronts him in the backstage room about his infidelity. He admits that he has fallen for another woman. Dawn thought that after all they’ve been through that nothing could tear them apart but she was wrong. She asks him if he still has feelings for her. Yee Jai doesn’t answer and just turns around to continue wiping the lipstick stains from his lips. Dawn takes this as his answer and storms out of there screaming she never wants to see him again.


She walks the streets reminiscing their memories together.

Yee Jai goes to Veronica’s room and asks her why she sent their messages to Dawn. Veronica tells him women don’t like sharing, especially sharing men. Yee Jai takes this as her being jealous. She reasons that since he was having such a hard time picking between the two choices, then she made a decision for him. Yee Jai isn’t mad and they proceed to get it on.


Fok Chun Sing shows up at Celine’s house with a present and cake to celebrate her birthday. She tells him he doesn’t have to do all this stuff. She has her own life and her own happiness, he should find his own too. He tells her that his one and only happiness depends on her. They soon drop the subject and enjoy the cake together.


At the Chinese Opera singing club, the members are being interviewed by a reporter. One of the ladies call Celine over so that they all can take a picture together. After the reporters leave, Celine notes that Ah Yun doesn’t look too well. She tells the other that she’s has a light cough. Celine mentions knowing of a chef that knows how to make this dessert that helps with sore throats.

Ah Yun mentions that she knows how to make the stewed pear dessert they’re talking about. The other women ask if she could teach them. Celine suggests they come over on Wednesday to her house to learn. They all agree.

Ah Yun goes to buy rat poison.

Celine is surprised when Ah Yun shows up to her house on Tuesday when they were supposed to meet on Wednesday. Nonetheless, she invites the other in.

Ah Yun teaches Celine how to make the dessert and Celine praises her and says whoever married her is lucky. Ah Yun mentions her husband passed away already.


Then the phone rings and Celine goes to answer. While she’s out of the kitchen, Ah Yun pours some rat poison in the pot.

The two of them are talking over tea in the living room while the dessert is cooking. Celine asks about Ah Yun’s life after her husband passed away and notes that her and her husband must have been really lovey dovey. Ah Yun agrees. She tells Celine that it was good at first but then she gets heated when she talks about the homewrecker who came in between them and destroyed her family.

Celine tells her that it’s been so long already. It’s better to let it go and just live life for herself. Ah Yun says that she will, after all, the other woman isn’t going to live long anyways. Celine asks why she says that. Ah Yun tells her woman who steal other people’s husbands don’t have long lives. She smiles evilly. Then she notes that the dessert is done and goes to get it.


The doorbell rings and its the other women from the opera singing club. They just happened to be in the area and decided to come visit. Ah Yun comes out of the kitchen and is shocked to see them. Celine says they’re in luck because Ah Yun just taught her how to make the stewed pears dessert and they’re excited to try it.

Just then Ah Yun drops the pot she’s holding, breaking it and spilling the contents all over the floors. She apologizes and goes to clean it.

Win Jeh’s father’s comes home and tells Jau Siu Leung that he bought good ingredients for a good dinner tonight. He tells him after the yummy dinner and a good sleep, tomorrow will be better. Jau Siu Leung just throws the empty beer can at him. He’s just drunk out of his mind. Win Jeh’s father tries to talk some sense into him but it just gets him into a fit of rage. He eventually stalks out of the house.


The next morning Jau Siu Leung goes to the police station and checks out a gun.

At the hospital, the doctor is telling Yat Gor that he’s recovering. Win Jeh asks if he can go out and get some sunshine and the doctor okays it. Outside, Win Jeh feeds Yat Gor some fruits. Jau Siu Leung is in the vicinity and glares at them. After Yat Gor is done eating, she excuses herself to go wash her hands. Jau Siu Leung follows her into the restroom.

He begs her to go back with him; they could start all over. But Win Jeh tells him she’s not leaving and they can’t go back to how things were. This pisses him off and he pulls the gun on her. Then he points it at his own head and demands she comes with him. She says even if she does go back with him, she’ll eventually leave again. He decides then he’ll kill her first then kill himself afterwards.


At that moment, Yat Gor enters to see what’s going on. Win Jeh goes to protect him but Jau Siu Leung manages to push her away and punch Yat Gor. The two get into a small scuffle with Win Jeh trying to pull Jau Siu Leung away. She manages to get in between them and holds Yat Gor close to her trying to protect him. Jau Siu Leung gets even more pissed at the scene and says he’ll kill the both of them.



This fucker is crazy omg. Dude there are other fishes in the sea. Why you gotta be obsessed with the one girl that doesn’t want you. Jau Siu Leung is a psycho man.

Also, why was he still staying at their house after she asked for a divorce like don’t you have your own house before marriage to go back to? Your own family. Why does the old man need to take care and put up with his ex-son-in-law lol.

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