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Burning Hands (乘勝狙擊): Episode 18 Recap

Burning Hands is a TVB drama that revolves around a team of con artists who are hired by a casino tycoon to find the mole embezzling his company’s funds. The leader of the gang, Jaak Gun Yat, though, has his own reasons for helping.

Jau Siu Leung gets mad that he can’t win Yat Gor and leaves.


Yat Gor and Win Jeh check each other for injuries before hugging tightly.


Back in Hong Kong Jau Siu Leung gets reprimanded for MIA and not reporting to work. His supervisor yells at him and tells him someone saw him in Macau during his MIA period. He’s temporarily suspended and has to undergo investigation.

Dawn goes to visit her friend Crispy at the bakery. She tells her that she’s planning to go back to the UK. Her friend excitedly shows her a picture of her new boyfriend and tells her that she wants to introduce Dawn to him. Then she gets pulled away for work.

Ho Ka Chung calls out to Dawn. He tells her he was purposely looking for her. She tells him if he’s busy then he doesn’t need to accompany her but he says she helped him get a job at the casino, no matter how busy he is, he has time for her.


The two talk and she tells him that she and Yee Jai broke up. Ho Ka Chung tries to comfort her by telling her that he’ll come back to her soon but Dawn knows he won’t. When she turns around, she sees him and Veronica being lovey dovey nearby. Dawn drags Ho Ka Chung to go hide but he doesn’t know why they should hide when she hasn’t done anything wrong. So he grabs her hand and comes out in the open. Veronica notices and points it out to Yee Jai. She makes a comment about him being the type to bring different girls to the same place and leaves. Yee Jai goes after her.

Dawn thanks Ho Ka Chung for helping her.

At Veronica’s place, her and Yee Jai are getting it on when Stone comes knocking on the door. She tells Yee Jai to go hide. When Stone enters he’s suspicious of her having hiding another man in her room and threatens to kill both her and the other man if he finds out. Yee Jai is in the closet listening to them get it on.


After the opera singing session, Ah Yun suggests that she and Celine talk over some tea. Celine declines and leaves first. Ah Yun fakes an injury and Celine offers to take her home.

Yat Gor is sorry for dragging Win Jeh into this mess. She tells him no matter what, she’ll always be by his side.

The photographer assistant Fok Chun Sing capture a while back is whining about how much longer he’ll be trapped there. Au Yeung Git brought him food and tells him they’re both stuck with each other until the assistant can find Yat Gor’s mom. The assistant then asks to see the news on the iPad as he eats.

He sees the article about the opera singers and points at the picture. He’s sure that the woman in the picture is the same woman that went with Jeung Tin Leung to the photo studio shop.

Ho Ka Chung goes to look for Fok Chun Sing at his office but is denied by the secretary. Inside, Stone is telling Fok Chun Sing that the woman next to Celine is Yat Gor’s mother. Fok Chun Sing is wondering how Yat Gor’s mom knows Celine and is worried about her. He calls her but she doesn’t pick up. Then he calls her secretary to find out where she is and finds out she was with Yat Gor’s mom this morning.


Unsettled, Fok Chun Sing decides to go to Hong Kong to look for her himself.

When he exits his office, Ho Ka Chung calls for his attention and tells him he’s Dawn’s friend. Dawn told him that she’s leaving to go back to the UK and he hopes that Fok Chun Sing would show some concern towards her. Fok Chun Sing tells him his daughter is old enough to go wherever she wants and leaves.

Ah Yun gets Celine to stay for a cup of tea after bringing her home. After Celine leaves the kitchen, Ah Yun puts some pills into her tea.

Yat Gor receives a text message from his mother telling him that she’ll share half of his revenge. She tells him to focus on Fok Chun Sing. She’s got Celine under control. Yat Gor tries calling his mom but she doesn’t answer. He decides to discharge himself from the hospital to go look for her.

Fok Chun Sing barges into his hospital room and demands to know if the woman in the picture with Celine is Yat Gor’s mom. Then he tells him to change. They’re going to Hong Kong to look for them.

In the car, Fok Chun Sing warns Yat Gor, if anything happens to Celine, he’s not letting him of the hook. Yat Gor replies that this is retribution for what they’ve done.

Celine drinks the tea and soon after alls unconscious.

In Hong Kong, Fok Chun Sing makes Yat Gor drive the car. He drags Win Jeh into the back seat before receiving the gun from his bodyguard and getting in the back too.

They arrive at Yat Gor’s house but find no signs of anyone inside. Fok Chun Sing comes across the empty bottle of sleeping pills in the kitchen and finds Celine’s bag and cell phone in the common area. He loses it and demands to know what Yat Gor’s mom has done with Celine.


Win Jeh tries to stop Fok Chun Sing from hurting Yat Gor but he pushes her away. Her head bumps into the corner and she falls unconscious.  Fok Chun Sing pulls the gun on Yat Gor then pulls him away to find the two women.

Celine wakes up to find herself tied to a bench. Ah Yun is in her own world talking about her once perfect family that was ruined by the homewrecking bitch. As she tells the story of how her husband died, it starts to dawn on Celine who Ah Yun’s husband was.


Yat Gor brings Fok Chun Sing to a forest-y area. Fok Chun Sing thinks he’s playing around and threatens him with the gun but Yat Gor isn’t scared. If he dies, there’s no way Fok Chun Sing can guarantee that he’ll find Celine alive. So he demands the other to get rid of his gun.


Meanwhile, with Ah Yun and Celine, Celine tells her that she’s got it all wrong. She tells her that the biggest regret in her life was marrying Jeung Tin Leung. Ah Yun thinks she’s lying.

Fok Chun Sing complies and tosses the gun away. He is as equally worried about Celine as Yat Gor is about his mother. He gives Yat Gor his word that he won’t harm a single hair on his mother’s head when they find them. Then he leads him to a house his mom raised him in; she was afraid of Fok Chun Sing coming after them after Jeung Tin Leung died. Fok Chun Sing tells him he wouldn’t have. He didn’t even know they existed. Besides, his problem with Jeung Tin Leung was between the two of them. He wouldn’t have dragged other innocent people into it. Yat Gor doesn’t believe him.

They enter the house but there’s no one there. In a fit of rage, Fok Chun Sing punches Yat Gor. Then he picks the other back up by his collar and is about to land another punch but sees how much pain Yat Gor is in from his previous injury. He lets him go.


Ah Yun starts sharpening a butcher knife in front of Celine. Celine tells her that Jeung Tin Leung’s death was his own fault. In fact, she hates him. He had forced her to marry him. She was actually in love with Fok Chun Sing. They were to be married but Jeung Tin Leung got in between them. Jeung Tin Leung fell in love with her and threatened to kill Fok Chun Sing if she didn’t marry him. Since she didn’t want anything to happen to Fok Chun Sing, she agreed. Ah Yun doesn’t believe her.


Fok Chun Sing tells Yat Gor that he and Stone initially started working with Jeung Tin Leung because he was from Macau and knew people. They worked their way up from the bottom to the top. But Jeung Tin Leung was a douchebag of a human being. Not only did he steal Celine from him, he also want to steal his share of the company. Jeung Tin Leung always had a paranoia that Fok Chun Sing and Stone were out to get him and doing shady stuff to get back at them. Fok Chun Sing let it go for the sake of their many years of brotherhood.

During their Philippines trip, Fok Chun Sing had decided when they got back, he was going to tell him he was leaving the group and opening his own casino. Stone was following him. This news pisses Jeung Tin Leung off. He thinks they owe him after he saved them from Vietnam. Since he sees their departure as a sign of betrayal, he pulls a gun on them and tries to kill them. As an act of self defense, Fok Chun Sing slashes Jeung Tin Leung’s back with an axe and shoves him out of the helicopter.


Yat Gor doesn’t believe him but Fok Chun Sing doesn’t care. His belief isn’t going to change reality. Yat Gor only believes what his mom has been telling him – and that’s his father is a good guy.


Ah Yun doesn’t believe the story that Jeung Tin Leung would want to kill his two partners. Celine seems like she’s stop caring if she believe it or not. She talks about how she and Fok Chun Sing got together after Jeung Tin Leung’s death. They even had a son together. But unfortunately, he died before the age of one. Celine thinks this is the retribution for killing someone. She mentions the necklace around her neck is the ashes of her son, as a reminder to live a straight life and that there’s a such thing as retribution. So that’s why after all these years, she’s never gotten back together with Fok Chun Sing.

Despite the story, Ah Yun still thinks someone has to take the blame for Jeung Tin Leung’s death. So she snatches the necklace with the ashes of Celine’s son as evidence of guilt. She throws it to the ground and smashes it to smithereens with the heel of her shoe. Celine cries and screams for her to stop.

Fok Chun Sing helps Yat Gor up and drives him back to where Win Jeh is.

Win Jeh wakes up and stumbles out of the apartment. In the hallway, she hears Yat Gor’s mom’s voice coming from apartment C.

Yat Gor and Fok Chun Sing arrive back at the apartments. A man stops Yat Gor and tells him he’s the owner of apartment C and that his mom asked to borrow the key to show an interested friend. He just wanted to know how it was going. The two men rush upstairs to said apartment and find both Win Jeh and Ah Yun knocked out on the floor but no Celine.


Fok Chun Sing is demanding for answers from Ah Yun but she in turn is blaming him for rescuing Celine. Yat Gor asks how Win Jeh got to be there and she tells him after she went to check out the noises, she got knocked out and woke up here.

Celine wakes up in the dark study room at Jeung Tin Leung’s house. She freaks out when she sees his wax figure. She hears noises outside the room and goes to check it out. But then the wax figure behind her falls and when she turns around, the real Jeung Tin Leung is walking towards her. He asks her why she looks so dazed.



Crazy…they’re all batshit crazy!

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