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Burning Hands (乘勝狙擊): Episode 19 Recap

Burning Hands is a TVB drama that revolves around a team of con artists who are hired by a casino tycoon to find the mole embezzling his company’s funds. The leader of the gang, Jaak Gun Yat, though, has his own reasons for helping.

Celine is shocked that Jeung Tin Leung is alive. He tells her he didn’t die all those years ago; he just lost his memories. He doesn’t know why or how but he suddenly got his memories back and now he’s come back to reclaim everything that’s rightfully his. Celine begs him to just let her go but he refuses and knocks her unconscious.


Yat Gor and Fok Chun Sing are at the police station to give their statements on the incident that happened to Yat Gor’s mom. When ask, Fok Chun Sing says he was in Hong Kong to visit Celine and knows that Celine and Yat Gor’s mom are in the same club together. After seeing what happened to Yat Gor’s mom and being unable to contact Celine, he thinks she’s been kidnapped.


Afterwards Yat Gor thanks Fok Chun Sing for not telling the police about his mother kidnapping Celine. He explains that ever since he was young, his mother has always told him that Celine stole her husband and wrecked their family. Fok Chun Sing understands why she would think that. Yat Gor still doesn’t believe what he said but Fok Chun Sing has just resigned himself to it. He just hopes Celine is alright.

Yat Gor goes to see his mom at the hospital. When she wakes, she continues to insist on getting revenge despite Yat Gor telling her to give up on it. Win Jeh tells her that Celine has been kidnap. Ah Yun thinks that’s great. Yat Gor regards her with a look of pity. Then he asks if what she told him was really true. Ah Yun starts freaking out then and tells him not to believe what Fok Chun Sing told him. He and Celine are the bad guys. They’re liars. Yat Gor agrees with her and tells her he won’t talk about it anymore after seeing how frantic his mother got about it.


Yat Gor and Win Jeh go on the roof to talk. Yat Gor is confused because he doesn’t know what to believe. Ever since his mother told him about his father’s incident, his life had been about finding out how his father died and who his killers wre. But now it seems like he’s had it wrong all along.

After a brief work-related meeting at the bar with Stone, Veronica calls Yee Jai to meet up. The two get intimate at Yee Jai’s house until Stone barges in and catches them in the act. He pulls a gun on Yee Jai and beats him up but Veronica stops him by mentioning the 10 percent in stocks Yee Jai has. It’s enough to help Stone defeat Fok Chun Sing. Stone spares him and Yee Jai pledges to help him.


Later on, Veronica and Stone are cuddling in bed. Stone says he’ll write her a check as thanks for helping him lure Yee Jai into their plans.

Fok Chun Sing is going through Celine’s things. He finds some baby clothes and a family picture of the two of them with their son.

A dude who saw Celine a few nights ago is brought before Fok Chun Sing. The guy tells them that he drove a man and a woman to Macau. He recognized the woman as Celine. He doesn’t know if she was knocked out or sleeping but she didn’t wake up the whole trip. When asked about the man, he couldn’t really see his face. Fok Chun Sing thanks him and he is escorted out. But on his way out, he sees the picture of Jeung Tin Leung on the wall and recognizes him as the same man that he drove. Stone and Fok Chun Sing share a look.

Jeung Tin Leung goes to the hospital room where Ah Yun is. She is ecstatic to see him again. Yat Gor is in disbelief. The two of them go out and have a talk among themselves.


A sense of uneasiness falls on Yat Gor as he listens to Jeung Tin Leung talk about battling it out with Fok Chun Sing and wanting him to lose everything, including his life. Yat Gor then asks him all the questions he had, if everything Fok Chun Sing said was true.

Jeung Tin Leung confirms it all. He also confirms kidnapping Celine too. Though these are just details. He’s more interested in how well Yat Gor has grown up. He says they’re similar. From now on, they’ll work together as father and son to take over Macau and take down Fok Chun Sing.


Dawn is at home saying goodbye to her maid. Fok Chun Sing returns and yells at his body guards to continue searching until they find Celine. He walks past Dawn without another word. Dawn makes a comment about Celine being the most important person in Fok Chun Sing’s life and that no one else matters. Fok Chun Sing grabs her wrist and tells her to come with him.

He brings her to a cemetery and tells her that’s where her younger brother lies. Fok Chun Sing explains before he met Dawn’s mom, he was already dating Celine; she was his first love and still the love of his life. The only reason he wasn’t able to marry her was because of Jeung Tin Leung. Afterwards, he met Dawn’s mom and got married to her.


Fok Chun Sing shows Dawn the his family picture with Celine and their son. Then he proceeds to tell her that Jeung Tin Leung isn’t actually dead and has probably kidnapped Celine.

Jeung Tin Leung is super happy to return to his house. He’s settling in when the door bell rings and Fok Chun Sing and Stone appear at the doorstep. On one hand, Stone can’t believe that Jeung Tin Leung is really back. On the other, Fok Chun Sing immediately demands to know where Celine is. This sets Jeung Tin Leung off. He scolds Fok Chun Sing for being rude and not addressing her as his sister-in-law. He has no right to inquire about the whereabouts of Celine. After all she’s his wife, not Fok Chun Sing’s. Well, since Jeung Tin Leung wants to play games, Fok Chun Sing will play with him.


Stone is in the hotel room with Veronica and Yee Jai discussing the ramifications of Jeung Tin Leung’s return. He notes that Fok Chun Sing is a mess because of the disappearance of Celine. Veronica thinks this new player will throw a wrench in their plans. Stone just tells them to sit back with their popcorn ready to watch the show that’s about to unfold. Then he proceeds to warn Yee Jai to not even think about giving Jeung Tin Leung’s 10% back to him. Yee Jai of course understands.

Yat Gor introduces his team to his father. Jeung Tin Leung is able to guess who each other them all correctly despite only meeting them for the first time. After introductions, Jeung Tin Leung is excited for Yat Gor’s crew to be helping him out with his plans. Yat Gor interrupts him and tells him his team has their own plans but Jeung Tin Leung brushes that off. If they were true homies, they would help their friend’s father. Everyone looks uneasy.


Yee Jai though, takes the lead and accepts. The others follow suit and this makes Jeung Tin Leung really happy. They drink to it.

When the crew returns home, they talk about how crazy Jeung Tin Leung seems. They realize if they join in on the plans, it would only bring them down. Even though they’re con-artists, they don’t kill people. There’s no thrill in risking their lives like this. Sun Kai Jai is a little irked at how their bosses keep changing. They initially came to Macau to help Szeto, which then turned into helping Yee Jai, then to Yat Gor, now Yat Gor’s father.


Open Eyes asks Yee Jai for his opinion on the matter and he says it’s Yat Gor’s father, they have to help. Souvenir doesn’t want to go against Fok Chun Sing and Stone. But Yee Jai reasons that as homies, if Yat Gor ask for help, they can’t reject it right? They all agree.

Jeung Tin Leung and Yat Gor are at the lawyer’s office to do the stock transfer but Yee Jai doesn’t appear and doesn’t pick up Yat Gor’s phone calls. When the secretary comes to kick them out, Jeung Tin Leung gets angry and leaves.

At home Jeung Tin Leung is taking his medicine with alcohol. Ah Yun comes and tells him it’s better to take it with water. Her nagging pisses him off and he slaps her. Yat Gor sees this and yells at him for what he did. Jeung Tin Leung is adamant about his actions. Ah Yun begs Yat Gor to just let it go.


Yat Gor and Win Jeh are sitting in a garden talking. Yat Gor is upset that his father is completely different from how his mother described him to be. Win Jeh understands he’s in a difficult place. Yat Gor has always had strong morals but now he’s forced to choose between his father-son relationship and his morals.

The maid urgently calls Dawn to come home to talk some sense into Fok Chun Sing. He’s been holed up in his office refusing to eat and just drinking. Dawn goes to check on him and he completely breaks down. He can’t find Celine and he’s scared Jeung Tin Leung has done something to her. Dawn tries to comfort him.


Fok Chun Sing is zombie like on the day of Chun Sing Group’s 20th anniversary event. Stone and Veronica try to talk Fok Chun Sing into returning to his regular self to attend the event.

When Yat Gor arrives at the event with Win Jeh and his mother, he sees the rest of his crew there. Apparently Jeung Tin Leung had told them to show up. Win Jeh realizes something is up.

At that moment Jeung Tin Leung appears with Celine on his arm. Reporters swarm the pair. Fok Chun Sing gets anxious and tries to approach them too but Stone holds him back.

Veronica breaks up the reporters and Jeung Tin Leung goes to give his congrats to Fok Chun Sing. Fok Chun Sing just ignores him and tries to get Celine’s attention but she’s completely zombie-like and unresponsive. Yat Gor comes up and asks why his father asked all of them to come. It’s pretty much to show how many people he has supporting him.


Fok Chun Sing leans in and asks him what he did to Celine. Jeung Tin Leung explains that Celine is sick and doesn’t really want to talk after taking her medicine. Then he goes on about how he’s waited 20 years for his family to be together again and asks Fok Chun Sing to help him take a family picture.



It’s a wonder Yat Gor turned out as decent as he did what with the two crazy parents he has. Probably gotta thank Szeto. He did a fine job raising Yat Gor lol.

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