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Burning Hands (乘勝狙擊): Episode 20 Recap

Burning Hands is a TVB drama that revolves around a team of con artists who are hired by a casino tycoon to find the mole embezzling his company’s funds. The leader of the gang, Jaak Gun Yat, though, has his own reasons for helping.

Fok Chun Sing takes the picture. Jeung Tin Leung gloats about it afterwards. He then proceeds to whisper for the other to keep his emotions in check unless he wants the reporters to write about him.


Jeung Tin Leung takes his wife around to meet with his other friends. A doctor approaches him and suggest that he take a look at Celine since her condition doesn’t seem like that of a normal cold. Jeung Tin Leung refuses and then storms out of there.

At home, Jeung Tin Leung is happily laughing at the look Fok Chun Sing had when he saw them. Ah Yun tells him she had the congee cooked to fit his style but questions his change in taste. He says his wife likes bird’s nest congee and tells her to remember that. Then he goes to feed Celine. Ah Yun’s face darkens.


Ah Yun then asks why did Jeung Tin Leung bring that woman home. He yells at her to know her place; Celine is legally his wife, she (Ah Yun) is just his mistress.

Yat Gor then speaks out about Celine’s condition. Jeung Tin Leung says she’s like that because he tranquilized her. Both Yat Gor and Win Jeh tells him he shouldn’t do that. He just ignores them.

Yat Gor receives a text from Fok Chun Sing asking about Celine’s condition. He replies. Then he talks to Win Jeh about what he does. He knows his father won’t let him help Fok Chun Sing. He’s conflicted and feels like he has a responsibility to stand on his father’s side.


Celine wakes up in the middle of the night after the tranquilizer wears off. She tries to sneak away but Jeung Tin Leung catches her and throws her back on the bed. He gets Ah Yun (who was sleeping on his other side) to hold Celine down while he gets another dose of tranquilizer. Celine begs Ah Yun to save her but Ah Yun says this is Celine’s fault; she did wrong to Jeung Tin Leung first. Jeung Tin Leung injects another dosage into her.


The next morning, the police comes knocking with a search warrant for a bomb in Jeung Tin Leung’s house. They go around the house with a search dog but are unable to find anything. Jeung Tin Leung laughs after they leave.

Fok Chun Sing is pissed that they couldn’t find Celine. Dawn suggests asking for Yat Gor’s help but Fok Chun Sing knows Jeung Tin Leung won’t let his son help them.

Jeung Tin Leung explains to the rest of the family how he was able to hide Celine. He reveals a secret door behind a cabinet that leads to a secret passageway. That was how he was able to sneak Celine out.


Jeung Tin Leung goes to visit Fok Chun Sing’s office with Yat Gor. He brags about how everything here is supposed to be his. Fok Chun Sing asks what will it take for him to stop and hand over Celine. Jeung Tin Leung asks for everything – all his assets and the company. Both Fok Chun Sing and Stone thinks he’s crazy.

In the end, they agree to gamble on it. If Fok Chun Sing wins, Jeung Tin Leung will give him Celine. But if Jeung Tin Leung wins, he wants everything the other and Stone has. Fok Chun Sing agrees on the condition they leave Stone out of it. The date is set for three days later.


Stone talks to Veronica about the battle between Fok Chun Sing and Jeung Tin Leung. Before he thought Fok Chun Sing would win but because Jeung Tin Leung has Celine is his clutches, this has Fok Chun Sing’s focus disoriented. With everyone’s focus on the two of them, everyone has forgotten Yee Jai’s 10%. Stone tells Veronica to tell Yee Jai to continue hiding for a few more days.

Yee Jai sneakily goes to visit his father but Yat Gor manages to find him there. The two go to take a walk. Yat Gor asks him if he’s facing any troubles that he needs help with. Yee Jai tells him to just leave him alone. Yat Gor is adamant about helping but Yee Jai doesn’t want it.


Yat Gor returns home and finds his father practicing his tricks. They talk a bit until Jeung Tin Leung’s hand starts shaking crazily. Yat Gor learns that his father has to constantly take pain relieving pills otherwise when his pain starts acting up, his hand shakes uncontrollably, rendering him practically useless. He blames all this on Fok Chun Sing.

Jeung Tin Leung takes Yat Gor to the small soccer court the two used to go to when he was younger. There, he asks Yat Gor to help play in his place against Fok Chun Sing.


Back at home, Yat Gor is finally realizing that his father never really loved them and if he could, he would hide their identities forever. He also realizes that his mom has been lying to him too, about what kind of person his father really is. Win Jeh tries to comfort him.

Ah Yun comes knocking with dessert. Yat Gor confronts her about lying to him about his father’s personality all those years. She denies doing so. He brings up all the mistreatment he’s witness so far but Ah Yun is adamant that she can hold on and is happy. The more he sees, the less he wants to help his father play against Fok Chun Sing.


Yat Gor and Win Jeh go to visit Szeto. There they meet his lover, Sou Mei. After introductions, the three student and teacher sit down and talk. Yat Gor tells him the situation he’s in and asks Szeto for help, which in turn means helping Fok Chun Sing. Szeto is reluctant.


In the end, it’s because of Sou Mei’s words that Szeto agrees to be a good guy for once and to help them out. Then he asks how he can help. Yat Gor gives him a cigarette butt. This is the only clue to finding Celine. Szeto understands. If they find Celine, then all bets are off.

The crews lounging around trying to figure out what they should do. They want to support Yat Gor but not his crazy dad.

The door bell rings and Sun Kai Jai answers. Szeto appears on the other side with Sou Mei and the others are instantly on their toes for any funny business. Szeto reasons he’s just here to help Yat Gor and wanted to solicit their help too.


They don’t believe him. In fact, they think he’s out to betray them again. Szeto tries explaining again he’s really just doing it for Sou Mei. Whether they believe him or not, they only have 12 hours to find where Celine is and save her.

Szeto managed to find out that Jeung Tin Leung had a couple of Filipinos take Celine and hide her in Hong Kong.

On the day of the gamble, Yat Gor enters the study where his parents are. Jeung Tin Leung asks if he’s sure he can win today’s gamble. Yat Gor tells him that he’s not sure since he’s never played against Fok Chun Sing before. Jeung Tin Leung points out that he can see Yat Gor respects Fok Chun Sing a lot.  He also confronts him about his hidden intentions to help Fok Chun Sing. He continues scolding Yat Gor while Ah Yun tries to defend her son. This causes Jeung Tin Leung to turn on her for raising such a traitorous son.

Yat Gor steps in and says he will do his utmost best to win today however, he hopes Jeung Tin Leung would not make things difficult for his mother anymore. Jeung Tin Leung thinks he has no right to make demands. Then he makes Yat Gor swear on his mother’s life that he’ll win at all costs, otherwise Ah Yun will die a painful death. Yat Gor refuses but his mother tells him to do it. So he does.


Win Jeh is outside, listening in on everything.

Fok Chun Sing is in his study room looking at his family picture with Celine. Dawn comes in and presents a bow tie to him as a symbol of her support. She asks him how confident he is about winning today. He tells her that he doesn’t care if he loses all his money, but he can’t lose Celine. He must win today. Dawn believes in him.


The crew manages to track the Filipino’s movements all the way to a mountain. Once there, they’re worried about how they’ll find their hideout.


Jeung Tin Leung and his entourage enters the gambling room in high spirits. He tells Fok Chun Sing that he’ll be playing against his son today. Fok Chun Sing doesn’t care who he’ll be playing.

Jeung Tin Leung reminds Yat Gor not to do any funny business and his promise with his mother. Then he turns to Fok Chun Sing to remind him not to lose, otherwise he’ll never see Celine again.


Fok Chun Sing tells Yat Gor he knew there would be a day where they play each other to see who’s the better player, but he never guess it would be in this kind of situation. Yat Gor never guessed it either.



I really hate Ah Yun. She’s so pathetic.

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