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Burning Hands (乘勝狙擊): Episode 21 Recap

Burning Hands is a TVB drama that revolves around a team of con artists who are hired by a casino tycoon to find the mole embezzling his company’s funds. The leader of the gang, Jaak Gun Yat, though, has his own reasons for helping.

Szeto and the crew are doing their best to comb through the mountains but aren’t having much luck. They try to come up with an idea to lure the Filipinos out to them instead.

Fok Chun Sing and Yat Gor start playing. However, every round ends in a draw. This pisses Jeung Tin Leung off so he makes them switch to playing Blackjack.


Szeto comes up with the idea to start a fire so that the Filipinos would think there’s a forest fire going on. The three pairs light up a small fire and wait. Open Eyes and Souvenir notices a flash near them and alerts the others.


Fok Chun Sing and Yat Gor continue playing and they continue to end in a draw.

Souvenir remembers there’s an app that lets you know of anyone nearby using WeChat (a Chinese messaging app). They give it a try and find someone who looks Filipino nearby.

The latest round ends in a draw too. Jeung Tin Leung has had enough and pulls out a gun. He challenges Fok Chun Sing to a game of russian roulette. Fok Chun Sing thinks he’s crazy. He’s unwilling to play on his life. Unfortunately, Jeung Tin Leung has the upper hand. There’s only 10 minutes left before he’ll call his underlings to do their job and then Fok Chun Sing will never be able to see Celine ever again, forcing Fok Chun Sing to play regardless. Jeung Tin Leung goes first and pulls the trigger. It’s empty.


Fok Chu Sing goes for the gun and Stone and Dawn tries to stop him but he shakes them off and pulls the trigger. It’s empy too. No matter, there’s four shots left. One of the is going to die today. Cues evil laugh from Jeung Tin Leung.

Open Eyes and Souvenir find the Filipino’s hideout and get into scuffle with them.

Jeung Tin Leung is about to take his next shot when Ah Yun steps in and says she’ll do it for him. Yat Gor then takes the gun from her and says he’ll do it. Jeung Tin Leung is ecstatic about it.


Ah Yun faints seeing Yat Gor put the gun to his head. He tries to go to her but Jeung Tin Leung holds him back. Then he yells at Ah Yun for getting in the way. He proceeds to tell everyone to get out except for Yat Gor and Fok Chun Sing. Everyone just stands there. So he pulls out another gun and fires a shot at the ceiling. After that, everyone leaves the room.


Fok Chun Sing tells Yat Gor not to partake in this madness. Yat Gor ignores him and puts the gun under his chin. He pulls and it’s empty. Jeung Tin Leung laughs while the other two are relieved out of their minds.

It’s Fok Chun Sing’s turn again. He pulls the trigger and it’s empty. Jeung Tin Leung urges Yat Gor to go next but Fok Chun Sing tells him not to. It’s a 50/50 chance now.

The rest of the crew make it in time to save Souvenir and Open Eyes. They chase after the direction Celine went.

Before Yat Gor takes the shot, he takes a few pictures of himself smiling. Then he calls Fok Chun Sing brother Sing, and asks him to give the phone to Win Jeh if anything happens to him. He then takes the shot but it’s empty. Jeung Tin Leung is happy and hugs his son. Then he goes to taunt Fok Chun Sing. Fok Chun Sing snatches the gun and asks for half a minute before he dies before the other’s eyes.

He records a voice message for Celine. He tells her that she’s the most important thing in his life and asks that she live life happily after his death. He ends it tell her he loves her and gives the phone to Yat Gor.


Szeto manages to save Celine.

Just as Fok Chun Sing is about to pull the trigger, Yat Gor receives a phone call from Szeto telling him they saved Celine. Yat Gor apologizes but Jeung Tin Leung has already lost it. He points his gun at Yat Gor. Fok Chun Sing points his gun at Jeung Tin Leung and yells at him for wanting to kill his son. Yat Gor is in between the two and begs Fok Chun Sing to not shoot.


Suddenly, Jeung Tin Leung’s hand starts shaking again. He drops the gun and stumbles back into a chair and fumbles around for his medicine. Yat Gor pockets the gun and opens the door. He tells everyone they found Celine. Everything’s okay. Win Jeh hugs Yat Gor.

Fok Chun Sing warns Jeung Tin Leung if he wants to continue playing, he’ll play with him but there’s no way he can win because of his shaky hands. Jeung Tin Leung refuses to back down and says this isn’t the end.

At home, Jeung Tin Leung yells at Yat Gor for betraying him and helping Fok Chun Sing. He repeatedly slaps him on the face. Yat Gor says he did his best at the gambling table. He just wants to resolve this issue between his father and Fok Chun Sing peacefully but Jeung Tin Leung refuses. Fok Chun Sing has to die.


Yat Gor tries to talk Jeung Tin Leung out of his plot for revenge. Fok Chun Sing knows now that there’s no way Jeung Tin Leung can win against him now without Yat Gor and Celine as his trump cards. Jeung Tin Leung just gets angrier. He disowns Yat Gor and tells him to leave. Yat Gor does as he is told.

Yat Gor and Win Jeh try to convince Ah Yun to leave with them. Neither can see Jeung Tin Leung being worth Ah Yun’s love. But she refuses. She needs to stay and take care of him. Although Yat Gor is really important to her, Jeung Tin Leung is just as important to her too. She tells them to return to Hong Kong and not to worry about her.

After the doctor has seen to Celine, Dawn excuses herself first but Celine asks her to stay behind. Celine tells Fok Chun Sing she has a lot of regrets but thanks him for waiting for her all these years.

Dawn asks what’s going to happen next. Fok Chun Sing is gonna get a restraining order against Jeung Tin Leung for Celine. He’s also going to help her get a divorce. Then they’ll be able to be together afterwards. Dawn gives them her support.


Yat Gor and Win Jeh end up walking to the church. Yat Gor proposes they get married. Win Jeh agrees. They enter the church and realize they have nothing prepared – not even the priest. But Yat Gor says as long as they have the two of them present and the heavens as their witnesses, it’s good enough. The two playfully say their vows and seal the deal with a kiss.


That night the crew has dinner with Szeto as a celebration. Yat Gor thanks Szeto for his help but he in turn congratulates Yat Gor and Win Jeh on their marriage. Szeto tells the two to happily go back to Hong Kong. He will look after everything in Macau for him.

Yat Gor apologizes to his team for dragging them all into his father’s mess. Then he tells them he and Win Jeh are bowing out of the con-artistry. The crew wishes them luck.


Sun Kai Jai then notices Yee Jai isn’t here. Yat Gor tells him that Yee Jai has his own business to take care of that he has no idea of. Since Yee Jai has such loyalty to his homies, Sau Fung thinks he’s probably doing something for a friend. Hopefully it’s something good otherwise they’ll have to help him clean up his mess.

Open Eyes wonders what they’ll do now that Yat Gor is leaving. Szeto reassures them that he’ll be there and if they stick with him, they’ll find plenty of riches and success. They all cheer to that.

Yat Gor goes to see Fok Chun Sing. Fok Chun Sing comments that Yat Gor looks at him differently now – not as an enemy anymore. He then proceeds to thank him for saving not only Celine but his life too. Yat Gor brushes it off. Fok Chun Sing admits that he really admires Yat Gor. He has all of Jeung Tin Leung’s good points but none of his bad points. He acknowledges Yat Gor’s talents and asks him to work with him again but Yat Gor tells him he’s leaving today.

The two then decide to compete to see who’s the better one of the two. They choose to do it simply by who can choose the highest card. Both of them end up getting a joker. They laugh it off, realizing they might never be able to find out who’s better than who.


Celine and Fok Chun Sing enter Dawn’s room to get her opinion on where they should go on vacation first: see the northern lights or the penguins in the south pole. After they’ve decided, Dawn finds out she’s included too and is touched.

Stone is in Fok Chun Sing’s office, enjoying his chair. He gets startled when Veronica enters but  she assures him everyone has left already. Then she tells him one of the board members changed their mind about selling his stocks. Stone goes to see him. The board members wants double now for his stocks. Stone in turn threatens him with the kidnapping of the guy’s mother and wife.


At the board meeting the next day, Yee Jai is the last to arrive. Just as they’re starting the meeting, he proposes a change in chairman. Stone backs him up. Fok Chun Sing then finds out one of them sold his 2% shares to Stone – bringing their total shares to 39% – more than Fok Chun Sing’s 38%. Yee Jai’s motion is successful. Stone is named the new chairman.


Fok Chun Sing can’t believe the betrayal of Stone.


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