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Burning Hands (乘勝狙擊): Episode 22 Recap

Burning Hands is a TVB drama that revolves around a team of con artists who are hired by a casino tycoon to find the mole embezzling his company’s funds. The leader of the gang, Jaak Gun Yat, though, has his own reasons for helping.

Fok Chun Sing thanks Stone for wanting to take the Chairman position. He’s been wanting to take a break and now he finally has a chance. He shoves the other into the seat and tells Stone to do a good job. He may not be the Chairman anymore, but he is still the biggest shareholder. He’ll be holding Stone responsible if he doesn’t do well.

Outside, Fok Chun Sing meets up with Celine and Dawn. He tells them Stone wanted to step up to the Chairman position and he let him have it. This gives him more time to do whatever he wants. Dawn is worried and asks if her father is okay. Fok Chun Sing tells her he’s fine.


In the office, Veronica and Yee Jai congratulates Stone for his win. Veronica suggests a name change and Stone settles on changing it to Three Stones Group. Then the three of them, plus a few others, take their rounds around the casino.

Stone was too busy watching Yee Jai and Veronica out of the corner of his eyes that he didn’t notice one of the dealers and crashed into her. She spilled some of the betting chips and starts apologizing profusely. Stone gets Yee Jai to pick it up. He does as he is told. Afterwards, Stone gives him a warning to stop dreaming. What’s not his, will never be his so he shouldn’t even think about it.


Yee Jai is chilling alone in a park. Szeto and the crew approach him. They’ve heard of the humiliation he faced from Stone and taunt him about being Stone’s dog. Szeto chides Yee Jai for selling out his friends. He tells him he shouldn’t do that because friendship isn’t something for him to betray so easily for money. Yee Jai doesn’t agree. He defends himself by saying he’s only doing what a con-artist should be doing and walks away.


Szeto thinks he’s a lost cause.

In Hong Kong, Yat Gor and Win Jeh get a house by the river and are enjoying the view.


Stone is playing cards with Wong Dee, Boss Yu, and Yee Jai. They all let him win.

While they’re playing Boss Yu suggests a collaboration. Stone refuses to do one unless he gets the bigger share. Boss Yu meekly agrees to it and looks forward to hearing from the other.

After the other two leave, Stone asks Yee Jai to name his price for the 10% stock he holds. Since Stone wants it so much, Yee Jai will sell Jeung Tin Leung’s house along with it. The deed is still under his name.

Ah Yun tries to stop Jeung Tin Leung from drinking but he shoves her away and blames her for ruining everything. He had waited 20 years to get back at the other two but it’s all moot now.

Stone and Yee Jai go visit Jeung Tin Leung at his house. Stone tells him he has a week to pack up and move. He explains that Celine gave Yee Jai the house and Yee Jai will be selling the house to him. Jeung Tin Leung demands for Stone to play a game with him but Stone knows that the other has no ability to play with him with his shaky hands. He tells him again he’s got one week to leave otherwise he’ll have people throw him out.


Jeung Tin Leung comes out after them with a gun but Stone is faster and shoots Jeung Tin Leung first. Stone tells him that the past 20 years he’s been practicing his shooting skills. Now he’s known as a king of guns. He shoots Jeung Tin Leung one more time then tells Yee Jai to clean it up nicely.


Stone is in Veronica’s hotel room, wondering what’s so great about Fok Chun Sing and Jeung Tin Leung. In the end, they were of no match for him. Veronica praises him. The two celebrate him as Macau’s new gambling king with a glass of wine.

He and Veronica are making out when Stone starts shaking. He pulls away in pain and clutches at his heart. Veronica takes him to the hospital. There, the doctor tells him he has a mini-stroke. However, if he takes a few precautions, he should be fine. He has to stay in the hospital for a few days though for observation.


Yee Jai comes to visit him with a lawyer. Boss Yu from Macluck has the contract ready for their collaboration. Stone thinks the guy is too impatient and tells Yee Jai to drag it out. Yee Jai then tells Stone that something came up with the transfer of his stocks and the house. It should be solved in a few days time.

As they rush up the moutains, Win Jeh whines about Yat Gor oversleeping and causing them to miss the sunrise. Yat Gor denies oversleeping. He says he woke up but then just went back to sleep when he saw Win Jeh still sleeping. The couple then run into Fok Chun Sing, Celine and Dawn. All of them go to eat breakfast together.

After breakfast, Yat Gor and Fok Chun Sing are walking together talking. Meanwhile, the woman are chat by the beach shack. Dawn has found some seashells and she wonders out loud what are the chances of finding a pair of similar seashells.

Celine then talks about how sorry she is for making Fok Chun Sing wait 20 years. If she had just been a bit more persistent before and not let Jeung Tin Leung blackmail her, then they wouldn’t have wasted so much time. Though talking about perseverance, Celine thinks Win Jeh takes the cake. After all, she had to endure everyone talking about how she abandoned her husband for another man. Win Jeh explains that she wasn’t really thinking at the time. It’s just that she had to do this. She knows this persistency has a high cost.


Dawn is envious of the two for finding their Mr. Right and wonders when she will find hers.

Fok Chun Sing and Yat Gor end up walking to an outdoor soccer court. They play ball for a short while before Fok Chun Sing needs a break. The two talk about how living a simple life with their loved ones is the best.

Later on Yat Gor and Win Jeh see Fok Chun Sing and his family off with a promise to meet again sometime in the future.


On the walk home Win Jeh isn’t feeling too well. Yat Gor comments that she’s been puking lately and hasn’t had much of an appetite. He guesses that she may be pregnant and carries her home.

At home Win Jeh confirms that she’s pregnant. Both of them are super happy and start listing the people they need to tell the good news to.


Stone’s doctor says he’s okay but still needs to stay in the hospital a few more days for observation. After the doctor leaves, Stone takes out his tablet to watch the news. The news reporter is reporting that Yee Jai has been nominated to be chairman with Stone’s hospitalization. Pissed, he calls both Yee Jai and Veronica but they don’t answer. He gets out of bed and a nurse sees him and tells him he shouldn’t be out. He demands to be discharged and yells at her to pull the needles and wires out of him.

News of Yee Jai being the new representative Chairman reaches the crew and they all find it to be suspicious.

Stone is cursing Yee Jai to death as he drives to find him. But suddenly, his heart starts hurting and he crashes his car.

Yee Jai goes to see him in the hospital and finds out Stone really had a stroke. This is all according to their plans. Yee Jai praises the doctors for a job well done. Stone’s whole body is now paralyzed and he won’t be able to speak. He pretty much confined to his bed. Yee Jai tells the doctors the money has already been wired into their account. They thank him and leave first.


Yee Jai explains to Stone how exactly he ended up like this. Veronica has been helping him all along. She slipped something in his wine that day they were celebrating his defeat of Jeung Tin Leung. As for how Yee Jai because the Chairman, he faked a power of attorney letter. After all, his original occupation was a magician con-artist.


He tells Stone not to worry though, he won’t kill him yet. He needs him alive so that he can transfer all of Chun Sing Group’s assets to Yee Jai’s name.

That night, Yee Jai asks if Veronica is mad at him for manipulating her before.

There’s a flashback to when Yee Jai went to see Veronica and showed her the hidden camera he had in her room. She watches the video he recorded. It’s of her and Stone discussing their plans to take Yee Jai’s 10% stock shares. Yee Jai then gets her to work for him instead to take down Stone.

He tells her that he’s always wanted her to be his woman. From here on out, they’ll be happy together.

Yee Jai goes to see Jeung Tin Leung. When he wakes up, he asks him how he’s doing. Instead of answering, Jeung Tin Leung asks him why he saved him. Yee Jai tells him he’s his idol. He looks up to Jeung Tin Leung and wishes the two of them were father-son instead. If they were, together they’d take over the gambling scene in Macau.


Jeung Tin Leung just comments that it looks like he won’t be dying again this time.



Lol, I noticed another scene that was used in a previous drama. The part where Fok Chun Sing and Yat Gor are walking and talking. That’s the same place where the students from Blue Veins were practicing how to throw quarters lol. Why do I notice these things…

Sighhh…Yee Jai has just joined the cuckoo train.

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