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Burning Hands (乘勝狙擊): Episode 23 Recap

Burning Hands is a TVB drama that revolves around a team of con artists who are hired by a casino tycoon to find the mole embezzling his company’s funds. The leader of the gang, Jaak Gun Yat, though, has his own reasons for helping.

Yee Jai is basking in the glory of his victory in the office with Veronica.

Dawn wants to show Celine a jacket she saw online on her tablet when they come across a news article about a change in Chun Sing Group’s chairman again due to Stone getting a stroke.


Fok Chun Sing comes out from the kitchen and chides them for being so immersed in gossip news. Dawn retorts that they’re just looking at clothes. Then excuses herself to check on the dessert.

Celine doesn’t think Fok Chun Sing should be worrying about Stone after what the other did to him. Fok Chun Sing doesn’t agree. They grew up together. It’s hard not to care for him. He wants to go back to Macau to check up on him but Celine thinks it’s too dangerous for him to go back now.

Fok Chun Sing sits both Celine and Dawn down and tells them he knows they’re worried about him. He makes it clear that the stuff going on in Macau doesn’t concern him and he won’t go back.


Yat Gor is staring absentmindedly out the window of their home. Win Jeh approaches him and tells him if he wants to go back to Macau because of the Yee Jai thing, then he’s free to go. He tells her that he has no influence over what Yee Jai does so there’s no point in him going back.

While Yee Jai is making his rounds around the casino, he receives a text message from Yat Gor. Yat Gor tells him out of concern to stop whatever he’s doing, it’s not going to end well. Yee Jai tells him they’re on separate paths now and for him to mind his own business. If anyone gets in his way, they will be dealt with.

Veronica tells him that Boss Yu wants to see him to discuss their collaboration. When Yee Jai goes to his office, they re-discuss the terms. Since Yee Jai is pretty much a newcomer and a nobody in Macau, Boss Yu is willing to take him under his wing and teach him the ropes – at the expense of their new collaboration being 70/30 with Boss Yu being the bigger share. Yee Jai accepts these terms.


Win Jeh is trying to get Yat Gor to be serious about their baby’s name. Yat Gor wants to name his kids Ah Yee (two), Ah Saam (three), etc. since his name is Yat (one). Win Jeh thinks this is tacky. After Yat Gor tells her to have her father name the kid, they start hearing his voice nearby.

Turns out it’s Win Jeh’s father and Ho Ka Chung selling fruits on the streets. The two moved to this village to be closer to Win Jeh. After she finds out, she’s like whatever, do whatever you want.


Ho Ka Chung goes to hang out with his sister while Yat Gor talks to her father. Her father thinks the two of them being together must be a work of fate. But he tells Yat Gor to keep the baby news on the down low. They don’t want Jau Siu Leung to find out. The cop must just go crazy again.


Win Jeh asks why Ho Ka Chung isn’t working at the casino anymore. Ho Ka Chung explains he doesn’t want to be taking orders from that dog Yee Jai and goes on about how the other mistreated Dawn. Win Jeh teases him about Dawn and he just says they’re friends. Then he goes on to wonder out loud with everything happening in Macau, would Yat Gor want to go back?

Dawn suggest they go shopping and the ladies refuse to leave Fok Chun Sing alone so he gets dragged along too. He tells them his car is broken so he’ll call for a taxi.

The woman are dropped off to shop and Fok Chun Sing elects to stay behind to chill in the taxi. After they leave, the driver of the taxi speaks up and calls Fok Chun Sing lucky for having two women that wants every second of his time. The driver turns out to be Szeto.

Yat Gor enters the taxi and the three of them discuss the current issue in Macau with Yee Jai. Both Fok Chun Sing and Yat Gor wants to return to Macau but are tied down by their women so Szeto pretty much volunteers himself. Yat Gor is still worried but Szeto reassures him that he’s got the backing of Sun Kai Jai and Open Eyes so it’s fine. After it’s settled, Szeto shoos both of them out of the taxi since Fok Chun Sing’s 15 minutes are pretty much up.


Yat Gor goes to Szeto’s house to have a drink with him. Szeto asks Yat Gor if he is still mad at him for playing them like that that one time. Yat Gor isn’t mad and in fact, thanks him otherwise he wouldn’t have been able to get close to Fok Chun Sing to find out the truth about his father.


Szeto says there’s a lot of things in this world you wouldn’t be able to see through to the truth. Like he would have never thought Yat Gor would be Jeung Tin Leung’s son nor that Yee Jai was so ambitious. Yat Gor tells Szeto to be careful. Yee Jai isn’t the same person they once knew. He’s willing to do whatever it takes if people get in his way now. Szeto knows what he’s getting into.

Yat Gor then asks if Sou Mei is okay with him doing this. Szeto says she is. She’s really talented and has a lot of potential and with her involved, it takes her mind off of getting married. Yat Gor laughs but Szeto is serious. He really likes Sou Mei but he’s not ready to be tied down yet. It’s something he’ll think about after they sort out this Macau mess.


Sou Mei returns and Yat Gor leaves. He basically addresses her as Ms. Teacher-in-law and she asks Szeto should she respond when his students address her as such next time. Szeto thinks she should but she says she’s not even his wife. Szeto tries to placate her by reasoning that he needs to fix this mess first. She compromises and says after all this is over, he has to marry or otherwise she’ll start addressing him as her teacher.


Boss Yu takes a young girl to his office and they fool around. He finds out she’s just 14 but proceeds anyways. After the deed is done, Derek bursts into the office with Yee Jai. The girl runs away. Yee Jai taunts Boss Yu about have an appetite for younger girls. Derek goes to show Boss Yu a video recording of his earlier tryst. He yells at Derek for betraying him.


Boss Yu then turns to Yee Jai and asks what he wants. Yee Jai wants him to sell all his shares of Macluck to him. He wants to be Macluck’s biggest shareholder. Boss Yu refuses to respond but Yee Jai blackmails him with the video of him having sex with a minor. Boss Yu finally agrees in exchange for the video. Yee Jai says he’ll give him back the video after the deal goes through.

Before he leaves, he thanks Boss Yu for putting Derek by Dawn and his side before, otherwise he wouldn’t have gotten to know such a smart guy. Boss Yu screams for them to leave.

Yee Jai, Veronica, and Derek celebrate the success of taking over Macluck. Of course it was all thanks to the intel from Derek about Boss Yu’s penchant for minors. Yee Jai rewards him with a few percent of shares of the company. They cheer to Yee Jai being the next gambling king.

Yee Jai receives a phone call from Szeto asking him to come see him.

The next day Yee Jai arrives at their old place and belittles the place as being small. Each of his ex-team members take turns taking jabs at him. Szeto scolds him and knows the power of attorney document is fake but Yee Jai warns him, warns them all, not to get in his way. Then he leaves.


Yee Jai goes to visit Jeung Tin Leung at his house. He wheels the other’s wheelchair to the living area to talk. He tells him that he’s acquired Macluck and his plans for the future. Yee Jai plans to build the biggest casino in all of Asia. This would belong to the two of them. He really looks up to Jeung Tin Leung and thinks highly of him and his skills. So much so that he wants Jeung Tin Leung to be his godfather.

Then Yee Jai carefully helps Jeung Tin Leung shave his beard and gives him a shoulder massage.


When Yee Jai goes to visit his father, his attitude towards his own father is completely different. He yells at him and puts his head in a choke hold in order ‘help’ him shave but really, he’s just making cuts on the other’s face.

Open Eyes and Souvenir barge into the room to stop him. Open Eyes still trusts in their friendship and tries to talk sense into Yee Jai but he’s not listening. He shoves him away and runs out. Souvenir goes to tend to Yee Jai’s father.

Sau Fung poses as a doctor and Sun Kai Jai helps him help Stone change hospitals. Yee Jai’s security team realizes Stone is missing and orders to have all exits sealed. Sau Fung hears of this and they go to hide in a room.

Szeto and Sou Mei are sneaking into Yee Jai’s office. There are lasers everywhere but Szeto manages to maneuver through them. He’s looking for the fake power of attorney document.

The security team has found Sau Fung and Sun Kai Jai. They get into scuffle but the two manage to escape.

Yee Jai is wondering why Szeto hasn’t appeared yet and starts to realize that Stone was never their target. He runs out.

Szeto manages to find the document and quickly escapes with Sou Mei. As they’re running down the stairs, Yee Jai approaches them. Yee Jai tells Szeto to come have a talk with him. Sou Mei goes back to the car to wait.


The two men enter an elevator where Yee Jai asks for the document back. Szeto tells him to return everything back to their rightful place. Yee Jai refuses and the two get into a fight. Szeto manages to force Yee Jai to stay in the elevator as he escapes. He meets with Sou Mei at their car they get in to return to the others.


Yee Jai actually planted a bomb in their car. He watches them get into the car from his office and detonates it. The car goes up in flames.


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