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Burning Hands (乘勝狙擊): Episode 25 Recap

Burning Hands is a TVB drama that revolves around a team of con artists who are hired by a casino tycoon to find the mole embezzling his company’s funds. The leader of the gang, Jaak Gun Yat, though, has his own reasons for helping.

Veronica sits on a bench outside the nursing home. She gives her father a call to remind him to listen to the nurses and eat his medicine but he doesn’t remember who she is. After the call, Dawn comes out and tries to persuade her to help them. Veronica ignores her and walks away.


Dawn and Ho Ka Chung meet up with Yat Gor and Fok Chun Sing to tell them what they’ve been doing. Yat Gor gets a little upset that they did this without discussing with them first but Fok Chun Sing placates him. Dawn believes there’s some good in Veronica and that she’ll help them.


Veronica is at Yee Jai’s house looking through a magazine when Yee Jai decides he’s in the mood and forces himself on her when she says no. After the deed is done, he kicks her out to the living. Dawn and Ho Ka Chung’s words are going through her head as she silently cries.


Yat Gor, Fok Chun Sing, Dawn, and Ho Ka Chung all go meet Veronica on the roof of a building. She can see they really want her help. She knows this is a dangerous task that can potentially drag her down too since she had a part in Stone getting a stroke. Fok Chun Sing tells her he has good relationships with the police. He’ll make sure she’s seen as a witness instead of an assisting the crime. He also offers her 500 million dollars. Finally she agrees.


Yat Gor gives her a recording device and tells her to get Yee Jai to admit how he ruined Stone and killed Szeto.

Veronica returns back to Yee Jai’s house after shopping. She takes out a miniature toy typewriter and puts it on the end table. Yee Jai notices it and inspects it before forcing her to take it back. He tells her to not leave any of her things at his house.

Veronica starts working, mentioning the doctors and lawyers that did some work for them but Yee Jai just continues to drink his wine and ignore her. When she asks him why he’s not responding, he lashes out at her and leaves.


Yat Gor and Fok Chun Sing are discussing how to find Stone before he’s of no use to Yee Jai and Chun Sing Group becomes nothing but a shell. Veronica gives them a call to update them on her progress. Yat Gor cautions her to proceed carefully.

Yat Gor receives a text from Sau Fung that a group of guys have just arrived in Macau and are going to do a huge heist. Chun Sing Group is their target.

Derek alerts Yee Jai of the con artists in their casino but Yee Jai tells him to let them win their money and leave the group alone.

That night when the guys are done gambling, the room service they ordered arrives. Sau Fung and Souvenir are the ones pushing the carts into the room. Just as the two are leaving, Open Eyes appears at the door. He throws in some sort of gas bomb and shuts the door. Sun Kai Jai does his thing. He doesn’t come back out until he’s knocked them all out.


They find the money and take it back to Fok Chun Sing.

The next day Derek reports he’s unable to find the team of con-artists. Veronica thinks they could have just fled with the money. Yee Jai thinks something fishy is up.

Yat Gor and Fok Chun Sing arrive and request to see him. Derek gets dismissed. Yat Gor tells him from here on out, whatever Yee Jai does, they’ll be right there blocking him. Fok Chun Sing tells him that he’s not going to hold back anymore. Yee Jai doesn’t want him to hold back, otherwise it wouldn’t be fun.


Yee Jai is telling Jeung Tin Leung about his failed planned with the con-artists he hired. He knows Yat Gor would be difficult to defeat because of how tight he and his team are. Jeung Tin Leung suggests he separate them then.

Ah Yun comes out with soup for Jeung Tin Leung but he yells at her for disturbing them and makes her go back inside. Yee Jai gets an idea.


Yat Gor video chats with Win Jeh and she updates him on their baby.


The next day, Win Jeh’s father is selling fruits when he spots Jau Siu Leung in the distance. He hides and hopes the other didn’t see him. He thinks Jau Siu Leung wasn’t able to let Win Jeh go and is here to get revenge. He rushes home and locks the door and pulls the shades to the windows. He tells Win Jeh not to leave the house for a week.


Win Jeh decides to go find him to clear the air between the two of them. Her father tries to stop her but she doesn’t want to avoid Jau Siu Leung forever.

Win Jeh finds him on the beach and approaches him. He comments about her pregnant stomach and says the baby inside of her initially was supposed to be theirs. Win Jeh asks if he still hasn’t let it go. Before he could answer another girl interrupts them. It’s his new girlfriend. Win Jeh realizes she misunderstood. They chat a little bit longer before she excuses herself and leaves first.


When Yat Gor returns home with Fok Chun Sing, he finds the flat empty. Each of his team members left a video message for him. They can’t really give a reason but they all apologize for leaving.


Sun Kai Jai returns and goes to visit his younger sister, who works in a fashion boutique. Souvenir goes to see her father with soup for him. Sau Fung reunites with his wife and son. Open Eyes goes to visit his younger brother and sister-in-law at their restaurant.

The crew gathers at Sun Kai Jai’s gym and watches him releases his anger on a punching bag. Souvenir thinks they’re all cowards but Open Eyes says they aren’t. They left Macau because they didn’t want anything happening to their families. Sun Kai Jai curses Yee Jai for using their family members to blackmail them.

Yat Gor finds them and comes with presents. He says there’s no problem that can’t be solved together unless they don’t consider him as a homie. Then he starts distributing the presents to each of his team members. It’s gifts for their family members.


Win Jeh sends a picture of their baby girl to Yat Gor to see. He’s really enjoying the moment but then he has to end the call when someone rings the door bell. It’s Yee Jai. He’s prancing around the place like he’s some sort of king. He asks Yat Gor what happened to his good buddies. Yat Gor knows what Yee Jai did and doesn’t blame his team for what they did.

Yee Jai sees the picture of Yat Gor’s baby and at his ex-friend’s lack of concern for his family’s safety. Yat Gor isn’t afraid. If Yee Jai does anything to his family, he’ll return the favor to towards Yee Jai’s family. Though Yee Jai isn’t concerned much for his only family member.


Yee Jai then gives Yat Gor one last warning to leave Macau with Fok Chun Sing and to stop getting in his way.

At night, Veronica meets up with Yat Gor to tell him she hasn’t been able to get Yee Jai to talk about the incidents. Yat Gor tells her to forget about it. He’s doing a change of plans. He wants to quickly capture him to end this once and for all. Veronica knows this is going to be difficult because Yee Jai practically has a bodyguard with him 24/7. Yat Gor thinks it will be possible if Veronica is willing to help him.

Yee Jai arrives at Veronica’s hotel room with a shit load of bags. She offers him some wine but he rejects it. So she takes a gulp in her own mouth and transfer it to Yee Jai when she kisses him.

Yat Gor is hiding in the closet.

Yee Jai stops their make-out session to tell her he bought her a present. She goes to look in the bags and pulls out a handbag. She asks him how he knew she likes this brand and color. Yee Jai tells her she mentioned it last time. He didn’t know what color she liked so he bought all the different colors they had. Veronica is extremely touched by this.


She realizes he still likes her and Yee Jai is confused because he says he’s always liked her. She kisses him and apologizes. She tells him someone wants to catch him and he should run. Yee Jai realizes she betrayed him and grabs her neck. At that moment Yat Gor comes out of the closet and goes after him. Veronica tries to pull him back to stop him but she’s no match for him.

The effect of whatever Veronica put in the wine is starting to hit Yee Jai as he runs down the streets. He’s stumbling and eventually collapses on the sidewalk. Jeung Tin Leung pulls up in a car as Yat Gor catches up. Jeung Tin Leung reminds Yat Gor again not to mess with Yee Jai and beats him up. Then he picks Yee Jai up and drives away.


Back at the Jeung house, Yee Jai sobers up and thanks Jeung Tin Leung for saving him. Ah Yun overhears Jeung Tin Leung talking about beating up Yat Gor and gets extremely worried. Jeung Tin Leung refuses to acknowledge Yat Gor as his son and warns Ah Yun that if she sees him, tell him to go as far away from him as possible, otherwise he’ll beat him to death next time. Anyone who messes with Yee Jai, messes with him.


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