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Burning Hands (乘勝狙擊): Episode 26 Recap

Burning Hands is a TVB drama that revolves around a team of con artists who are hired by a casino tycoon to find the mole embezzling his company’s funds. The leader of the gang, Jaak Gun Yat, though, has his own reasons for helping.

Veronica apologizes to Yee Jai the next day for her momentarily lapse of judgement. He forgives her and takes the day off from work. The two of them go to a mountain to enjoy the view. After what happened last night, she finally realizes just how much she likes Yee Jai. She doesn’t want anything to happen to him. The two hug.


Yee Jai asks if she wants to know what he’s feeling.

He bites hard at her neck, causing a stream of blood to run down. He tells her he feels a sense of betrayal. Then he shoves her over the railings and watch her fall down the mountain.


Fok Chun Sing and Yat Gor are trying to figure out their next move. Yat Gor has spent the past few days looking for Veronica but hasn’t been able to find her. Fok Chun Sing can’t find Stone either. Without Stone, they can’t take back the Chairman position. Fok Chun Sing has one last plan up his sleeve. If this doesn’t work, then they’re finished.

At the office the next day, Yee Jai tells Derek that Veronica resigned effective immediately so he’ll have to take on all the PR responsibilities. Derek isn’t confident since he has no idea what she was doing before. Yee Jai screams at him to just do as he says and Derek quickly obeys.

As Yee Jai is doing his rounds around the casino, Dawn and Ho Ka Chung barge up to him and demand to know where Veronica is. They pretty much accuse him of killing her but he denies everything. Yee Jai has Ho Ka Chung beat up and then he and Dawn are dragged out of the casino.

Dawn is worried about Ho Ka Chung’s injuries but he says he’s fine. Ever since he was little, he always had his sister to protect him. Now that he has the chance to protect someone, it makes him feel great. He tells Dawn that as long as he’s by her side, he’ll always protect her. Dawn is touched and accepts him.


Ever since Yee Jai told Derek about Veronica’s betrayal, he went above and beyond and did his own investigation on everyone around his boss. He found out that Au Yeung Git had an extremely large sum of money deposited into his account recently. Au Yeung Git was assigned to an important task. With this new information, Yee Jai decides to give the task to Derek instead.

The two arrive at a warehouse where Au Yeung Git and Stone are located. Yee Jai is wondering why Au Yeung Git is treating Stone so well and accuses him of lying to him. Au Yeung Git has no idea what’s going on. Derek shows him his bank statements.


Au Yeung Git really doesn’t know where the money came from. He was just going to wipe Stone’s dirty face. Yee Jai realizes something and pulls out his gun. First he points it to Au Yeung Git, then he turns on Derek and accuses him of betraying him. Derek denies it but Yee Jai shoots him anyways.


Suddenly Fok Chun Sing enters with his security team and Yat Gor. Shots are being fired all around.

Fok Chun Sing holds the others off while Yat Gor pushes Stone out of there. He meets his father Jeung Tin Leung outside. Yat Gor pulls his gun on him and Jeung Tin Leung only continues to taunt him to pull the trigger otherwise they’ll never escape.


Jeung Tin Leung ends up taking the gun from Yat Gor but there’s no bullets cartridge in it. This doesn’t stop Jeung Tin Leung. He pulls out a knife and goes for Yat Gor’s neck as he has hi pinned to the wall.

A plastic trash can is throw at him to break the pair away from each other. Sau Fung comes with a fire extinguisher to blast Jeung Tin Leung back. He tells Yat Gor to take Stone away. The four of them (including Sun Kai Jai, Souvenir, and Open Eyes) will take care of his father.

Now it’s Au Yeung Git who’s chasing after the two. Sun Kai Jai comes to the rescue, leaving Yat Gor free to run away. Sun Kai Jai starts his timer and the fight begins. He eventually gets Au Yeung Git into a choke hold and accidentally causes him to faint. It took him 1 minute 28 seconds – faster than the last time Au Yeung Git took him down.

Boss Yu joins the shootout with Fok Chun Sing. Yee Jai makes a run for it and successfully escapes. Fok Chun Sing apologizes to Derek’s body for dragging him into his and causing his death. Boss Yu just kicks him and tells him to wake up. Turns out Derek was wearing a bulletproof vest. Fok Chun Sing thanks the two of them for helping.


The doctor has checked Stone out and lets Fok Chun Sing know that the other should be able to recover from this for the most part. Fok Chun Sing thanks him and then stays behind to talk to Stone. It doesn’t matter how much money or time it takes, he’s going to make sure his friend is healed. He tells Stone to forget about everything in the past. He won’t hold the other’s betrayal against him. Fok Chun Sing just wants to remember the memories of them escaping Vietnam together. After all, being homies is for life.


In the living room of Fok Chun Sing’s house, all his plans get revealed. Fok Chun Sing and Boss Yu have always had a good relationship. The case against Boss Yu about having sexual relations with a minor was made up. His girlfriend is actually 24; she was pretending to be 14. This was all a ploy to turn Derek into a traitor so that Yee Jai would trust him.

Yat Gor also learns that that one time when Fok Chun Sing had him play cards with Wang Dee and Boss Yu was a ploy to show that he and Fok Chun Sing work well together and to get him to stay.


Getting Yat Gor to work with him at Macluck was also to help Fok Chun Sing keep an eye on Yat Gor. Fok Chun Sing looks highly upon him.

Yat Gor’s appearance at the board meeting surprises Yee Jai but he allows him to stay anyways. Yee Jai calls for the meeting to start but Fok Chun Sing appears with Stone and interupts. He calls for a recall of Yee Jai’s position. All the other board members agree.

No matter, Yee Jai is still the biggest shareholder. But Fok Chun Sing knocks that down too. He says Stone’s shares will not be supporting Yee Jai any longer. He brings a doctor to clarify that Stone is mentally capable of making his own decisions. A lawyer is present too.


Fok Chun Sing then asks Stone if he has ever given Yee Jai the authorization to be Chun Sing Group’s Chairman. Stone shakes his head. Yee Jai just gets up and leaves.

Yat Gor meets him at the elevator. Yee Jai thinks he won this round because he got lucky but Yat Gor tells him he was able to win this round because he has a bunch of good homies looking out for him. Yee Jai has no one. Of course Yee Jai doesn’t believe this. He says the next round is going to determine the real winner. Yat Gor tells him to go visit his father while he still can since he’s the only person he has left.


Yee Jai goes to see his father and rants to him about Yat Gor. When his father smiles, Yee Jai takes it as him laughing at him. Pissed, he takes a potted plant and shoves the soil down his father’s throat. Then he starts choking him. Yee Jai blames everything on his father. Everything is his fault.

Luckily a nurse arrives in time and pulls Yee Jai off of his father. She screams at him to leave.

The team video calls Win Jeh to celebrate their win together. She confirms that they’re having a baby girl.

After the call ends, Yat Gor thanks his team for coming back to help him. He wouldn’t have been able to kick Yee Jai out of position without them. The team on the other hand are apologetic for leaving without a word in the first place. They all made sure to arrange and relocate their families to somewhere safer before coming back.

Yat Gor really considers them to be ride-or-die homies and they all happily drink to that.

Yee Jai returns to Jeung Tin Leung’s house only to have the other poke at him for losing his Chairman position so quickly. Tempers flare between the two and they get into an argument which escalates to a fight. Their partnership ends there. Yee Jai will focus on defeating Yat Gor himself and Jeung Tin Leung will deal with Fok Chun Sing himself.


Open Eyes goes to the bakery to get some cookies but it turns out Souvenir got the last boxes. The two start flirting with each other and end up leaving the store talking about making soup and holding hands. (She didn’t even pay for her shit!!)

At the other entrance, Dawn and Ho Ka Chung enter holding hands too. Dawn is anxious to buy presents to give to his family since it’s her first visit as his girlfriend. Her friend overheads and decides to help her out with what to get.

Yat Gor ask for updates on Yee Jai. Sun Kai Jai and Sau Fung have been following him but he doesn’t do much except leave the house for alcohol. Jeung Tin Leung leaves the house even less, if ever. It’s Yat Gor’s mom that leaves the house frequently to buy Jeung Tin Leung’s alcohol. Souvenir tells Yat Gor that she’s seen some bruises on his mom and suspects Jeung Tin Leung has been beating her.

Win Jeh’s father is showing off the ultrasound picture of his granddaughter at the cafe with the two lacky boys. He sees a couple enter and recognizes the girl to be Jau Siu Leung’s girlfriend.

When Win Jeh’s father gets home, Dawn is there to greet him. He freaks out and drags Ho Ka Chung into the kitchen to help him prepare the meal. Inside, he praises his son for successfully courting the gambling king’s daughter. He’s excited that his son is going to be the gambling king’s son-in-law.


After they bring out the fruits, Win Jeh’s father expresses his worries about seeing Jau Siu Leung’s girlfriend. He thinks the guy got dumped again and might come and mess with Win Jeh. Win Jeh thinks he’s overthinking it and it’s probably nothing. He hopes its nothing.

Win Jeh is at the OBGY clinic for a check up. She lays down on the examining chair and falls asleep. A doctor enters the room and it turns out to be Jau Siu Leung dressed as a doctor. He leans down and places his ear next to Win Jeh’s stomach and asks the baby if it knows who he is. He smiles a creepy as smile.



This Jau Siu Leung is fucked in the head I swear. He’s so creepy!! !!(ノ*゚Д゚)ノ

Maybe because I’m watching this drama for the second time to recap it but I notice so many details that just bother me because it’s like wtf? I already noted the part about Souvenir leaving without paying above but there’s also the part where Yee Jai bit Veronica’s neck…a lot of blood is running down her hands but Yee Jai’s mouth is completely clean? That’s not possible.

It’s also not possible for a bite to cause such a deep injury to bleed like that either. Such details being overlooked is one of the reasons why TVB dramas suck.

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