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Burning Hands (乘勝狙擊): Episode 27 (Final) Recap

Burning Hands is a TVB drama that revolves around a team of con artists who are hired by a casino tycoon to find the mole embezzling his company’s funds. The leader of the gang, Jaak Gun Yat, though, has his own reasons for helping.

(*The final episode was a double episode, hence why this one is twice as long)

Win Jeh wakes up from her nightmare of Jau Siu Leung finding her. The doctors ask if she’s alright. She completes the appointment and leaves. She sees someone who looks like Jau Siu Leung and goes for a closer look. It’s not him and she’s just seeing things.


Her father comes to pick her up. She blames him for telling her about Jau Siu Leung and making her stressed out that he’s coming to mess with her and her baby.

Yat Gor goes to see Fok Chun Sing back at his office. It’s nice to be back but he’s worried about getting comfortable because he knows Jeung Tin Leung and Yee Jai are just bidding their time to get back at them. Since they’re done for the most part, Yat Gor tells him he’s leaving Macau. Before he leaves, Fok Chun Sing asks him to call his buddies over to his house. He wants to treat them to a dinner as thanks for their help.


Yat Gor is video chatting Win Jeh and getting updated on their baby. She asks why it’s so noisy on his side and Yat Gor tells her it’s because Souvenir and Open Eyes got together and are being super lovey dovey; it’s grossing out Sun Kai Jai and Sau Fung. Soon they end the call.

It’s like a social gathering at Fok Chun Sing’s house. The crew are taking selfies together. Boss Yu is trying to convince Yat Gor to go work for him. Stone is getting much better now and can speak again, though it’s very slow.

Once Celine arrives, they all sit around the dinner table.

Fok Chun Sing once again thanks everyone for helping him get his chairman position back and also for saving Stone and Celine. He also thanks Szeto in heaven. They all make a toast and drink to him. Afterwards, Fok Chun Sing asks Sun Kai Jai, Sau Fung, Souvenir, and Open Eyes to uncover their plates first. It’s a gift of a blank check.


Yat Gor got a business card with his name and the position of a director plus 10% stockshares of the company. Yat Gor refuses it but Celine tells him to think of it as a present from them to the baby. Yat Gor finally accepts. For Celine, it’s a ring. Fok Chun Sing is once again proposing to her. She accepts. Everyone cheers and congratulates the couple.

A few days later, the newly engaged couple are enjoying lunch in an outdoors cafe. Fok Chun Sing expresses his unease and Celine thinks he’s just getting wedding jitters.

In the distance, Jeung Tin Leung is glaring at the happy couple. He returns home in an angry fit. Ah Yun brings out a package to him that arrived that day. She doesn’t know what’s in it or who sent it and it just makes Jeung Tin Leung angrier.


Ah Yun asks who angered him and he screams about Celine getting married to Fok Chun Sing. Ah Yun comments about him being unable to stop it and it sets Jeung Tin Leung off. He tells her he only has one wife and that’s Celine. Ah Yun will never amount to anything more than a prostitute. She’s hurt and returns to her room.


Dawn and Ho Ka Chung go look for her friend that works at the bakery but she’s not there. The two go walking around. Then suddenly the heel on Dawn’s shoe breaks. Ho Ka Chung runs to buy her a new pair of shoes. He buys one for himself too so that the two can match.

It’s the day of the wedding. Ho Ka Chung and Dawn are talking to Stone, who can now walk with the help of an arm crutch.

Soon Dawn lets her father know that Celine is ready and the ceremony starts. It’s a small reception in the park with close family and friends.


When it’s Celine’s turn to say ‘I do’, Jeung Tin Leung appears with his objections. He takes out a machine gun and shots everyone in sight like the mad man he is. He sees Fok Chun Sing and Celine trying to get away and he starts aiming for them. Fok Chun Sing gets shot a few times in the back. Celine goes to cover him and gets shot herself. Yat Gor eventually manages to knock the gun out of his father’s hands. Jeung Tin Leung makes a run for it and Yat Gor chases after him all the way back to Jeung house.


Jeung Tin Leung then takes out a knife and starts attacking Yat Gor to kill him. Ah Yun comes to try to save Yat Gor but is pushed off. When Yat Gor manages to throw his father off his back, Jeung Tin Leung grabs Ah Yun and shoves her in Yat Gor’s direction to distract him. Then he grabs a wine bottle and smashes it over his head. Yat Gor goes down. Ah Yun throws herself over his son to protect him from Jeung Tin Leung’s kicks.

Police sirens could be heard in the distance. Jeung Tin Leung decides to make a run for it. He goes for his secret escape way but it’s been sealed shut. He starts hacking away at it while cursing both mother and son.

Ah Yun seems to have had enough of Jeung Tin Leung calling her a prostitute. She snaps and stabs him in the back. He stops hacking away at the wall and falls into a chair. He reasons that she really was a prostitute when he first met her. If it wasn’t for him, she would have died a long time ago. Also, Yat Gor was practically raised with him money. So there was no need to seal his escape path like that. Then he spits out blood and falls to the floor.


Ah Yun grabs the knife and repeatedly stabs him, saying no one can kill her son. Yat Gor wakes up to this scene.


When the police arrive, they ask Yat Gor what happened but he says he doesn’t know. Then two police officers come out with his mother in handcuffs. He asks to speak with her. He tells her to say she doesn’t know anything when questioned by the police but doesn’t listen and keeps repeating that she killed him (Jeung Tin Leung). She’s pretty much lost her sanity. Yat Gor can only hold her.

At the hospital, the surgery for Fok Chun Sing was successful but there’s a chance he’ll never be able to walk again. They go in to see him. Once he wakes up, he only asks about Celine and wants to go see her. Dawn tries to lie that she’s fine but in fact she’s in critical condition and might not make it through the night.

Eventually, Fok Chun Sing was wheeled into the ICU to see Celine. He talks to her for a bit but then suddenly she flat lines. They watch as doctors rush to save her but it’s no use. He’s allowed in to see her for the last time. Fok Chun Sing grabs her hand. He tells her Jeung Tin Leung is dead; no one can get in their way of being together now. After all they’ve been through, she can’t just leave him alone like this. He cries and begs her to not die.


Suddenly her heart starts beating again. Ho Ka Chung runs to get the doctor. Celine’s eyelids flutter.

Yat Gor goes to see his mom in prison. With so much free time spent thinking, she finally realized she wasted too much time on a man who never even liked her. Yat Gor tells her he’ll get the best lawyer to get her out of there asap but his mother tells him not to do that. She killed someone, so she should be in prison for it. Then she mentions the machine guy that was sent to Jeung Tin Leung. She doesn’t know who sent it but Yat Gor immediately figures out it was Yee Jai. He gets really angry and throws his chair against the wall.

The latest doctor visit has got Win Jeh worried about her baby’s health. She’s walking absentmindedly on the streets and almost gets hit by oncoming traffic. It’s Jau Siu Leung that saves her. She asks him what he’s doing there and he tells her he just came from a doctor visit. He has cancer. Because of this, he decided to break up with his girlfriend.


Win Jeh sways a bit on her feet and Jau Siu Leung helps steady her. He offers to take her home and she declines at first but he wants to do it to be on the safe side.

She offers him tea after he helps her home. Win Jeh’s father comes home and is surprised to see Jau Siu Leung there. Win Jeh explains what happens and her father thanks the other. Jau Siu Leung excuses himself to leave first. After he leaves, her father asks her for details. He ponders it and thinks about how all of this is weird. First he has a new girlfriend, then they break up, and now he has cancer.

Yee Jai goes to visit his father and finds him quietly laughing to himself. This pisses Yee Jai off. He treis to stop him from laughing.

Then he hears a quiet beeping noise. Yee Jai finds a bomb in the drawer and thinks Yat Gor wants to bomb him. He runs out of there while his father continues laughing.

An explosion goes off once Yee Jai is outside. He comes face to face with Yat Gor, who was waiting for him. This is an eye for an eye but Yee Jai tells him it won’t be easy to kill him. Yat Gor pulls out a gun and Yee Jai runs away. The two run into a construct site and get into a fight. Yee Jai manages to throw Yat Gor off him and a bunch of cylinder blocks fall on him. Yee Jai thinks even the heavens are helping him.


Yee Jai is about to shoot Yat Gor but he hears some people talking about the commotion in their area. He grabs Yat Gor and leaves the area.

When Yat Gor wakes up again, he’s tied up and finds himself in the place where Yee Jai killed Veronica. Yat Gor reveals that this was all part of his plan to lure Yee Jai into bringing them to where he killed Veronica (because people are creatures of habit and it’s highly likely Yee Jai would try to get rid of Yat Gor the same way in got rid of Veronica).

Yee Jai gets tired of Yat Gor’s talking and shoots him. The gun backfires and ends up shooting his arm instead. Sun Kai Jai appears and captures him. Turns out the gun was modified magic gun. Yee Jai is pissed for losing against Yat Gor.


Police are called and Veronica’s body is recovered. Yee Jai is questioned at the station but he refuses to answer anything. He demands to call his lawyer. He calls Jau Siu Leung pretending it’s his lawyer. He tells him he’s been captured and that he can start working.


Fok Chun Sing is now recovering at home. He’s still worried about Celine though, who is still in the hospital. Dawn updates him on how she’s doing.


Their maid comes in with dessert and Stone displays that he’s almost recovered fully. His speech is back to normal and his walking is getting really steady. He says his full recovery is all thanks to Fok Chun Sing so he believes his friend and Celine will be able to recover fully too.

Yat Gor calls to let him know that Yee Jai fell for his plan and they found Veronica’s body. Now that everything has been settled, Fok Chun Sing tells the other to go back to Hong Kong to take care of Win Jeh.

Win Jeh gets a call from Yat Gor. She tells him she’s show signs of a potential miscarriage. He tells her not to worry. The baby will be fine.

Suddenly, Jau Siu Leung enters her room with a knife. He screams about not letting the baby be born and stabs her stomach.

Win Jeh wakes up and it’s all a dream. She receives a phone call from Yat Gor. He tells her that Yee Jai has been caught and he’ll be returning tomorrow morning. After Yat Gor’s call, she receives a call from her father. He was out with friends but will come back to check up on her.

It’s past midnight and Win Jeh is up waiting for her father. The doorbell rings and she goes answer it. Her father is on the other side but is just standing there. Suddenly he falls forward, revealing a bloodied Jau Siu Leung behind him. Jau Siu Leung comes in and grabs Win Jeh. He puts a cloth against her mouth to knock her out.


Yat Gor and the team are celebrating when he receives a phone call from Win Jeh. But it’s Jau Siu Leung on the other line. He tells him he has Win Jeh with him. If he doesn’t release Yee Jai within 24 hours, he’ll kill WIn Jeh and the baby.

Win Jeh wakes up and Jau Siu Leung is going crazy on her. He wants both her and Yat Gor dead. Apparently he and Yee Jai are working together. After Jau Siu Leung got kicked off the force, Yee Jai approached him. The latter kept taunting him and bruising his ego until he managed to talk Jau Siu Leung into agreeing to help him.

Everything was a lie. He never had a girlfriend nor does he have cancer.


Yee Jai is in the cell with two other people and laughing to himself. They try to bully him but end up getting intimidated in return.

Two police officers come to take Yee Jai to be transferred. In the hallway, they run into Yat Gor, who’s there to break Yee Jai free. He tazes everyone and the two getaway in a car. Yat Gor tells Yee Jai to call Jau Siu Leung to lay off his wife. Yee Jai says he has no control over the other. Then he reaches out and throws Yat Gor’s ear piece out the window. He’s seen through Yat Gor’s plan with the police. He asks for the other’s phone and throws that outside the window too.

The two drive around and around. When they finally stop, Yee Jai makes them switch cars. Yee Jai takes out a phone and on it is a video of where Win Jeh is. She’s being held at Szeto’s house. Yat Gor is demanding for Jau Siu Leung to let Win Jeh alone but the other has long lost his sanity. He’s a psychotic fuck.


If he wants to save Win Jeh then Yat Gor has to play a game with Yee Jai. Yee Jai wants to prove to the whole world that he’s right.

Fok Chun Sing finds out from the police that they lost all traces of Yat Gor. Ho Ka Chung has already lost his father, he doesn’t want to lose his sister either and wants to go back to Hong Kong but Fok Chun Sing tells him it’s too dangerous.

Jau Siu Leung gives a rice box for Win Jeh to eat. She refuses but he tells her her baby needs food even if she doesn’t. She scarfs it down and starts choking. When Jau Siu Leung gets closer to pat her back, she coughs and spills everything all over him. Pissed, he goes inside to change.

Win Jeh scoots over to the drawers and finds a morse code machine.

The crew are at Sun Kai Jai’s gym. They’ve looked everywhere but can’t find Win Jeh and are wondering where Jau Siu Leung hide her. Sau Fung receives a call from his wife and he hears his morse code machine beeping. Sun Kai Jai questions it. Sau Fung tells them he and Szeto each have a machine. Now that Szeto isn’t here anymore, why is it beeping?


Jau Siu Leung finished changing and comes out to check on Win Jeh. She’s still in the same spot so he goes to nap. Win Jeh prays that Sau Fung received her message.

After some time passes, the crew arrives at Szeto’s door. Win Jeh mouths to Sau Fung that Jau Siu Leung is sleeping inside. The guys go to him while Souvenir helps unchain Win Jeh.

The guys enter the room and pull back the covers but it’s only a maniquin. Jau Siu Leung comes out of the closet and shoots each of them. Souvenir goes to check on them and he knocks her out. When she comes to, she finds theyre all chained to the floor. Jau Siu Leung tells them to get ready to watch Yat Gor die.


Yee Jai brings Yat Gor up to the top of a mountain. If only Yat Gor had minded his own business, they wouldn’t be where they’re at. Yat Gor is determined to bring him down because of all the people he’s hurt and killed to climb up the ladder. No, Yee Jai wasn’t in the wrong at all.


Au Yeung Git arrives and brings up two large wooden boxes and chains for his boss. Yee Jai wants to play one game that determines who lives and who dies.

Jau Siu Leung receives a call from Yee Jai. He tells him that the game will start in ten minutes. Afterwards, however he wants to kill them, is up to them. Jau Siu Leung cackles about the game to the crew. They all think he’s fucking crazy.

There hasn’t been any news of finding Yat Gor or Win Jeh. Fok Chun Sing is getting really worried. Stone tries to comfort him. He suggests they go outside to get a breathe of fresh air instead of overthinking in here. Fok Chun Sing agrees and wants to have his maid push him out but Stone says he can do it.

Au Yeung Git connects a GoPro to his phone.

The video feed is sent to Fok Chun Sing, who’s just chilling outside with Stone.

Jau Siu Leung and everyone’s he’s capture is watching the video on a big projector.

Yee Jai explains the rules. They’ll both go into the wooden box chained. Au Yeung Git will push both of them down the mountain. Whoever can’t escape by mid-point will lose and die. Yee Jai promises this will be fair. He won’t cheat.

Before they start, Yat Gor asks one last favor from Yee Jai and hopes that he’ll grant it. Win Jeh and the baby are innocent. He begs him to let them go. Yee Jai considers takes into consideration their many years of brotherhood and decides to let Win Jeh see his face one last time before he dies. Yat Gor doesn’t want her to see him like this and goes to hide.

Just as they’re closing the lid on him, he tells her to not worry and to just make sure she and the baby are okay. Win Jeh cries.

The lids are nailed shut and kicked down the mountain.


Jau Siu Leung is not only crazy but drunk out of his mind. He needs to puke so he runs to the bathroom. Souvenir turns her head for Open Eyes to take the bobby pin in her hair.

Fok Chun Sing is completely absorbed into the video. Stone is behind him and grabs a hold of his wheelchair and shoves it over the ledge. The wheelchair falls to the ground.

Stone is shocked that Fok Chun Sing could stand. Fok Chun Sing says it’s a miracle for him. He had forgiven Stone for what he did. He thought after everything Stone has been through, he would have changed. But nope, still the same as ever.


Stone is tried of being second-in-command. He’s tired of doing the other’s dirty work. He wants to be the boss for once. He’s really thankful for Fok Chun Sing saving him and nursing him back to health. But still, he wants to be the boss. Fok Chun Sing has to die. He apologizes and draws his gun. Fok Chun Sing is faster and shoots Stone first. Stone dies as stubbornly continues to reach for his gun.


Fok Chun Sing promises him, if they’re good friends in their next lifetime, he’ll let him be the boss.

Jau Siu Leung returns from the bathroom. He grabs his knife and goes to Win Jeh. It’s her turn to die. At that moment Win Jeh breaks loose from her chains and kick him in the stomach. He falls back onto the guys and they grab a hold of him. Win Jeh grabs the fallen knife and stabs Jau Siu Leung in the heart. He dies.

Win Jeh groans in pain and clutches her stomach. Her water broke. They help her to the couch and someone calls for an ambulance.

Yee Jai’s box rolls onto a rock and it breaks the wooden box open, freeing him. He noticed the rock earlier already and had planns to use it. He watches the other box with Yat Gor in it continue rolling down. Yee Jai screams in victory and returns to the top of the mountain. He screams his victory into the camera.

But then Au Yeung Git points behind him. They see Yat Gor climbing back up the mountain.

Win Jeh isn’t able to wait for the ambulance. Souvenir decides to deliver the baby herself.

Since Yat Gor won’t die, Yee Jai decides to take things into his own hands. He grabs the gun from Au Yeung Git’s holster. Police sirens are coming near them and Au Yeung Git tries to convince Yee Jai to leave. Yee Jai refuses to let anyone get in his way. He shoots Au Yeung Git dead. Then he aims the gun at Yat Gor’s head. The two of them get into a fight. Both of them have their hand on the gun and are tumbling for control. The trigger is pulled and the shot is fired.


Yat Gor rolls on his back. He’s remembering all the good times he had with Yee Jai. Tears escape his eyes as he looks over at Yee Jai next to him. His old friend has a bullet hole under his jaw and at the temple.


Win Jeh successfully gives birth to her daughter.

Three months later

Ho Ka Chung and Dawn are reporting this month’s financials to Fok Chun Sing. Celine enters and asks them to out for lunch. Win Jeh sends her brother a picture of her daughter and he shows it off to everything there.

Win Jeh is playing mahjong with the crew while Yat Gor is taking care of his daughter. After Win Jeh wins again, everyone complains about her cheating. Souvenir pretends to yawn and stretch out her fingers, showing off the diamond ring on her finger. Afterwards, they all decide to take a group picture together.



A pair of nurses walk past a room and notice the patient inside didn’t eat. They comment about how they’re always playing cards.

Inside, is Yee Jai, playing with cards. The bullet wounds have healed up and left a scarring but his mentality is kind of retarded. He catches a two of spades and his expression changes to a creepy glare at the camera.



I AM FINALLY DONE WITH THIS BATSHIT CRAZY DRAMA OMG. I’ll be honest, this was torture to watch again and recap lol. Waaaay too crazy for me.

Check out the series review here →



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