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Burning Hands (乘勝狙擊) {Series Review}

Saw some news articles about this drama and decided to check it out. Someone said it was kind of like a HK version of Now You See Me. And plus, I like Ruco~

Plot overview:

Burning Hands (乘勝狙擊) is a TVB drama that revolves around a team of con artists who are hired by a casino tycoon to find the mole embezzling his company’s funds. The leader of the gang, Jaak Gun Yat, though, has his own reasons for helping.

Main Cast: Ruco Chan (陳展鵬), Rosina Lam (林夏薇), Joel Chan (陳山聰), Kelly Fu (傅嘉莉), Pal Sinn (單立文)
Language: Chinese Cantonese
# of episodes: 27
Airing Date: January 2017
OST: Strike (Instrumental)


Burning Hands 06

The drama started out pretty exciting with their heists and schemes but the longer I watched, the less interested I became. It got to the point where I was just determined to see this drama to the end based on the fact that I had invested so much time already. And because I started recapping it. (That’s another mess I wish I hadn’t gotten myself into lol)

Burning Hands 08

Honestly, I thought there would be more…I don’t know, usage of their skills? Besides the first few episodes where they each used their skills to multiple the money they got, most of the times after that they were just lounging around. For a drama centered around a band of con-artists, they didn’t really do much conning.

Burning Hands 09Burning Hands 04

The drama was pretty much about Ruco’s character Yat Gor’s relationships and his ploy for revenge.

And now that I think about it, I don’t think we ever got to see much of Yat Gor’s skills beyond the planning and scheming. His character was supposed to be a sleight of hand illusionist but I saw none of that? I wish they just showcased their abilities more…and had more conning and schemes lol. Would have made for a more interesting drama.

Burning Hands 10

Overall, I think this drama was mediocre at best. Besides maybe the first 3-5 episodes, it gets pretty boring. The relationships are messed up and everyone is fucking crazy. It was torture having to watch everything again to recap it lol but I am so glad I am done with it! ^^ Have a skim through my recaps if you’re unsure of whether you want to watch this drama or not~

Burning Hands 05


(May contain major spoilers)

Yat Gor was my favorite character. He was just the good guy throughout and I liked how he stuck to his morals and loyalty to his friends/team. Him and Win Jeh were cute when they finally got over their problems.

Burning Hands 07Burning Hands 01

I didn’t really like Fok Chun Sing. Every time he opens his mouth, he sounds like he’s yelling. I honestly don’t know if it’s Pal Sinn’s acting that’s like this or the character was like this. But it was just weird how after he cleared the air with Yat Gor that they suddenly because bffs.

Burning Hands 03

And then there’s the crazies in this drama – Yat Gor’s parents were batshit insane. It’s a wonder he turned out completely fine. Yee Jai too…it was like a flip was switched the minute he met Veronica. His change in character totally threw me off and I was just like what the fuck? Jau Siu Leung was another batshit crazy dude. So obsessive. Like come on man, she doesn’t want you!

Burning Hands 02

What a meh drama.

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